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Club Recovery Overview

The Club Recovery center is located in Edina, Minnesota. It was first founded in 1998. The Club Recovery center specializes in cases of substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and gambling addiction. It helps both female and male patients. The only program that you will find at the Club Recovery center is their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in which the patient is required only to visit the facility to attend to the therapy sessions. Otherwise, he/she is living at home and attending work or school.

There are special IOP programs for male and female patients as well as co-ed programs in which both males and females attend to. The Club Recovery center uses the standard evidence-based programs and the 12-step program in the battle against substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and gambling addiction. Eveten though the individual therapy sessions are almost a must as a part of the treatment programs at most addiction rehabilitation centers, the Club Recovery’s IOP programs focus on the group therapy sessions and schedule individual therapy sessions only if the patients ask for one. The Club Recovery center focuses on relapse prevention as well as a vital part of any addiction treatment. So far, in the 20 years of existence, the Club Recovery has successfully helped numerous patients to continue with their normal lives despite their addiction problems in the past.

Club Recovery Housing

As we mentioned earlier, the only program that can be found at the Club Recovery center is their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Because of that, the main facility is equipped only with offices and rooms for individual and group therapy sessions. There are no bedrooms, common rooms or cafeterias for the patients found at the Club Recovery.

Club Recovery Treatment options

At Club Recovery, you will find the following treatment options:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – The only treatment program available at the Club Recovery center is their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which allows the patients to live at home, attend their work or studies while they are only required to visit the facility for their weekly group therapy sessions. Individual therapy sessions are not usually included in the IOP programs; however, patients are free to schedule an individual therapy session whenever they need it.
  • There are three different IOP programs available to the patients – a program specially designed for men, a program specially designed for women and a co-ed program that includes both male and female patients. The IOP programs use evidence-based practices and the 12-step program in the treatment of alcohol abuse, addiction abuse, and gambling addiction.

Club Recovery Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at the Club Recovery include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy

Club Recovery Payment Options

According to their official website, the Club Recovery accepts most insurance plans and has numerous different payment plans that the patients can use in order to pay for their treatment at the Club Recovery. For more information on the topic, please do contact the official staff via email or phone.

Club Recovery Licenses

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the accreditations and licenses that the staff at the Club Recovery and the facility itself enjoys in. For more information, please contact the official staff via email or phone.

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Club Recovery Amenities

The Club Recovery center offers a special intervention program that can be used by the families of the addicts in order to make them understand why they need to attend to a quality rehabilitation program so that they can get better. The families of the future patients are educated about the best ways to approach the problem and communicate better with their loved one in the process of negotiation. As for patients who have successfully finished their treatment program, they get to join in the aftercare program that is included in their price for the treatment. As a part of the aftercare program, the patients are required to attend to one group therapy session a week, but they can also seek individual therapy sessions with the counselors when needed.

Club Recovery Staff

Matt Atkins, Ph.D., LP - Clinical Director and Licensed Psychiatrist

Dr. Atkins is the Clinical director at Club Recovery. He is also a licensed psychiatrist and a member of the American Psychological Association (APA). Dr. Atkins has the knowledge and experience required to work with mild to more severe cases of addiction.

Chraig Johnson, LADC - Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and MD Certified Gambling Treatment Provider

Mr. Johnson is the licensed alcohol and drug counselor at the Club Recovery. He is also an MD certified gambling addiction treatment practitioner and is responsible for such cases at the Club Recovery.

Kate Burek, LADC - Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Mrs. Burek has started working at the Club Recovery back in 2010 in administration and insurance coordination. Being surrounded with patients suffering from alcohol and substance abuse, she has made the decision to earn her LADC certification and help these patients a little more closely. And that is what she is doing now at the Club Recovery, serving as one of the best licensed alcohol and drug counselors.

Ryan Kordiak, ADC-T - Alcohol and Drug Counselor Trainee

Mr. Kordiak has been working as an addiction counselor at the Club Recovery since 2014 and is now an alcohol and drug counselor trainee at the facility, responsible mainly for the men’s Intensive Outpatient Program.

Nicolas Anderson, LPC, LADC - Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Mr. Anderson is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor as a part of the team at the Club Recovery. He specializes in relapse prevention and is responsible for the mixed gender Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) over the weekends.

Sarah Atkins, Ph.D., LP - Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Atkins is responsible for individual therapy sessions with patients who have required these sessions at the Club Recovery. She is also working closely with her colleges in the process of group therapy sessions and uses her experience and knowledge to help the ones that seek help.

Evelyn Washington, LADC - Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Mrs. Washington specializes in helping patients suffering from alcohol and drug abuse issues as well as mental health issues. Her goal is to help her patients rebuild their lives and free themselves from any mental health issues and addiction problems.

Amanda Klinger, PsyD, LP - Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Klinger is a certified psychologist who specializes in re-occurring mental health issues and chemical dependency. Dr. Klinger is mainly responsible for the individual therapy sessions as well as the aftercare program included in the IOP program at Club Recovery.

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