Combining Sertraline and Marijuana: Can You Smoke Weed On Zoloft?

Marijuana or Antidepressant

Depression is a serious mental disorder that weakens the body and brain. Most of the doctors prescribe medical marijuana or antidepressants like Zoloft for anxiety and depression treatment. They are the common medications. But what happens when you combine sertraline and marijuana? This article highlights the side effects of mixing Zoloft and weed. Discover the risks of smoking weed with antidepressants and the treatment procedure.

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Side Effects of Zoloft and Marijuana Interaction

It is stated that combining Marijuana with antidepressants, may cause serious health risks and mental disorders. Some clinical studies reveal that increased heart rate can be one of the possible Zoloft side effects of mixing it with weed. The risk of panic attacks also increases by combining Sertraline and weed. Other serious health problems triggered by this combination are:

  • Tachycardia
  • continuous dizziness
  • extreme drowsiness
  • High Blood pressure
  • Serotonin syndrome
  • Prolonging recovery
  • Sleep disorder (Somnipathy)
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Tight chest and labored breathing
  • Extreme restless and irritability
  • Severe anxiety
  • Self-Deception

Results of Zoloft and Cannabis Combination for Anxiety Treatment

anxied female with weed in her handsAccording to the clinical surveys, when Marijuana and sertraline interact, they can cause serious side effects which are similar to Zoloft overdose. There is a more significant risk of rising anxiety and nervousness with the mixture of the two substances. As a result, mixing sertraline and Cannabis often lead to prolonged treatment of psychiatric ailments such as self-deception, stress, and anxiety.

Proceeding to consume Zoloft and weed may generate unpredictable reactions instead of getting high on sertraline and weed. These unpredictable side effects can worsen the condition of the patient. Consuming Marijuana while being on SSRIs can reverse the treatment process. It may lead to severe health disorders and hyperactivity ailments. Marijuana and Zoloft combination may result in extended depression therapy. Epidemiological researchers claim that the interaction of the two drugs slow down the treatment, increases anxiety and arises health hazards. Intake of antidepressant such as Sertraline aids to cure anxiety, depression disorder, along with mental confusions.

But the practice of smoking weed when a patient has already started Zoloft treatment may backpedal the process. Sertraline drug interactions with weed have adverse effects on the health of the patient. The initial symptoms of these side effects are not obvious and easily recognizable. But the adverse effects considerably have multiple psychoactive outcomes.

Are Zoloft and Weed a Deadly Combination?

Although there are no clinical proofs of Marijuana and Sertraline being deadly, smoking weed with Zoloft can cause serious effects. The interaction of both substances results in a higher concentration of sertraline in the blood. This can cause complex paranoia, panic attacks, and a highly stressful situation.

The Centers for disease control and prevention have mentioned that cannabis when used with some prescribed drugs, may show possible side effects and changes the way the medication works. Many people have encountered the traumatic effects of smoking weed on Zoloft.

Medical experts speak about the damaging effects of Zoloft drug interactions with weed. These outcomes are usually unnoticed at the initial state but may prove deadly. The researchers have found out that Zoloft and pot together increase the risk of heart attack by four times. This combination can simulate suicidal thoughts too. Also mixing weed with Zoloft can result in poor concentration and lead to deadly accidents.

Practicalities of Smoking Weed on Sertraline

Some people start to use cannabis instead of prescribed SSRIs because cannabis is cheaper than Zoloft. But a lot of studies concluded that there are several adverse effects of smoking weed on Zoloft. The study published on NCBI claimed, that compound of cannabis sativa has an influence on serotonin level and may significantly increase the effect of antidepressants.

So, it is not sensible to smoke pot while taking sertraline. The clinically recognized side effects of antidepressants and Marijuana can produce some paranoia. Therefore, combining sertraline and weed is practically an assured course for anxiety attacks. Marijuana is a controversial as well as a legalized drug in the social notoriety. So, if you don’t want to experience the traumatic attacks, avoid smoking weed. Studies have revealed that consuming Zoloft with substances like alcohol or weed can interfere with the potency of the antidepressant and is risky.

Remember, cutting off marijuana is essential while using Zoloft because it is helpful in curing depression and other mental disorders only without weed consumption. If a patient decides to taper off Zoloft medication, switching to weed abruptly or using it during discontinuation period is not advisable. Ask a doctor about safe, and effective sertraline alternatives in this case.

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Treatment Is Fully Covered by Insurance In Most Cases

Combining Sertraline and Marijuana: Can You Smoke Weed On Zoloft?

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  • 21 year old prescribed Zoloft for anxiety and depression. I’m not sure if she was using marijuana while taking the Zoloft, started having serious delusional side effects after stopping Zoloft abruptly per her doctor.

    Not sure if he’s aware of her marijuana use. Also drinks heavily at times.

    Had a brief psychotic episode that required hospitalization.

    Just wondering! Concerned,

    • The marijuana use likely did not cause the delusional side effects after she just stopped taking her prescription. Especially if you’re not even 100% sure that she was using it while taking Zoloft. It was probably withdrawals from the Zoloft. You can’t just abruptly stop taking a medicine because it can have serious side effects on the person. It can possibly cause more problems than combining Zoloft and marijuana, depending on the person. Look up Zoloft withdrawal. It can be brutal

  • i was recently proscribed .25 mg of zoloft and started taking it about a week ago. is it safe to smoke weed on this low of a dosage? i really just want to know if i’ll die from it… or if there are any actual serious effects besides having a panic attack

    • It all depends from person to person, but Ide like to share my experience from last night. I started on sertraline (starter dose) yesterday. I smoked weed last night, however havent touched it before then since about 2012. I had some pretty severe side effects. I became highly paranoid and felt deassociated and outside of my body, and had wierd time effects and extreme time disorientation and panic attack symptoms. It started with being really high, laughing hysterically and uncontrollably, and then all the negative effects came in and lasted approx 6 hours. Personally I think best to avoid weed while on Sertraline after last nights experience, it was horrible and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy!

      • I had almost the exact same effect, except that I was lying on the ground shaking, and the next day I couldn’t use my voice at all. Either stop Zoloft, or stop Marijuana. I decided to stop Zoloft as it does not help me in any way, but if I decide to take a smoke sometime, Zoloft hinders me since that experience.

    • You need to stop taking the zoloft at least one day before you smoke. Muscle twitches are already a common symptom of zoloft so when you smoke weed you go into panic and it may seem like you’re going into a seizure. You won’t die but it’s not a pleasant experience. Be careful

    • I smoked weed for more than 30 years before ZOLOFT. Still do. I don’t believe it’s a problem for me, but we’re all unique, so they say.

  • Right now I’m on zoloft 100 mg and I smoke 3 grams a day I dont know it’s not looking so bad guys never had a panic attack on weed while on zoloft and I have a. Big tolerance smoking weed that’s a year now and is my second therapy the first was with 50 mg + plenty of weed again and after a year when I cut zoloft was so. Brutal most stressful days of my life I was paranoid as fuck 6 months without zoloft was a severe depression I even quit weed cause was stsrtmake me super paranoid also I did coke couple of times with zoloft and experience was never. Bad was my choice to never do it again. ++ with zoloft and weed is like viagra super streth and stamina at. Bed now I just smoke weed and I take my medication and I feel like it just stops the strength of zoloft ..sry for my English is poor if anyone knows more let us know that’s my personal experience ,if you ask me for now I can say God bless that combination but I dont know for tommorow infeel I need to change that …

  • I’ve been taking zoloft for about 3 years now. Last summer, about a year ago, I began smoking weed. I can say that I feel high in a different way than other people. I twitch more, get really dizzy when I stand up, and sometimes have these weird episodes where my vision will go completely black, my face will get red, and my limbs feel like jello and feel like they’re shaking. Sometimes I even fall, or pass out, while it happens. It’s only happened maybe 5 times in the past year and only since I started using marijuana. Personally, I think it’s due to the lack of oxygen in the brain while I’m high but it may be because of the zoloft.

  • I’m 23, and am on 150mg sertraline a day to treat my social anxiety and depression.

    I really wanted to comment here in the hope I can convince and quickly educate other curious people on the matter through my own experience 2 months ago.

    Before I was prescribed the anti depressants, I was struggling with an alcohol addiction, which stems from my social anxiety as drinking has always made !e feel more confident.. On top of this I was also smoking cannibis, and for years, since around 16/17 I had done so simultaneously and my body has built up a strong tolerance for them both being consumed and smoked together. However when I started my prescription, I had already told my doctor of !y alcohol problem beforehand, and had been working on cutting down my alcohol intake before starting my prescription, which wasn’t a necessity but certainly was worth trying anyway. What I failed to do, was make him aware that I was a frequent cannibis smoker, and this was my own fault as I was too embarrassed to add this into the list of what was bothering me and what I was basically doing wrong. I felt ashamed and when he asked if I smoked (in general, I never specifically thought weed at the time) I replied no, I quit a while back.. At this point, I thought this was just a general question as I have been to the doctors over the years for various things and always been asked if I smoked.

    So I started the prescription, and was still drinking now and again, but there seemed to be no side effects (for me) from the sertraline and alcohol mixture in my body.. It was less than 1 week later I got myself a bag of weed dropped off one day I was feeling really low (the medication had far from started having any effect yet) and I just casually rolled up a few joints, as I normally would, at that point i had no reason to think of any negatives other than my low mood.. Around 10 to 15 minutes passed after I had smoked one joint, I felt fine, was watching a movie, and then, as I often do, thought, I need the toilet, my eyes were heavy, as they always are, I felt a little heavier as I usually feel, but after I stood up, I was stood still for 10 seconds, trying to keep my balance, wondering why I was struggling so hard to keep my legs straight, this was not normal for me.. Within seconds, my brain began to panic just a little, but I was still not thinking of the obvious reason for this happening so the panic was limited, I gave it a few more seconds incase it was because I stood up too fast. And then felt a rotten gut wrenching feeling in my stomach that made me feel as if I was about to projectile vomit, so I kept telling myself (out loud) which was also abnormal, that I need to get to the toilet, I started attempting to walk forward, and was wobbling from side to side in between each step, with both my arms out in front and to the side uncontrollably trying to feel something to hold onto, but it was just empty space in the middle of my living room, it took me around 1 and a half minutes to get to my living room door where I had to stop, close my eyes, and keep myself upright, the longer I was standing, the less secure my legs felt. As I left the living room, after holding onto the doorframe, I became extremely dizzy, unlike anything I have experienced before, so Mich so, half of my conscious thoughts were telling me to lie on the floor right there and the other half were deflected to getting to the toilet to be sick..

    The scariest part, which on reflection, seems like nothing, is actually a magnification of how this is so dangerous… Was when I was in between the toilet and the living room, I am in an upstairs flat and have a huge set of stairs which once you open my front door (which is on the bottom floor, you are instantly at the stairs that take you up into my hallway) and right as you get to the top of the stairs, you have the toilet…

    My balance was so uncontrollable at this point, and I was so disorientated that my mind went into this state of utter panic, because I was convinced that I couldn’t make it to the toilet without falling down the stairs.. My eyes were geometrically slicing and pinging what I was seeing from still images to reflections and doubles, and all I remember at that point was repeatedly thinking ‘stay away from the stairs”..

    My heart rate had accelerated massively now, and my legs were beginning to crumble, in one last state of panic, I pushed my body weight over to the left, away from the direction I thought the stairs were, and luckily onto a wall outside the bathroom in between the kitchen door and the bathroom… I stood for a minute trying to recollect my feelings and piece together what was going on, but was so confused, I remember bits of !e mumbling stuff to myself as if I was going to die, and wishing I had someone with me or that I could phone an ambulance, but I could barely see.. I lasted seconds, before I couldn’t even keep myself up against the wall anymore, and my legs and upper body gave way, without warning, I fell straight back, with no breakage support from my hands, all I remember was a massive bang.. So loud that I had a almost euphoric feeling like the bang never even existed.. That was it

    I don’t know how long, whether it be one minute, 5 minutes or 30 minutes later, but I came back round, with the back of my head beating like my accelerated heart, opened my eyes and lay there thinking, this is what I get, this is my lesson, I’m dying and I can do nothing, I can’t blame anyone. Right then I thought I was unable to move, paralysed, but I was wrong, I was obviously just confused and after laying there for about 10 minutes I started to slowly roll myself over onto my side and from there, kept mumbling to myself, small bits of motivation to get myself into the toilet to puke. The confusion faded, and my legs were s little wobbly but I did feel relieved, I think I was lucky as my kitchen door is made of cheap chip wood that’s hollow on the inside. And it was closed, so when I fell back, it took a lot of the impact, which must have been alot, as the hole left in the door was no more than 5 inches from the bottom meaning I was around 5 feet away from the door when I fell backwards, if the door had been open I would of smacked my head cleanly off the kitchen floor with nothing to break the fall. Since then I still feel blessed and lucky, never ever remember closing the kitchen door and have never had a habit of closing any doors in my house except the bathroom whilst in use

    Later on that night, I sat, phoned my mum, my brothers, reflected and realised why that whole situation came about, and just how dangerous a scenario I created for myself.. Being too carried away in a routine of drink and drugs, that had served to help some through some bad times, had actually mixed and, almost created a deadly and lonely death for me, that’s when I woke up and chose to accept that lesson

    I would say, from my experience, no matter how depressed, or anxious, and how bad things are for you, don’t see this experience as a way out.. We all take the anti depressants for our own reasons, and we do want out, thats the hard part, what my experience did tell me, is there is so many ways out of this world that we can control and prevent, and some of them, truly are worth living for, even if its living to prevent them. It sounds counter productive, because i take the medication due to feelings stemming from suicidal thoughts, but I have never wanted to suffer, you dont either, we all deserve peace in whatever we do! The feelings and confusion I felt when mixing cannibis and sertraline, were far more daunting than the ones that both of the drugs are meant to prevent individually and by themselves! But together they were lethal

    Of course drugs will react differently in various people, but I strongly advise being open, honest and sticking to only your prescribed drugs when you start them, never mix if you are unsure.. I hope I can serve as a reminder to someone in the fitite that the simplest things you may not think or plan for, may actually lead to a horrible situation, and that you csm

  • My husband has been on sertraline for depression and anxiety for a couple of years. He can no longer take opioids of any kind due to an addiction issue. However, he suffers from extreme pain for degenerative arthritis and nerve compression in his shoulder. He can no longer take ibuprofen either as it impacts his blood pressure. He has recently started on cannabis therapy. It is the only thing that can control his pain and provide him some sleep. So far he hasn’t had the side effects described in this article. But perhaps he may have to take a alternate to sertraline.

  • I’ve been on Zoloft for 15 years. I started smoking weed about 7 years ago and smoked regularly for around 5 years. The problems I’ve encountered with the combination is memory and confusion. Eventually I developed symptoms of psychosis. I dont smoke anymore and am trying to find clarity again. While results may vary based on genetic predisposition I wouldn’t advise combining these two substances to manage depression and anxiety as it may lead to further mental health issues as I am dealing with.

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