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Mississippi Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in MS

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Mississippi is the home state of Elvis Presley. The Hospitality State is also home to an impressive delta and it offers splendid views all year round. Fortunately, when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse, Mississippi is one of the states that have the lowest rates in the country. The low rates and the high number of alcohol and drug rehabs in Mississippi make the Hospitality state one of the best locations for those who seek substance abuse or addiction treatment.

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Mississippi Substance Abuse Statistics: Prescription Drugs and Opioids Abuse is Alarming

map if Mississippi state made of opium and syringesRehabs in Mississippi are doing a great job at lowering the mortality resulting from drug and alcohol abuse. In 2016, the state had an opioid-related mortality rate of 6.2, below the national average of 13.3. Unfortunately, even though this is a favorable statistic compared with the national average, the numbers almost doubled when you compare them to the state’s average in 2013.

The quantity of individuals who misuse prescribed opioids is on the ascent, yet Mississippi rehab centers seldomly focuses in treating heroin clients. In 2015, the doctors working in this state have prescribed 107.5 medicines for opioids per 100 individuals, though the national normal was of just 70. It’s viewed that most overdose deaths were caused accidentally by the abuse of professionally prescribed medications. This is the reason the representatives of each drug rehab in Mississippi work proactively to find what triggers the patients’ substance mishandle with a specific end goal to enable them to defeat their physical and mental confinements.

Relatively every rehab center in Mississippi strives to treat the individuals who are dependent on opioid pain relievers. Mississippi, alongside other southern states, drives the national measurement of most such medicines per capita. Men have a higher risk to die from an accidental overdose than women do, yet the gap between sexes is tight. Shockingly, an ever increasing number of ladies abuse physician recommended drugs, and around 18 succumb to death every day from opioid-related misuse and overdoses.

Since such a large number of individuals utilize physician recommended drugs, youngsters have a simple access to them. This is the reason that a portion of the free drug rehab centers in Mississippi report painkiller mishandle in youngsters, some as youthful as 13 or even 12.

Top 5 Best Rehabs In Mississippi

There are a lot of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Mississippi­­­­­. However, the following 5 rehabilitation facilities distinguished themselves by leading the majority of their patients toward a healthy recovery.

1. Turning Point

Turning Point, located in 340 Statelineflower symbolizing balance between mind, spirit and body Rd. W., Southaven, MS, is a remarkable  rehabilitation center that provides various medical care options for adults who suffer from addiction, substance abuse or mental health disorders.

This Mississippi rehabilitation and treatment center provides services in a holistic manner. Their trained medical professionals do not only handle the addiction problems of patients but also include the psychological behaviors related to addiction. They have personalized therapy regime especially designed to every patient needs, including medical detox, partial hospitalization, dual diagnosis, and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). These approaches ensure patients to wholly regain their emotional stability headway to healing. Learn more about the Turning Point treatment methods here.

2. Region One

Located in 1742 Cheryl Street Clarksdale, Mississippi, Region One is a comprehensive health care provider that has been treating alcohol and drug addicts since 1970. This treatment facility provides health services to adults, adolescents, and children in the Mississippi Delta.

The rehab provides cutting-edge treatment for those who suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems in a welcoming and warm environment. Their health specialists provide residential services for adolescents and adults. These services include transitional living, detoxification, and more.

Region One’s outpatient services include individual, family, and couple therapy, assessment and substance abuse treatment recommendation, aftercare, substance abuse education, and more.  Visit the facility’s website to view the full list of the services of one of the best mental health facilities in Mississippi.

3. Jolimar Recovery Center

Sblackboard with cognitive behavioral therapy schemaituated in 740 Jolimar Trail SE, Summit, Mississippi, Jolimar Recovery Clinic is a treatment facility that accepts adults and adolescents that suffer from co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. The rehabilitation facility is located in a tranquil area that offers some magnificent views all year round.

Jolimar’s trained professionals have a great approach to treating substance addiction. These specialists employ different therapeutic methods for everyone, according to the patient’s treatment plan, purposes, and preferences. These techniques include but are not limited to a proven 12-step treatment care, motivational interviewing, addiction treatment counseling therapy, CBT, relapse prevention planning, and more.

The treatment center offers individual, group, couples, or family counseling for all in need, including adolescents of 17 or younger. Follow the link to visit the website of this recovery center.

4. Home Of Grace

Home Of Grace, based in 14200 Jericho Rd, Vancleave, Mississippi, is a well-known addiction recovery shelter that has helped thousands of adult drug addicts recover from substance abuse addiction and related disorders since 1965.

This rehabilitation and treatment center provides a Christ-centered recovery program with two highly-equipped facility campuses with a secluded and comfortable environment for every patient. Their 90-days program that has two stages focuses on the mental and metaphysical needs for patients’ recovery is available for individual or group therapy, work therapy, classroom work and community living guidance. For additional information on this Mississippi rehab facility, visit the website.

5. Clearview Recovery Center

CRC, situated in Moselle, MS, mature psychiatrist consulting a female patient in the officeis a highly specialized addiction recovery center for people suffering from substance abuse. They have trained healthcare professionals, who provide dual diagnosis to properly address patients’ symptoms and addiction-related problems, such as psychiatrists to manage schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorders, and other conditions.

The center has a detoxification program that lasts for 30 – 90 days. They also have programs for individual and group therapy. View the official website to find out more about this drug rehabilitation center in Mississippi.

Addiction Treatment In Mississippi

The rehabs in Mississippi are partially responsible for the state’s low overdose death rate and declining drug and alcohol consumption. If you or a loved one suffer from some form of substance addiction, you can contact one of the treatment centers we presented to consult with a specialist.

If you have an alcohol or drug addiction problem and you would like to find out more about addiction rehabilitation centers, call our 24/7 hotline at (888)-459-5511 to speak to our informed representatives.

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    I have someone that needs to detox because he wants to go to rehab. We a rehab center but they require detox before entering. He has no insurance and no income. Where could I take him for detox without having to pay up front? We live in Harrison County, Mississippi.
  • Becky
    My son is on all kinds of drugs he has been to rehab 2 or 3 times this last time 2 weeks and walked out 2weeks later. He has been caught shop liftingx2 times and is in jail now .I don’t eat to bail out afraid will go back out on street he is begging to get out. I want him court ordered to rehab and he needs a good long time 2 and 3 months not help he has no money and we don’t have that kind of money but needs court order for rehab. His court date is May 24th am I wrong to keep him there.he needs help not jail time
  • janice winfield
    Leaving him in jail will more than likely keep him alive. No, jail is not the best solution, but when we don’t have the money, or the insurance to cover rehab, jail is the only choice. I’d rather my child be in jail than dead. Been there and left him in jail until we found a bed in rehab.