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Combining Sertraline and Marijuana: Can One Smoke Weed On Zoloft?

zoloft and weed interaction

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Depression is a serious mental disorder that weakens the body and brain. Most of the doctors prescribe medical marijuana or antidepressants like Zoloft for anxiety and depression treatment. They are the common medications. But what happens when one combines sertraline and marijuana? This article highlights the side effects of mixing Zoloft and weed. Discover the risks of smoking weed with antidepressants and the treatment procedure.

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Side Effects of Zoloft and Marijuana Interaction

It is stated that combining Marijuana with antidepressants, may cause serious health risks and mental disorders. Some clinical studies reveal that increased heart rate can be one of the possible Zoloft side effects of mixing it with weed. The risk of panic attacks also increases by combining sertraline and weed. Other serious health problems triggered by this combination are:

  • Tachycardia
  • Continuous dizziness
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • High Blood pressure
  • Serotonin syndrome
  • Prolonging recovery
  • Sleep disorder (Somnipathy)
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Tight chest and labored breathing
  • Extreme restless and irritability
  • Severe anxiety
  • Self-Deception

Zoloft and Cannabis Combination For Anxiety Treatment

anxied female with weed in her handsAccording to the clinical surveys, when Marijuana and sertraline interact, they can cause severe adverse reactions which are similar to Zoloft overdose. There is a more significant risk of rising anxiety and nervousness with the mixture of the two substances. As a result, mixing sertraline and Cannabis often lead to prolonged treatment of psychiatric ailments such as self-deception, stress, and anxiety.
Proceeding to consume Zoloft and weed may generate unpredictable reactions instead of getting high on sertraline and weed. These unpredictable side effects can worsen the condition of the patient. Consuming Marijuana while being on SSRIs can reverse the treatment process. It may lead to severe health disorders and hyperactivity ailments. Marijuana and Zoloft combination may result in extended depression therapy. Epidemiological researchers claim that the interaction of the two drugs slow down the treatment, increases anxiety and arises health hazards. Intake of antidepressant such as Sertraline aids to cure anxiety, depression disorder, along with mental confusions.

But the practice of smoking weed when a patient has already started Zoloft treatment may backpedal the process. Sertraline drug interactions with weed have adverse effects on the health of the patient. The initial symptoms of these side effects are not obvious and easily recognizable. But the adverse effects considerably have multiple psychoactive outcomes.

Are Zoloft and Weed a Deadly Combination?

Although there are no clinical proofs of Marijuana and Sertraline being deadly, smoking weed with Zoloft can cause serious effects. The interaction of both substances results in a higher concentration of sertraline in the blood. This can cause complex paranoia, panic attacks, and a highly stressful situation.
The Centers for disease control and prevention have mentioned that cannabis when used with some prescribed drugs, may show possible side effects and changes the way the medication works. Many people have encountered the traumatic effects of smoking weed on Zoloft.
Medical experts speak about the damaging effects of Zoloft drug interactions with weed. These outcomes are usually unnoticed at the initial state but may prove deadly. The researchers have found out that Zoloft and pot together increase the risk of heart attack by four times. This combination can simulate suicidal thoughts too.

Also mixing weed with Zoloft can result in poor concentration and lead to deadly accidents.

Practicalities of Smoking Weed on Sertraline

Some people start to use cannabis instead of prescribed SSRIs because cannabis is cheaper than Zoloft. But a lot of studies concluded that there are several adverse effects of smoking weed on Zoloft. The study published on NCBI claimed, that compound of cannabis sativa has an influence on serotonin level and may significantly increase the effect of antidepressants.
So, it is not sensible to smoke pot while taking sertraline. The clinically recognized side effects of antidepressants and Marijuana can produce some paranoia. Therefore, combining sertraline and weed is practically an assured course for anxiety attacks. Marijuana is a controversial as well as a legalized drug in the social notoriety. So, if one desn’t want to experience the traumatic attacks, avoid smoking weed. Studies have revealed that consuming Zoloft with alcohol or weed can interfere with the potency of the antidepressant and is risky.
Remember, cutting off marijuana is essential while using Zoloft because it is helpful in curing depression and other mental disorders only without weed consumption. If a patient decides to taper off Zoloft medication, switching to weed abruptly or using it during discontinuation period is not advisable. Ask a doctor about safe and effective sertraline alternatives in this case.

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  • Larry panks
    Thank you for your information I am a marine Vectren wrestler Kim you from a George just recently I have started back on certainly my fault couple days ago but I do smoke marijuana which certainly house my PTSD and my severe headaches so should I quit one of them I I think that marijuana is helping me more than the Sertraline when I was taking Sertraline regularly I was off balance and fell felt not good
  • Shaunty hangrus
    That’s crazy. Explains everything I’ve been going through perfectly. I used to smoke everyday for 2 years back when I was only on 100mg then I took a tolerance break for two weeks and took a huge dab and had the worst panic attack imaginable. Quit weed for 5 months cause the experience made my ocd 1000000 times worse so now I’m on 300 mg Zoloft. Started smoking again and my heart is beating weird, having panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, ect… I never knew about any of this Information and I’ll definitely put the weed down from no on.
  • Gail Streilein
    My nephew smokes weed all day, every day. He is also on Zoloft. His extreme rage and anger are terrifying our family. He refuses to go for therapy. Please advise. His recent actions almost caused my niece to call 911.
  • Susan Heister
    I am on med marijuana and Zoloft 150mg daily antihistamine Zyrtec singular and some allergy nose sprays and inhalers advvair today I am walking to the side off balance I don’t smoke I use drops and cream mm. What is going on?
  • Erica
    I take Concerta 27mg and 100mg of sertraline, I smoke weed everyday and I am feeling anxiety now that I am back on my pills and smoking my heart pain is back and I’m curious if I’m having heart problems now I’ve been smoking weed for about year now and started my pills again in November 2019. Please get back to me.