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Last Updated: May 19, 2023

River Oaks Treatment Center, Florida: A Comprehensive Overview

River Oaks, Florida, is an evidence-based rehabilitation facility that offers treatment for people with addiction to drugs and alcohol. It also caters to those with trauma, depression, co-occurring disorders, and other mental health issues. The center was founded in 2016 and is licensed and accredited to provide standard and effective treatment for mental health disorders.

The rehab takes a holistic approach to healing with a treatment regimen designed to alter the mind, body, and soul through intensive immersion in therapy. Whole-self methods of therapy such as recovery-oriented, expressive arts and music therapy, 12-step facilitation, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, narcotic anonymous, alcohol anonymous ьууештпы, medication-assisted therapy, family therapy, skill building, and other forms of therapy are incorporated into daily schedules to achieve a state of stability, which is essential for long-term sobriety. The programs work on the physical and mental ailment and the mindset, a key proponent of recovery.

The drug rehab in Tampa Florida is renowned for its success rate in addiction treatment. This is mainly due to the concept of tailored treatment. Each client undergoes a pre-admission assessment to test and provides a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition. Then the treatment program is tailored to suit the nature and uniqueness of the condition. Many individuals experience addiction differently, and the key to complete healing is tackling addictions from the perspective and conditions they emanate. River Oaks Center is a leader in specialized programs and provides an inclusive curriculum that accommodates individuals from all walks of life, including first responders, veterans, LGBTQ, and others. Understanding the history and situations around a certain client’s condition provides good insight into the nature of the addiction, trauma, or mental health disorder. It helps to address them while re-molding the character into better versions of themselves, keeping stress and relapse at bay, and aiming for long-term sobriety.

The programs are typically 7-day, 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs under the guidance of a specialized team of medical professionals. The clinical staff hand-hold clients through their recovery journey and ensures they have a profound experience and seamless reintegration into their normal lives post-treatment.

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Housing and food at River Oaks Treatment Center

River Oaks rehab Florida is seated on a 24-acre landscape with a beautiful view. The hotel-like accommodation is well-furnished with luxury furniture, private and semi-private bathrooms, and other amenities. Private rooms are available on special request.

A professional in-house chef and dietician prepare meals. Every diet is nutritiously made to suit the nutritional requirements of those in recovery. Those with specific nutritional needs, such as vegans and keto, are also considered. Clients also have access to snacks throughout the day.

Treatment Options

There are a wide variety of treatment options for personalized treatment, such as medical detox, inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient rehab.

The conditions and substances treated at the hospital include:

The aftercare programs include sober living, aftercare apps, and attending support meetings.

Therapies at River Oaks Treatment Center

Therapies offered at the hospital include:

River Oaks Treatment Center Payment Options

The hospital accepts self-pay methods of payment as well as insurance plans. Some of the plans supported include:

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License and Accreditation

The Florida Department of Children and Families licenses River Oaks rehab. The Joint Commission also accredits it.

River Oaks Treatment Center advantages and Amenities

There are many reasons to choose River Oaks Riverview, FL, for addiction treatment. The center provides an evidence-based, holistic treatment tailored to patients’ needs. They provide a continuum of care comprising medical detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare services to meet clients’ needs and enable them to achieve their personal goals.

The impaired professionals’ program offered at the center is designed to help professionals struggling with substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. The program accepts lawyers, doctors, nurses, pilots, and other professionals. The essence is to evaluate, diagnose, and treat addictions while helping patients maintain a work-life balance without feeling overwhelmed or needing to use substances.

First responder and veteran programs also help clients heal from grief, loss, and traumas and rekindle broken relationships. It also helps clients adjust to major changes and occurrences in their lives and cope with situations beyond their control.

Clients have unlimited access to amenities such as a basketball court, the gym, the race track, a tennis court, a softball field, and others. Recreational therapies such as massages, music, arts, and sound chairs are also available. There are also relaxation spaces to spend time, such as lounges with TV during the day.

Staff at the Facility

The staff at the center are licensed and highly educated professionals with years of experience in managing the most complex cases. They are passionate about recovery and treat every patient with compassion and respect.

Here are some of the most prominent staff at the center:

  • Dr. Abbas Sina (Associate Medical Director)
  • Fran Myers Routt (Clinical Director) Masters degree in Social work and a BSc in Psychology
  • Phyllis Reddy Haley (Director of Operations) Master’s degree in Business Management

River Oaks Treatment Center Promise

River Oaks Treatment center is not just a place of treatment but also a destination for healing and recovery, a place where thousands of people battling substance addiction can find hope and a new life. The facility offers a guarantee — a 90-day promise that assures clients of long-term sobriety after completing 90 days of treatment. If by chance, the patient relapses after the 90-day program, such a patient is entitled to a complimentary 30-day treatment completely free. This shows the commitment of River Oaks Treatment Center’s commitment to success in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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