Connecticut Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in CT

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

The process of beating addiction is an ongoing one which starts with admitting there is a problem and asking for help. While this can be scary to do, it is vital to getting clean. Rehabs in Connecticut can help make the efforts to get clean successful.

Exactly what rehab looks like depends on which center the user chooses. There are inpatient options, outpatient options, those which are clinical, and those which are out in nature. Ultimately, each individual must choose the rehab in Connecticut which works best in their situation.

Why Is There a Demand for Drug Rehab Centers in Connecticut?

Drug use has been at crisis levels in the United States over several decades, and in recent years, usage has climbed significantly. Drug-induced death was the leading cause of injury-related death in Connecticut at one point, and it remains one of the leading causes of death in the state. It has also ranked amongst the top ten states for drug addiction within the last decade.

All of the most commonly used drugs in the country are also abused in Connecticuttwo young people drinking beer on the street sitting on the bench. This includes heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs. Polydrug use is common, and it is involved in the majority of drug-related deaths. This often makes the rehabilitation process more complicated since Connecticut rehabilitation centers must be ready to address multiple addictions when assisting patients.

Perhaps the hardest addictions to deal with are those of teenage patients. While teens are using drugs frequently, including increased use of marijuana, alcohol is the substance teens become addicted to most often. Many drug rehabs in Connecticut offer programs are specifically designed to target younger patients.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Connecticut at a Glance

Drug and alcohol rehabs in CT are regulated by the state. Centers which wish to offer these services must take specific steps and offer appropriate documentation. This helps to ensure all treatment programs meet basic standards before they can offer their services to the public.

However, once programs meet these standards, they are free to craft their offerings to Connecticut residents as they wish. This means they can choose what types of therapies they utilize, the structure of their programs, and even which patients they will serve. Connecticut’s best drug and alcohol rehabs use a wide variety of treatment modalities, including the following:

How successful is drug rehabilitation? If you base your ideas off of how it is portrayed in the media, you would think it fails more often than it succeeds. However, this is not accurate. Drug rehabilitation in Connecticut and other states often sees rates of success higher than rehabilitation therapies for other diseases. This means there is no reason to discount treatment.

Top 5 Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Recovery Facilities

For those seeking a Connecticut rehabilitation facility, there are numerous options. Some of them are less than stellar while others deliver incredible treatment and superior results. Ultimately, finding the best facility is a matter of finding one which offers a good fit to the user. To help, we have come up with a list of the top five best rehab and detox facilities in Connecticut.

1. Turnbridge

four women in a circle sitting at the women support group meetingTurnbridge is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Connecticut which specializes in the treatment of young adults—generally in the upper teens through 20s—through gender-separate programs. The facility offers dual-diagnosis treatment, which means it treats the addiction as well as other behavior and mood disorders which tend to fuel addiction. The facility stands out because of its ability to reach apathetic patients and get them on the road to recovery.

The program utilizes the 12-step treatment approach, adapting it to the population it targets. Therapists work to help patients not only beat their addiction but build a life that helps them stay clean. As such, there is a heavy emphasis on independent living and active social skills.

Turnbridge accepts insurance and also offers financing options. To learn more about the unique rehabilitation therapies they utilize, visit their website.

2. Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital treats both teens and adults suffering from addiction, to both drugs and alcohol, walking them through the entire rehabilitation process at their Connecticut drug rehab center, including detoxification. The facility offers both inpatient and outpatient programs, making it easy for those looking to get clean to find a treatment program that works with their schedule and helps them accommodate other responsibilities, such as work, school, and family.

Their Connecticut inpatient program is more focused on medicinal therapy, and this is where they suggest patients start. Then they can move to their transitional living program for behavioral and psychological therapies, graduating to outpatient treatment. However, patients are allowed to start in either inpatient or outpatient treatment as needed. The center is known for its adaptation of 12-step therapy and dual-diagnosis treatment.

Silver Hill Hospital is happy to work with the majority of insurance providers. However, it does not offer financing options. To learn more, visit their website.

3. High Watch Recovery Center

High Watch Recovery Center is drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilitywoman holding her hands together in namaste or praying in the beautiful blooming garden in Connecticut which takes a spiritual approach to recovery. This includes using the 12-step program in its more traditional format while also finding other ways to help patients better connect to their spiritual selves. They view and treat addiction as the disease it is and work to get it into remission.

High Watch utilizes holistic approach to care and also offers a family program to help build a support group for the patient and eliminate unhealthy patterns which contribute to the development of addiction. It is also a part of rehabilitation history as it is the first recovery center to base its program on the 12 steps of recovery. While it is fairly comprehensive, it does not offer drug and alcohol detoxification services.

Insurance is accepted, but financing is not available. The center offers inpatient and outpatient services. To learn more, visit their website.

4. New Prospects

New Prospects is a strictly residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Connecticut, so they offer no rehabilitation outpatient services. They offer dual-diagnosis treatment, addressing both the addiction and any underlying behavioral and mood disorders. While lengths of stay vary, most patients average 30 days at the facility. Those who are addicted to drugs that have been prescribed for years might require additional days at the center.

New Prospects stands out amongst other facilities for a few reasons. One is which it is excellent at addressing underlying trauma that often pushes individuals to turn to drug use as a method of coping. It also offers gender-specific treatment, which in cases of trauma can make it easier for the patient to get the care they need. However, it does not offer detox services needed prior to rehab.

New Prospects in Connecticut is ideal for those who have a troubled past and need to resolve that to get clean. To learn more about their treatment modalities, visit their website.

5. Oceanside Recovery, LLC

group of people stretch their arm to their feet sitting on the floor in the circle on the yoga classOceanside Recovery rehab center in CT addresses addiction and behavioral therapy in general. The center does this through individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. It works hard to build a sense of community amongst recovering addicts by offering yoga classes and other events to those who are not in active treatment with them.

Treatment begins with a detailed assessment and from there can include a wide variety of therapies, from medication to meditation, though Methadone is not used. Their primary focus is on education and rewiring the thought processes used by those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. However, they are open to whatever is most effective for the individual patient.

Oceanside Recovery is one of the most accessible rehabs in Connecticut as it accepts Medicaid in addition to insurance. It also allows for private payment. Visit their website to learn more.

Treatment Opens the Doors to Life Beyond Substance Abuse

For anyone suffering from addiction within the state, rehabs in Connecticut are the start of the journey to a healthier and happier life. With these programs, it is possible to develop the skills needed to live a life free from drugs. While recovery is a lifelong process, utilizing the correct tools makes that road easier to travel. No matter the motivation, even the Criminal Justice System Program, there are programs ready to help.

If you or a loved one are in need of Connecticut rehabilitation treatment, we want to help. Call (888)-459-5511 so our addiction specialists can assist you.

Published on: June 21st, 2017

Updated on: April 30th, 2021