Free And Cheap Detox Centers – How To Recover Without Having to Pay

Last Updated: October 28, 2019

Free drug detox centers are treatment facilities that primarily provide free services to the less privileged in the society. There are large populations of people who cannot afford medical treatment and for their addictions and often have to live in dependence or attempt the highly unendorsed cold turkey self-treatment. Today many free detox centers offer safe, secure services to drug and alcohol-dependent individuals at little or no cost at all. What are the requirements for free medical detox?

What are Free Detox Centers?

These clinics are the first milestone addicts have to reach on their road to recovery.

Who can use free detox centers?

Free detox centers may be the only way to get help for homeless people or those who do not have health insurance or a source of income. Struggling with an addiction can be very stressful for addicts and their families. Many people who do not have money to pay for rehabilitation are even more afraid of their future.

Who has priority for free detox centers?

Even though there are long waiting lists, certain people who have priority when it comes to free detox services:

  • Intravenous addicts who are pregnant
  • Intravenous addicts in general
  • Women addicts with small children

pregnant woman consulting with a doctor

Does health insurance cover addiction treatment?

In some cases, health insurance covers one’s addiction treatment entirely; however, there might be instances in which the patient is required to cover partial treatment expenses.

State-Funded Detox Centers

Depending on the income, whether one has health insurance or not, and the state one lives in, state-funded detox centers can be free of charge or may require to cover partial expenses. Patients that have no regular income, no health insurance, or family members willing to cover the costs typically receive free detox treatment.

One of the best things a person seeking free detox treatment can do is visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website and find local detox centers that offer free services.

Furthermore, bear in mind that these are highly sought-after facilities, which means there is usually a waiting list—one might have to wait for months to enter one of these programs. Additionally, make sure to have all the documents needed, such as proof that one does not receive any income and evidence of the addiction. One may also have to be a permanent resident of the state where the center is based.

Religion or Faith-Based Detox Centers

Many religion-based organizations and programs offer free services, but only a few of them provide medically supervised detox. One of them is the Salvation Army. Furthermore, the majority of organizations require users to undergo a detox process before they join the rehabilitation program.

Religion-based organizations help people integrate their faith in substance abuse rehabilitation and create a permanent support group after detox. For the Orthodox Jewish, there is a Chabad movement recovery program in California and JACS in New York.

The downside is that these groups offer only 12-step based programs but no detoxification services.

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Sliding Scale Or Payment Assistance For Detox

Treatment options for drug addiction may include a sliding fee scale, payment assistance, or completely free. To maintain equity, many detox treatment centers use these payment types to provide optimum addiction treatment to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Sliding scale – this refers to a payment structure that is based on the incomes of the patient. It considered their ability to afford addiction treatment and provides a reasonable structure that can enable the patient to get access to treatment and rehabilitation. A sliding scale structure may take into consideration aspects such as income, monthly expenditure, size of family, proposed duration of treatment, program type, and therapies to be received. Outpatient drug rehabilitation services are also considered depending on proximity.

Payment assistance – there are also numerous public assistance detox programs available. These programs offer aids in the form of health grants to those who are found to be eligible. These financial aids are funding from the federal or state government. These funding may vary across regions and are also accessible using health insurance. It can be specific for the area of residence and covers the following groups of people:

  • Low-income earners
  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals such as veterans and aged citizens
  • People living with disabilities

Getting Emergency Treatment Without Insurance

One can get emergency detox by merely walking into any registered institution. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is designed to ensure that no citizen is denied adequate and timely medical treatment. The patient is responsible for their but may be enrolled into an insurance health care coverage such as Medicaid, to cut down on the bill depending on the patient’s level of income. The terms for this cheap detox service states that the facility must be a public hospital near one’s vicinity.

Disadvantages of Free Detox Centers

Free detox is one of the significant advancements in healthcare. Free detox programs have enabled more and more low-income earners to get the necessary addiction treatment they need. There are many free opiate detox centers in most of the states in the US.

Some of the best drug rehabs in the USA may or may not have provisions for free services of even sliding scale structure, as many of them are luxurious and quite expensive. However, in spite of its shortcomings, free drug detox centers are always open to new addiction cases.

A free drug detox clinic usually has too many intakes frequently, whether as inpatients or outpatients, for this reason, people are generally put on a waiting list for an extended period before a spot can be secured for treatment. This may not be the best for emergency cases such as waiting for detox while pregnant. Patients may develop complications while on a waiting list for fast drug detox.

people waiting in the queue

Here are some drawbacks of these free addiction centers:

  • Most free programs do not offer prescription drug detox pills
  • Some patients who are in more critical situations have to spend time on a waiting list
  • Often the plans do not run for the full number of days due to the haste to bring in new critical cases. This could take a toll on the recovery of the patient
  • Free services often come with a certain amount of inadequacies such as lack of specific types of treatments, shortage of drugs, insufficient staff, lack of space, and comfort.

The question of how to detox from opiates if the waiting list is extensive yet remains uncertain. Another viable alternative is holistic drug detox at home. One can learn how to detox at home through various means such as online courses and videos on home cleansing. However, home cleansing without the aid of a qualified medical professional is very dangerous.

Detox with Thomas is one of the trending ways by which individuals can learn how to self-cleanse from the confines of their homes. Some people also try to find out where to buy a detox drink for a drug test.

How to Find a Free Detox Center

A free cleansing center can be beneficial to those fighting dependency and require some assistance with the costs. Here are easy ways to find a free facility.

  • Ask a medical doctor for a reference
  • Check-in with the local government office
  • Online research
  • Ask friends, family members, and acquaintances,
  • Check-in with community outreach programs

When one does find a free clinic, it is also imperative to find out what kind of service they offer, how long the program runs for, and if there are prescription medication for withdrawal symptoms.

Best Free Detox Centers

Some of the best free detox centers include:

  • Alano House
  • Genesis Detoxification Center
  • Futures Palm Beach
  • Memorial Healthcare System
  • Center for Drug-Free Living Inc.
  • The Grove Counseling Center
  • Sober Solutions
  • The Watershed
  • Get Clean Today
  • Harbor Village
  • Harbor House
  • White Sands Treatment Center
  • Palm Partners

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Published on: December 21st, 2016

Updated on: October 28th, 2019


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  • CJ
    I’m a severely, multi substance addicted citizen of the homeless population. I’m really looking for help and I am not able to get the service I need to be a possibility of recovery. I’m going on the 2nd turn down in so many days for the placement in detox and I have no hope in a opening any time soon.
  • Nope
    I’m 2000 miles from home and strung out on meth and booze. What now? No iD of any kind. I’m white of good health and stuck. Who’s gonna help this guy?
  • Anima
    I just can’t say no if its offered or put in front of me, and if i know where to buy from then I’ll go looking for money to buy, if i have money on me that’s supposed to be for whatever important thing but i find out that someone had some for sale then its, “whatever importance i need – it’s time to get high”.
  • Abbey
    My girlfriend and I live in Springfield Missouri and we are addicted to feyntnal heroin and we want to be done. Many days we cry because we don’t want to live like this anymore. We have no money, no insurance and our families are done helping us. I dont want to die, but i feel like it’s coming for the both of us if we dont get help soon
  • Ryan
    I need help. Ben addicted ti meth and used daily for the past 9yrs. I have no job or insurance because of this I’m having a hard time getting help. All I want is to be watched as I go through the detox stage. Please someone help save me
  • Derek Poissant
    I need help. I’m addicted to heroin and I’m tired of suffering. I live in New Bedford Ma. I have no insurance and I am basically homeless. I just want to be normal again. I’m jobless and always hurting. Some days I want to comitte suicide because I’m hurting so bad. I need to know where I can go for help asap.. please help me someone . I don’t know what to do . I’ve never been in this situation before.
    • Melinda
      Isn’t there a hospital near u to where u can go for help
  • carol turell
    Im looking for detox for in newark nj or near by..ots for a 40 year old homeless female I.V.user and she has no identification bit is a citizen Please Help
    • Melinda
      Try booton hospital they take ppl
  • Amy Barnett
    Despertly looking for a detox in or near Alabama. I have 3 sons having to be raised by others. I have no job and no insurance and barely enough food and only temporary living arrangements. I’m forty years old and at the end of my rope.
  • Cody Harris
    I spoke to a dear friend tonight I’m addicted to suboxone and crystal meth I need help my fiancé is receiving help now I wanna be clean at the end for her so we can be back together.
  • Michelle McDaniel
    I was put on Xanax for anxiety by my physician, it has ruined my life. I’ve tried to detox on my own twice. On day 4 (both times) I slip into a stage of ( I don’t even know what to call it ) I don’t know what’s going on, I hear voices, I see people that aren’t there. The last time I was screaming at people. I’m afraid of what I might do while in this state of mind because nothing makes sense during. My Dr is a “B” and keeps switching my mood simulator drugs to get rid of the anxiety, she said “you may just have to go to a state facility because your not responding” THAT’S BECAUSE I’M ADDICTED TO THIS DAMN DRUG!!!!. WHAT do you do when you don’t want to end it, but you want it to end?
    • Levi
      I hope. You have found help there is always a better path then to take your own life trust me you can and will find a way to beat thus addiction with out letting it beat you it is hard to find the right place when your are in the position your in because we all know money comes first but there are free places “homeward bound dallas tx” and many others there are people who can and want to help you good much and you loose to addiction the moment you stop fighting for sbriety thousands of people beat it everyday there is no doubt you can as Well best if luck friend
  • Cristina
    Hi my names cristina im 33years old i been a abusive realationship and he made me a Hoe i need help got me on nor cos and drinking pints every night i need and want help i live in sacred ca no id scared theresno hope i have a good record never been in trouble before but tired from his mind games i want a job kids a normal life a place of my own please help i feel like im trapped and theresa no way out but keep going back to him for a roof and habit please i pray everyday for help i can and will go out of city if have to but no money need free program that will take me in today my self as a person is down i feel so small he told me i never be good enough please help me
  • Georgia
    I pray for all of you that God will make a way for you because Heis the greatest physician and greatest counselor in Jesus name amen.
  • Raymond A Smith
    I am layed-off construction worker where back in 2009 suffered a back injury while at work. I had damage to 2nd, 3rd and 4th vertibreas. Started the meds and therapy. Docs started with 7.5 perks and in the 5 months of therapy something got messed up with insurances. Everything stopped cold. So I had to return to work and keep going without no doc’s supervision. My kept trying but nothing. Now I kept going limping and working in pain. One this one old timer suggesting to self medicate. Like a fool I started my attempts to fix myself. Well if things couldn’t get better I found a growth on a vein connected to my left gonad. Embarrassed with no insurance and a boss who only worries about his pockets I just kept going. Now in 2019 the growth is biggie and hurting. I am at wits end. I don’t want the dope no more. I just need some help to get back on pace. I will try and pay back any help received. I am pretty sure this tumor is going to take me.
  • Janet semenuk
    My son is 21 and has been homeless for 5 months he is addicted to Fentenol and I’m scared he will die, he lives in Arizona can someone help he has no insurance
    • Laura
      Check out Teen Challenge in the area. They are all over the world and have the best success rate of any. I am on the board and cannot tell you how many lives have returned to hope and stayed clean. It is for men and women 18 on up. It is faith based. Free or very low cost. May God bless you all. I know, my son is an addict.
  • Joseph
    I live near Chattanooga, TN and I’m addicted to street made car fentanyl pills. I don’t have insurance or a lot of money (cause all the money I get I use on drugs) and I can’t find help anywhere. If someone knows of somewhere near me I can get help from soon let me know please, I don’t want to live like this anymore and if I don’t get help I will end up dead or going to a worse drug then dying I know it.
  • Cina
    I have chf pulmonary hypertension and kidney disease but am addicted to meth can u help me I just got out of O’Connor hospital
  • Tami
    I need help…heroin addiction. No insurance. Willing to travel or whatever i need to do. Looking for dental care also.
  • Cody Gibbs
    Sadly after carefully reading the reviews listed below of these folks seeking help I’ve noticed there’s no replies to any of the comments. I’m a IV user shooting about half gram per issue about 4-5 times a day. If you really want help you’ll get help. I detoxed in jail after turning myself in to parole 2 years ago. Asked for help and I got it. 90 days in jail and came out to a 6 month program at the Salvation Army. I now I had 2 years clean until my relapse yesterday. God forbid me but I refuse to continue down this path. Making tomorrow day #1 of being clean. Good luck everyone. You can do this.