Kemper Insurance: Drug Rehab Coverage & Treatment Plans

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

Kemper insurance has over 6.3 million active policies, many of which are for health insurance coverage. This means that many people are dependent upon them for accessing Kemper drug rehab coverage. It is vital that all people insured by the company understand what their policy covers and how to use Kemper for substance abuse rehab.

Does Kemper Cover Drug Rehab?

Kemper, former Unitrin, does provide coverage for drug rehab with the majority of its healthcare policies. However, using Kemper drug rehab insurance does have its limitations.

Even with a referral, the user might need to meet specific criteria that demonstrate their need for substance abuse therapy. Also, not all types of therapies and treatments, a rehab center offers will be seen as necessary. While the company is likely to cover detox and outpatient therapy, they are unlikely to cover spa services and alternative approaches, such as equine therapy.

Kemper Drug Rehab Insurance: How It Works

Kemper insurance is divided into four brands of health insurance that are listed under the umbrella of Kemper Home Services Companies. All of them generally offer something called First Occurrence Health Insurance. The policyholder pays monthly premiums to access basic coverage for large medical expenses. These policies do not restrict whom the insured can see for healthcare, and there are no extra fees or deductibles.

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Individual and group plans are also available through employers. The specifics of these vary widely based on the company offering the policy and the type of policy selected. Some of these policies include:

  • Gap insurance: Assists with covering deductibles, copays, and other large out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not completely covered by an existing policy.
  • Limited benefit medical insurance: Offers coverage of basic medical expenses, including outpatient services, preventative care, wellness options, emergency care, and hospitalization expenses. These services are covered up to a set amount, and individuals may need to pay any remaining costs.
  • Fixed indemnity policies: These pay out cash benefits for covered services with no deductible to reach first. Individuals or employers may be able to add coverage for specific optional services to extend their coverage.

These policies generally are paid every month, with the employer removing the cost of the premiums from the pay of the worker rather than having the employee pay for their policy directly. If someone’s employer offers Kemper insurance, they should be able to access substance abuse treatment so long as they understand how to use their policy.

Using Kemper Insurance For Substance Abuse Treatment

The cost of substance abuse treatment can be prohibitive for many people, but with Kemper health insurance for drug rehab, it is possible to access the right care without going broke.

The first step someone should take when trying to use Kemper insurance for drug rehab is to verify their coverage with the company. To get this done, they need to have their full name, date of birth, and policy number ready. Also, the patients can check Kemper insurance options via an interactive map as well.

The second step, they need to find out what the specifics are on it. For example, if they need a referral, and if so, who they should get it from. This is also a good time to confirm the deductible that needs to be met if there is one and how much as already been paid towards it if any.

The third step, if the policy requires in-network providers, the insured should find a list of drug rehabilitation centers that are covered. From there, they can contact various rehabs to find the right fit for them.

In many cases, Kemper health insurance policies are used in conjunction with more comprehensive coverage. This means that some people may want to maximize their primary policy first before falling back on their Kemper rehab coverage. However, they must be careful never to bill more than one company for a single aspect of care.

Verify Kemper Rehab Coverage And Start Treatment

If someone has health insurance coverage through Kemper, they can likely use it to receive drug rehabilitation treatment. First, they should speak with a Kemper agent to verify and better understand their coverage. Then, they can find the right rehab facility for them and enroll. In any case, it is imperative to have health insurance to cover all emergency or chronic issues that may arise.

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Published on: October 2nd, 2019

Updated on: June 3rd, 2020


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