Utah Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Facilities in UT

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

The statistics regarding drug addiction in Utah and across the country are grim; this is because the bonds of addiction are hard to break, no matter the drug used: heroin, marijuana, amphetamines, etc. Getting clean means going beyond no longer abusing a given substance; it means changing thought patterns, treating underlying conditions, and making a lifelong commitment. None of this is easy to do, but with the correct Utah drug rehabilitation treatment center, getting clean is possible.

What Fuels the Need for Drug Rehab in Utah?

In Utah, substance abuse does not follow the same patterns as it tends to in other states. Compared to the national average, alcohol abuse is low, while drug use is roughly on par with what is normal in the United States. Additionally, the rates of abuse amongst teens are significantly lower than the national average, no matter the substance used. However, Utah residents report higher-than-average levels of mental health struggles and suicidal thoughts, which means there is potential to fuel greater levels of addiction as time goes on, increasing the need for treatment at Utah drug rehabilitation centers.

While just 5.6 percent of residents report monthly drug use, drug overdoses are still significant, accounting for more deaths in Utah than car crashes. The most commonly abused drugs are general stimulants, followed by marijuana and heroin. However, teens are turning to recreational use of painkillers more in recent years driving an increased need for underage rehab programs.

Addiction Recovery in Utah at a Glance

Utah does not offer any state funded drug rehab treatment centers; however, the government partners with numerous organizations who work to help people stop abusing drugs and alcohol. The specifics of what drug rehab in Utah looks like varies from center to center, and even from person to person as most facilities will customize their approach based on the needs of the patient.

What should a quality rehabilitation center offer? There are specific best practices that quality drug rehab centers in Utah will abide by. These include dual diagnosis treatment—meaning the facility addresses other behavioral health problems that contribute to addiction—varied treatment options, reevaluating treatment plans as time goes on, and offering programs that are sufficiently long enough to give patients the foundation they need for recovery. Inpatient/residential treatment is also important to consider. While addiction is not considered a curable disease, it is one that can be successfully managed through rehab and recovery in UT.

Quality Utah Rehabilitation Centers: The Top 5 Best Options

While Utah has numerous addiction rehabilitation centers, it is natural that some will be better than others. This could be due to their results, varied treatment options, setting, and more. Below, we have selected the top five best rehabs in Utah.

1. Maple Mountain Recovery

Maple Mountain Recovery is located in Mapleton, and is open to all patients over the age of 18 who are willing to stop abusing drugs. However, they do not offer outpatient treatment. This Utah rehabilitation center offers care that addresses the complete psychological health needs of their patients; this means digging deeper than the addiction, which is usually just a symptom of underlying conditions. In addition to being able to address mental health conditions, they are also equipped to work with pain disorders that also often contribute to the drive to use drugs and other addictions, such as gambling and pornography addiction.

Related to this is Maple Mountain Recovery’s commitment to healing mental and spiritual wounds. In many cases, addiction and other behavior disorders are triggered by underlying psychological damage in the life of the patient. Here, therapists employ trauma and associative awareness therapy that alters the response the brain has to painful memories in a way that makes it easier to cope.

In addition to their trauma therapy, Maple Mountain Recovery in Utah also offers numerous other forms of treatment that help to set it apart. Some of its more interesting offerings include the use of a sweat lodge, incorporation of sports like bowling, and specialized therapies for women. The center accepts some insurance plans and also offers financing. To learn more, visit their website.

2. Cold Creek Behavioral Health

Cold Creek Behavioral Health is a drug abuse rehabilitation treatment center located in Brighton, which has received nationwide recognition. Part of what sets Cold Creek apart from other addiction rehabilitation centers in state and across the nation is that it accommodates those who are not religious or spiritual; instead of the traditional steps program, the center places significant emphasis on the role of god in the recovery process.

Rather than a 12-step approach, Cold Creek in Utah uses therapies based on bio-psycho-social and cognitive behavioral therapy methods of treatment. Their programs have limited enrollment, with a maximum of 10 patients being treated at any given time, allowing for more direct and individualized care. In addition to residential treatment, they also offer outpatient care, day programs, and a sober living environment.

Cold Creek Behavioral Health in UT offers patients dedicated treatment in one of the most relaxing environments any Utah rehab facility can offer. To help patients access the care they need, they accept most major insurance plans and also have financing options. To learn more, visit their website.

3. Alpine Recovery Lodge

The majority of religiously affiliated individuals in Utah identify as Mormon. Despite this, there are few Utah rehabilitation centers that identify as being Mormon-friendly—but Alpine Recovery Lodge in Alpine, Utah does. This is important, as Mormon doctrine address substance abuse more directly than is seen in most other denominations and having staff that understands this can make a significant difference in recovery.

Alpine Recovery Lodge offers Utah residents both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment. In addition to helping people battle their addiction, they also have intervention specialists on hand. These specialized staff members are trained in helping those resistant to help see their problems and lead them towards recovery.

Alpine Recovery Lodge in Utah adapts their treatment to the needs of the patient. In addition to group and family therapy, they also utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement destination and reprocessing. Some insurance plans are accepted and financing is available. To learn more about Mormon rehab in Utah, visit their website.

4. Spirit Mountain Recovery

Spirit Mountain Recovery in Eden, Utah is a men-only drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that offers residential, outpatient, and day programs. It does not use the traditional 12 steps found in many programs, instead utilizing proven best practices in substance abuse rehabilitation. Key to their approach is treatment that goes deeper than addiction, addressing underlying behavioral issues and trauma that are often fuel for addiction.

Numerous forms of therapy are employed by Spirit Mountain Recovery in Utah. Which ones are used with an individual rehabilitation patient will depend on their specific needs. Amongst the therapies in their arsenal are yoga, medication-assisted therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. Patients spend a minimum of six hours per week in counseling.

Outside of counseling, Spirit Mountain Recovery offers Utah residents plenty of options for supplemental activities that boost addiction recovery. The shortest allowed treatment program is 30 days, but the center will work with patients for six months or more, depending on their needs. This Utah rehab center accepts most insurance plans and offers financing. To learn more, visit their website.

5. Southwest Behavioral Health Center: Horizon House

Finally, we have Southwest Behavioral Health Center: Horizon House—a rehabilitation center located in Cedar City. Compared to the other centers on this list, Horizon House provides the most clinical approach to treatment. However, this does not mean it is ineffective; while it has fewer bells and whistles than other centers, it still delivers quality care.

Horizon House drug treatment center offers clinical evaluations, assessments for use in court, education programs, day treatment, and residential treatment, amongst other services. The SWBH center strictly serves female patients, focusing their approach to research on addiction in women. In addition to therapy with a substance abuse counselor, the center can assist with childcare, transportation, and more. They are also affiliated with Desert Haven, which houses women and their children throughout the rehabilitation process.

Also setting Horizon House in Utah apart from the rest of the rehabilitation centers is that it accepts Medicaid and Medicare. While this isn’t the same as free drug rehab centers, it is similar as long as the patient has public insurance. As such, it is the most accessible center on our list. To learn more, visit their website.

Utah Rehabilitation Centers Help People Live Better Lives

In Utah, there are numerous options for beating drug and alcohol addiction, from free drug rehab centers in Utah to luxury centers that feel more like a retreat than a recovery center. Ultimately, successful results come down to a combination of commitment on the part of the patient and selecting the right addiction treatment center for their needs. And the right fit is out there; it will just take a little research to find the rehabilitation center for treating their addictions.

Published on: August 2nd, 2017

Updated on: April 30th, 2021