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AA Meetings in American Fork, Utah

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AA Utah meetings in American Fork are few and far between, but there are meetings held in adjoining cities and counties. The local Intergroup chapter has gatherings for members throughout the day, seven days a week, with various entry requirements.

The Chapter Is Small but Can Still Accommodate Members’ Needs and Interests:

  • A. F. Friday Noon Meeting Alcoholics Anonymous

    Jim's Family Restaurant
    834 East State Road, American Fork, Utah, 84003

  • American Fork Group Alcoholics Anonymous

    Presbyterian Church
    75 North 100 East American Fork, 84003, American Fork, Utah, 84003

  • American Fork Monday Night Alcoholics Anonymous

    Jim's Family Restaurant
    834 East State Road, American Fork, Utah, 84003

  • American Fork Sunday Night Alcoholics Anonymous

    Jim's Family Restaurant
    834 East State Road, American Fork, Utah, 84003


Please note that AA meeting locations and schedules tend to change often and quickly. Please always check these times to be accurate. If you have new information about an AA meeting, please inform us at [email protected]

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American Fork, UT: AA Meetings Overview

American Fork is a city in Northern Utah that features nearly 30,000 people and is part of the greater Provo-Orem metropolitan area. The town is southeast of Salt Lake City and has a long history of being a center for industry. The local Intergroup organization services not only American Fork but all its surrounding cities and counties.

People can reference the local Utah AA meeting schedule to find a group or gathering in either Orem, Provo, or Lehi, which all comprise the American Fork community. In addition, this website lists groups that are held every day of the week with varying hours and schedules.

Due to the small size of the area and its distance from other Intergroup chapters, American Fork AA meetings have few entry requirements. The majority of gatherings are open to all, with a few exceptions. Many of the sessions are also English speaking, but a few groups cater to Spanish-speaking members.

How Do Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in American Fork, UT Look?

Because of the small size of the city, there may not be as many people or various groups as there are in larger cities. Fortunately, however, because of this lack of variety, many of the gatherings offered in American Fork are open to everyone. Open meetings receive anyone, including newcomers, non-alcoholics, family members, and general observers.

There are some closed sessions in the city as well. Closed sessions are where long-time members meet to share their wisdom and guidance with others who are trying to stay sober without having to review the 12-steps for new members. Unfortunately, other specialized groups, including gatherings for women-only, LGBTQ members, and Native Americans, are almost non-existent.

People from these groups would need to travel to Salt Lake City to find these sessions. But the good thing about open meetings is that anyone can attend, so women and other minority groups could go to these available sessions if they do not wish to travel to other cities or locations.

Get The Most From an AA Meeting in American Fork, UT

Mutual support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous have always been open to everyone regardless of race, religion, and gender. The organization itself does not subscribe to any particular ideology or creed and has always been neutral politically. Still, many disadvantaged groups (racial or gender minorities) face barriers to receiving treatment and support for their substance abuse problems.

These barriers can range from socio-economic factors to a lack of resources in their communities or access to mutual support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. These disparities are why the larger Intergroup organization has made efforts to create specialized groups that are more attentive and understanding of the needs of minority groups.

This inclusivity has been necessary because many studies show that African-American, Latino, and Native American groups are less likely to receive or have access to substance abuse treatment because of a lack of resources. Given that AA is cost-free and has no financial burden, it is crucial to recognize the need to cater to these groups.

Need Help That AA Can’t Provide? Find Alcohol Rehab Centers in American Fork, UT

Even though the Intergroup has chapters in every large and medium-sized city, there are still gaps in coverage that it cannot cover. For people who need urgent help in places where there is a lack of services, Addiction Resource can help people find the treatment they need wherever they are. Visitors can go to the Addiction Resource website and enter their zip code in the Rehab Locator section to find an accredited rehab facility.

For people seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment options rehab centers in Utah are also available.

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