Private Rehabilitation Centers: Addiction Treatment in Privacy and Comfort

private rehabilitation centers

Addiction does not discriminate. People from any walk of life or socioeconomic status can succumb to substance abuse. Because of the addictive nature of alcohol and illicit drugs, recovery requires a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Private drug rehab centers provide a safe, comfortable, and secure environment where recovering addicts can focus on the intensive therapies necessary to get their life back on track.

At a private rehab center, each patient has the privacy of their room. Inpatient private alcohol rehab centers offer comprehensive programs with good success rates and a reduced chance of relapse. Although there is less freedom than an outpatient program, the focused and structured environment of a private detox center is conducive to an increased likelihood of completing addiction treatment and lasting results. Read on to find out the advantages and cost of treatment at private alcohol rehabilitation and recovery centers for substance abuse.

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

Private Rehabilitation Programs: An Overview

Woman doctor and a senior patientSeeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a highly personal matter. A lack of distractions and privacy help addicts stay focused on recovery. Private drug rehabilitation centers ensure confidentiality. Individuals who wish to avoid the complications of getting addiction treatment at state-funded facilities are good candidates for recovery at a private drug rehab center.

Although treatment at a private alcohol rehab center undoubtedly costs more, there is usually a shorter waiting list to receive therapy at these facilities. Studies have shown that people who experience long waiting times are less likely to ever seek addiction treatment. Long waiting times are also associated with more severe problems related to drug and alcohol use. A private rehab center offers expedited help, and in many cases, treatment on demand.

Because of their extensive financial resources, luxury or executive rehabilitation clinics can employ highly qualified staff and offer top-notch amenities. Residents at a private alcohol treatment center are guaranteed anonymity and seclusion to complete the recovery process. The wide range of focused and customized services at such facilities ensure that the unique needs of each recovering addict are addressed for the best chance of success. Private drug rehab is especially suitable for people with sensitive jobs, such as public figures and celebrities, high-level executives, and government officials.

The success rate at private rehabilitation centers is good because recovering addicts receive focused attention, one-on-one sessions with highly qualified therapists and healthcare providers, customized treatment plans, a holistic approach to recovery, and more in-depth followup after completing the inpatient program.

Benefits of Treatment at Private Rehab Centers

Private addiction treatment centers offer some key advantages, which are summarized below:

  • Addiction recovery in privacy, seclusion, and anonymity
  • A wide array of treatment options
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Treatment for dual diagnoses (mental health issues, relationship problems)
  • Long-term rehabilitation programs of 60-90 days
  • Better amenities in rooms and public areas
  • Scenic location with peace and quiet for stress-relief and relaxation
  • Activities such as yoga, meditation, swimming, and horse riding
  • Low staff-to-patient ratio
  • Less waiting time
  • Onsite accommodation for family members
  • In-depth aftercare and relapse prevention

Cost of Treatment at a Private Rehab Clinic

Senior woman doctor comforting a patientThere are many benefits of private rehabilitation programs, but they come at a cost, typically a few thousand dollars per week. Since most substance abuse recovery programs typically run for 60-90 days, addiction treatment at such clinics is largely unaffordable for the general public.

Many private drug rehab centers offer financial planning and staggered payment plans, but the expense of addiction treatment at these facilities can still cost prohibitive for the majority of people. Insurance companies do not usually cover the cost of recovery at such centers or pay only partially for treatment at private rehab facilities. The good news is that the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment. It is best to check with the rehab center whether insurance coverage is available for a particular plan.

How much does private drug rehab cost?

A short-term rehab program of 28 or 30 days can cost about $25,000. There are reports of some centers charging nearly $50,000 for a month-long stay. The most luxurious rehabilitation centers reportedly cost $180,000 a month. At the lower end of the spectrum, the least expensive facilities cost $7,500 for a 30-day program. The average cost of treatment at a private drug rehabilitation center is between $10,000 and $20,000 per month. Add to this the cost of travel to a secluded location and treatment at private rehabilitation facilities becomes out of reach for many Americans.

It is worth remembering that in addition to the adverse health consequences of addiction, the costs of substance abuse are considerable. For example, prescription pain pills can cost as much as $30,000 each year. A dependence lasting several years can set an addict back by a considerable sum of money. Add to this the cost of medical treatment and lost wages, and the cost of addiction becomes phenomenal. Private rehab, although expensive, has a proven success rate and saves the individual from years of financial loss due to addiction. Of course, rehab pays off in many other ways, including a happy, healthy life, good health, and renewed relationships.

Is a Private Drug Rehabilitation Center Right for You?

Given the high cost of private treatment for substance abuse, choosing the best program is critical. How do you know if a private drug rehab is right for you? The factors to consider include:

  • Treatment Options: The private recovery center should offer all the behavioral therapies and treatment modalities needed to address your unique needs. This includes services for dual diagnosis, such as stress, PTSD, and underlying mental health issues that influence treatment.
  • Staff-to-Patient Ratio: A low staff-to-patient ratio ensures focused attention and customization of the recovery plan.
  • Credentials of Medical Professionals: The best private drug rehabilitation centers employ qualified professionals with certification from the American Board of Addiction Medicine.
  • Amenities: When you’re paying thousands of dollars for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, a check of the amenities and activities offered at the recovery center is warranted.
  • Aftercare: Relapse prevention is a critical component of addiction recovery. A good private drug rehab center offers continued support, including 12-step programs, group therapy sessions, and ongoing behavioral counseling after leaving the facility.
  • Success Rate: It is a good idea to ask questions about recovery rates and performance statistics. Check the success ratio of various treatment plans and read reviews. Some facilities are able to put prospective clients in touch with former clients.
  • Family Accommodation and Joint Therapy: Spouses, children, parents, and siblings play a critical role in recovery. Onsite accommodation for family members is incredibly useful for addicts with children. Joint therapy sessions and family involvement are of vital importance for rehabilitation from drug abuse. Therefore, the availability of family therapy is an important deciding factor in choosing a rehab facility.
  • Location: This is a key factor. A secluded location has its advantages in terms of being conducive to recovery, but logistics of transportation must be taken into account. It is also important to factor in the convenience (or inconvenience) of returning for outpatient services. One cannot undermine the benefits of escaping to a secluded, scenic location to recover in peace and focus on rehab.
  • Payment Plans: Considering that private drug rehabilitation is so expensive, the payment plans offered by a center are a critical deciding factor. Insurance coverage also needs to be taken into account.
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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

Private Rehabilitation Centers: Addiction Treatment in Privacy and Comfort

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  • Hi ve been on waiting list for a rehab centre but it’s taking to long and the longer I want the more I use drugs I can’t afford prvart but need it to get into rehab befor the drugs get me two places jail or in a grave what places do bulk billing or how can I get into rehab quicker

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