Free Detox Centers – How To Recover Without Having to Pay

free detox facilities

What are free detox centers?

Free detox centers are specialized facilities—usually state-funded or faith-based—meant for substance abusers, who receive medical treatment in order to overcome withdrawal symptoms and physical addiction. These clinics are the first milestone addicts have to reach on their road to recovery.

Who can use free detox centers?

Free detox centers may be the only way to get help for homeless people or those who do not have health insurance or a source of income. Struggling with an addiction can be very stressful for addicts and their families. Many people who do not have money to pay for rehabilitation are even more afraid for their future.

Who has priority for free detox centers?

Even though there are long waiting lists, certain people who have priority when it comes to free detox services:

  • Intravenous addicts who are pregnant
  • Intravenous addicts in general
  • Women addicts with small children
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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

Does health insurance cover addiction treatment?

In some cases, health insurance covers one’s addiction treatment entirely; however, there might be instances in which the patient is required to cover partial treatment expenses. The best way to find out whether or not your expenses are taken care of by your insurance is to contact your provider and ask them about the details.

State-Funded Detox Centers

Depending on your income, whether you have health insurance or not, and the state you live in, state-funded detox centers can be totally free of charge or may require you to cover partial expenses. Patients that have no regular income, no health insurance or family members willing to cover the expenses typically receive free detox treatment.

One of the best things a person seeking free detox treatment can do is visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website and find local detox centers that offer free services.

In certain cases, even if the detox is “free,” hospitalization and medications may not be included in the initial package, which means the patient will be charged.

Furthermore, bear in mind that these are highly sought-after facilities, which means there is usually a waiting list—you might have to wait for months to enter one of these programs. Additionally, make sure that you have all the documents needed, such as proof that you do not receive any income and proof of the addiction. You may also have to be a permanent resident of the state where the center is based.

Religion or Faith-Based Detox Centers

There are many religion-based organizations and programs that offer free services, but only a few of them provide medically supervised detox. One of them is Salvation Army. Furthermore, the majority of organizations require users to undergo a detox process before they join the rehabilitation program.

Religion-based organizations help people integrate their faith in the substance abuse rehabilitation and create a permanent support group after detox. For the Orthodox Jewish, there is Chabad movement recovery program in California and JACS in New York.

The downside is that these groups offer only 12-step based programs but no detoxification services.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is one of the few religion-based rehabilitation programs that offers detoxification services under medical supervision. It provides a healthy and supportive environment, counseling, spiritual guidance, and support groups.

What are the best free detox centers?

Some of the best free detox centers include:

  • Alano House
  • Genesis Detoxification Center
  • Futures Palm Beach
  • Memorial Healthcare System
  • Center for Drug Free Living Inc.
  • The Grove Counseling Center
  • Sober Solutions
  • The Watershed
  • Get Clean Today
  • Harbor Village
  • Harbor House
  • White Sands Treatment Center
  • Palm Partners

Free Detox Centers – How To Recover Without Having to Pay

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  • I’m a severely, multi substance addicted citizen of the homeless population. I’m really looking for help and I am not able to get the service I need to be a possibility of recovery. I’m going on the 2nd turn down in so many days for the placement in detox and I have no hope in a opening any time soon.

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