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men-only rehabilitation centers

Many men find that going to a same-sex rehabilitation center helps them avoid the discomfort that would be present if recovering female addicts were attending the meetings as well. Data of the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse show men are 50% more likely than women to abuse drugs and alcohol. Men are also more likely to use and abuse heroin, marijuana, acid and cocaine. For these and other reasons, it may be easier for a man suffering from addiction to get treatment at a men-only rehab center.

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Why Men-Only Rehab Facilities?

Men are less likely to seek help for addiction out of fear that their attempt might be viewed as “unmanly”. By choosing drug rehab for men, they are able to meet other men in the same position and talk to men who have managed to break free from the vicious cycle. This gives a man determination to lead a drug-free life. Men often feel less judged in a men-only rehab program than a coed one. Moreover, not all of these rehab centers are the same. A lot of recovering addicts choose to do a walkthrough of the center before enrolling to see whether or not they will be able to attain their desired outcome at the facility in question. A welcoming environment is no less important than establishing the goal of treatment.

Is Addiction a Bigger Problem for Men?

Depressed man realizing his problemsAddiction is a big problem for everyone, but men tend to become more severely addicted to drugs and alcohol than women for a number of reasons, which include a sense of belonging and their specific environments and development. Some men start taking drugs as a way to fit in. At first, this serves social promotion, but can lead to mental, physical and emotional problems with time. Men who become addicted also tend to start taking drugs at an earlier age than women, and their development and growth suffers more as a result. Many men who become severely addicted later in life start as children. Finally, quite a few patients of Behavioral Health, a drug rehab for men, have shared that gender stereotypes can be a crucial factor. Many men find the stress of being expected to provide for a family too much. Drugs help take the edge off, if only briefly. A men-only rehab can help patients find alternative ways to cope with stress.

The Best Type of Rehab for Men

Men on a group therapyChoosing a facility that offers individualized care is most important, be it inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient rehab centers hold group therapy sessions. An inpatient rehab for men will arrange personal meetings with a doctor who will determine the optimal course of treatment. Group sessions take place, but one-on-one sessions with a counselor are also organized. During these, the person and his problem are the sole focus. Men looking to sign up at a drug or alcohol rehab facility should make sure it can address the withdrawal aspect of recovery. The best type of men-only rehab is staffed by professional counselors who will help guide the patient into recovery. This often starts with addressing the reason he became addicted in the first place. Most of these facilities are designed with additional stimulating approaches aimed at making a man less focused on his desire to use drugs and/or alcohol. Therapies at a rehab for men are designed specifically with men in mind, guaranteeing focused and detailed treatment. Teamwork and physical activities are often used to help regain confidence that may have been lost as addiction played itself out.

What Addictions Does a Men-Only Rehab Treat?

When a man signs up at such a facility, the doctors, counselors and other staff will concentrate on treating his specific problem. Men-only rehabs can help treat:

At an alcohol rehab for men, patients find ways to cope with stress and other issues that led to the addiction. Treatment programs can also assist those with multiple addictions, such as both alcohol and gambling. The treatment involves cognitive behavioral therapy and other forms of therapy. Men-only rehab centers guarantee the confidentiality of all patients who use their services. The doctors and staff are not permitted to share any personal information and must follow the same rules and regulations as general practitioners.

Treatment Center Approaches and Methods

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the most efficient methods of treatment are behavior-directed therapy and medication. Behavioral addiction treatment focuses on changing the man’s behavior. Patients might discuss specific situations when they used drugs in the past and the reason why they began using that drug. The therapist can facilitate them in identifying people, situations, and behaviors that led to their continued use of the harmful substance. Patients at a rehab for men will also learn coping mechanisms to help them find other ways to deal with anger, stress, or frustration. Doctors might recommend a prescription drug depending on the type of addiction the man is trying to get treatment for. This medication helps with both cravings and withdrawal symptoms because it mirrors the physiological effects that different substances have. This makes a patient feel like he used his substance of choice even though he took something completely different

Duration of Treatment Programs

The term of inpatient rehabilitation at a men-only rehab can vary greatly – more specifically, from a few days to more than a year. The vast majority of centers offer one-, two- or three-month programs. Some treatment facilities also offer programs that run for six months or to one year and more. Longer-term programs often combine aspects of outpatient centers because as patients become more and more successful in the program, they get time away from the center. Sometimes they are allowed to spend a weekend at home with their family, or they can leave the facility daily for several hours to go to college or work.

Addiction Treatment Program Steps

Addiction treatment programs involve several specific steps, beginning with the so-called intake stage. This is when the recovering addict completes the documents that the rehab for men needs to process them as patients. The next phase is detox for many addicts, when they withdraw from the substance. Statistics of the National Institute on Drug Abuse show doctors prescribe medication to facilitate drug or alcohol withdrawal with a relatively high degree of success. The next phase is the actual addiction therapy, which can take the form of one-on-one sessions, group sessions, or both depending on the facility. Some centers also offer specialized care for patients with multiple addictions and some form of aftercare after they complete the treatment program.

What Men-Only Rehab Facilities Are There?

When it comes to treating drug and alcohol addiction, many men-only rehab programs erroneously focus only on the consequences of the addiction. A few facilities, which realize and accept that substance abuse issues are often (not always) a result of a traumatic past experience or a preexisting mental condition, are listed in this article. Their philosophy is to treat the person, not just his symptoms. Another thing rehabs for men have in common is that the patients’ lives do not revolve around trigger avoidance and fear of relapse. Attending recovery meetings is part of their programs, but certainly not the sole focus of these.


  • The Freedom Model
  • Stewart Marchman Act Behavioral Healthcare Reality House
  • Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

The Freedom Model

modern luxury rehabThe Freedom Model men-only rehab program features a non 12-step based, proprietary approach that has been helping addicts recover for almost 30 years. The program is fact-based, non-judgmental, and does not bind the patient to the notion of perpetual recovery. Different lengths of stay are offered, and treatment is personalized to fit individual needs. The Future Planning element treats areas of need or interest that recovering addicts choose to work in, naturally outside the scope of addiction, to ensure the maximum and best possible personal growth as they complete the center’s program and return home. For example, the patient may need information and logistical support to move to a new area after they finish the program, go back to school, discuss career options with their employers, or rebuild family relationships, which are frequently damaged by addiction. Some recovering addicts wish to explore a new career field, or are looking for sustainable and gainful employment. The purpose of this program’s Future Planning component is for patients to start seeing their future beyond their current pains and struggles and make a plan for long-term success.

Stewart Marchman Reality House

The Stewart Marchman Act Behavioral Healthcare Reality House is a rehab for men located in the Daytona Beach area. This center is effective and helpful in a lot of different ways. The individual care toward patients is what makes it stand out. This men-only rehab facility is a widely-known drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, rehabilitation program, detox facility, addiction prevention association, recovery organization, permanent sobriety commitment group, and recovery-minded support system. It offers stays of varying duration. Treatment at the Stewart Marchman Act Behavioral Healthcare Reality House can be covered by private health insurance resources such as APS PPO Health Care Insurance, First Health Network Limited, and the Medical Mutual Health Insurance Organization among others or funded out of pocket.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Healthy Family on a sofaBehavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a rehab for men offering comprehensive treatment to all those struggling with single or multiple addictions or addictive disorders, helping them regain their autonomy and health. Their program entails a thorough and customized treatment plan that takes individual needs into consideration, including detox and specialized therapy. Combined with both group and individual counseling, this setup enables patients to identify and cope with the cause of their drug or alcohol addiction issues. The men-only rehab program also includes family therapy and education so every man’s relatives obtain full understanding of what addiction is, how and why their family member because addicted, and what they can do to help him recover. The doctors and staff of the center make an active effort to help families strengthen their bond in the face of adversity rather than drift apart, which is sadly so often the case.

Readiness for Treatment at a Rehab for Men

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

A man should not enter rehab before he can admit he is suffering from addiction. Participants in men-only rehab programs, and indeed any rehab program, must enter such with the readiness and willingness to make a change. It is rarely a problem to start getting treatment at a rehab for men at once – one can find the right center and start their path to recovery as soon as they make a firm decision to do so, even if the road ahead seems really scary. Admittedly, there is no free drug rehab for men, but the price of treatment shouldn’t be a deterrent, as the cost of uncontrolled addiction has no bounds. Recovering addicts can choose to join a program that pairs them with a sponsor, who will help them stay drug-free during difficult periods in their lives after they leave the rehab for men.

Rehab for Men – All Male Addiction Treatment Process

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