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free rehab facilities

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Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction takes grit and determination. Yet, for many people the monetary cost of addiction rehab is unaffordable. It is not unusual for an addict to be unemployed, impoverished, or even homeless. In addition to the physical and emotional cost of addiction, the financial burden of drug abuse treatment is prohibitive for many addicts.

Can an addict who simply has no money obtain state funded drug rehab?  Yes, there are free detox centers that offer their services at no cost. Read on to find out where to get treatment and what are the pros and cons of free rehab.

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Free Drug Addiction Help: Myth or Reality?

When an individual is abusing alcohol or illicit drugs and there is a need for recovery from the addiction, the biggest decision is how and where to get treatment. For some people, it is merely a matter of convenience because they can afford to choose a private rehab center that offers all the services tailored to their needs. However, for the vast majority of people, the addiction treatment process is not so simple. Rehab treatment is not a luxury but a necessity that they simply cannot afford.

Many rehab programs are beyond the financial capability of addicts and their families.

It can be extremely dangerous to attempt detox programs at home or to try and quit drugs or alcohol cold-turkey without medical supervision.

Some dubious organizations offer programs that are not supported by evidence or are supervised by individuals with questionable qualifications. These types of addiction treatments are typically ineffective and can be downright dangerous. Should addicts give up the idea of rehab simply because they cannot afford treatment? Or are there state funded drug rehab programs that can help them?

The high cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is beyond the reach of many individuals who cannot afford it or have too many other financial commitments. To cater to the needs of such people, there are state funded and even free rehab centers where help is available to overcome drug or alcohol addiction for individuals who qualify.

People battling addiction may not know that there are a number of options available to them. These include free inpatient drug rehab centers as well as programs that offer outpatient treatment. With a little effort, it is possible for addicts to enter recovery at minimal or no cost. Individuals with drug or alcohol addiction may also benefit from organizations that cover the cost of treatment or allow the addict to defray treatment expenses.

State Funded Drug Rehabilitation Centers

As the name implies, these rehab centers are funded by revenue from the state government through various means such as federal grants, state policies, or as a branch of the state’s overall healthcare umbrella. These centers are specifically designed to help people who are too impoverished to afford treatment or who do not have adequate insurance coverage to undergo drug or alcohol rehabilitation. In 2014, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health surveyed 22.5 million people with a drug or alcohol problem. The survey found that only 4 million of them had received help in battling their addiction. Even more surprisingly, of the people who received help, only about half received it at an institution that specialized in addiction treatment. In other words, there are millions of Americans who could benefit from proper addiction treatment if only they knew where to find it. The problem is not only getting addicts the help they need but also that the quality of support offered by state funded rehab centers varies widely.

Free Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Unlike state funded programs, free rehab centers offer addiction treatment at virtually zero cost. There are people who cannot afford a single dime towards their recovery from addiction. Such addicts sometimes endanger themselves by attempting unsupervised withdrawal from drugs or by patronizing organizations that use questionable methods of detoxification. Many times, these people really want to get better, but end up giving up on their quest for recovery because it seems like an unrealistic dream. Fortunately, a number of rehab centers off their services for free. A survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2010 found that more than 48 percent of the 13,688 participating treatment centers offered free addiction treatment programs to people who cannot pay and almost 4 percent offered free treatment to all clients. This shows that there are options available to people who cannot afford to pay for treatment at private rehab centers.

Pros and Cons of State Funded or Free Rehab Centers

Advantages of Free Drug Rehab Centers

The key advantage of free rehab centers is that they offer addiction recovery programs to those who cannot afford to pay for their treatment. Addicts can expect at least a minimum standard of care at these centers. Free rehabilitation programs are typically managed by competent, reliable, and experienced personnel. The two major advantages of state funded or free rehab centers are, therefore, price and good care.

  • Price: The cost of state funded and free drug rehab programs is an obvious advantage. Private drug rehab is quite expensive, even for people who have the money. State funded and free programs are certainly a godsend for those cannot afford paid care. These programs offer access to alcohol or drug addiction treatment to those who need it most. However, this price advantage may not be alluring to someone with a robust insurance coverage for treatment of drug abuse. With insurance, private care can be as inexpensive as state funded or free treatment programs.
  • Care: The second major advantage is the relatively good care provided to addicts seeking alcohol or drug addiction treatment at these centers. This is because the full range of treatment options that is needed to make a full recovery is usually available through these programs. The personnel at these centers are trained to make the best of the limited resources available to them.

Disadvantages of Free Rehab

The cons of free or state funded treatment are far more than the pros, which is not unexpected. Here are some of the disadvantages of free rehab for drug addiction:

  • Outdated Equipment and Facilities: The only aspect of free or state funded rehab treatment that is arguably at par with paid treatment is the personnel who care for addicts. Unfortunately, free rehab centers do not have access to the latest equipment, the newest technology, or the best facilities which can make the recovery process easier and faster. This is also true for certain new therapies which may be available at more up-to-date facilities but are lacking at state funded and free centers.
  • Long Waiting List: Being virtually free, rehab centers funded by the state attract many addicts and are often overwhelmed in terms of the resources available. This means there is a constant queue of people waiting to be admitted to these programs. Studies have shown that the drug treatment outcomes for people on waiting lists do not compare favorably to those enrolled in treatment in a timely manner. Drug addiction is a matter of life and death for some people in need of immediate care. Lack of timely treatment can result in more severe addiction and addicts may end up hurting themselves or causing permanent damage while they are on the waiting list for free rehabilitation programs.
  • Absence of Counseling and Other Support Services: State funded and free rehab programs usually focus on the physical aspect of beating the addiction and do not always encompass the psychosocial aspect of recovery. The psychological recovery from addiction is as important, if not more important. If the body is treated and the mind is not addressed, the chance of relapse is high and all the effort put into rehab could be rendered useless.
  • Lack of Obligation: Addicts who receive treatment through free or state funded rehab programs usually do so of their own accord. This means they are free to leave anytime they want. In fact, this means that many people leave free rehab programs without completing treatment. Studies have examined the relationship between the duration of addiction treatment and the outcome and found that a longer retention in free outpatient and residential drug rehab programs is associated with improved outcomes. Some people go in and out of rehab while others end up dealing with their addiction on their own without receiving any help at all.
  • Privacy: In general, there tends to a distrust, especially by people who are suffering from drug addiction, towards government institutions. Addicts do not feel comfortable sharing information about their life, their habits, and the people they know. There is always a fear that they will get into trouble with law enforcement as a result of the information they provide to caregivers at state funded drug rehabilitation centers. Addicts are also wary of certain people they might encounter at these rehabilitation centers.
  • Stressful Ambience: Free or state funded treatment almost invariably means there are not many options available to the addict. Certainly, there are no customized treatments such as outpatient services or home-like comforts at free residential drug rehab centers. This type of atmosphere is not the most conducive to a quick and stress-free recovery.

Does Low-Cost Rehab for Drug Addiction Work?

The question is: Does free drug rehab work? Is free treatment for addiction the best option? State funded and free rehab centers are, by nature, hugely popular, even amongst those who can afford to pay for treatment. Everybody naturally gravitates towards something that is free or comes at a minimal cost. However, there are some drawbacks that come with the territory when something is free or relatively cheap. What are the pros and cons of free drug rehab?

Yes, free addiction rehab treatments can be effective, though their success rate is not as good as private outpatient and residential units. This is because of the disadvantages of free treatment facilities, such as outdated equipment, long waiting list, lack of psychosocial counseling and support services, lack of obligation, and uncomfortable atmosphere.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. State funded and free drug or alcohol rehab centers are an attractive proposition for people who simply do not have the money to pay for treatment. However, whenever possible, it is always advisable to opt for private rehab because this is far more likely to result in a successful outcome.

Who Can Get Help at a Free Drugs Rehabilitation Center?

Addicts are accepted into state funded and free drug rehabilitation programs based on certain qualifications. To qualify for a free alcohol rehab program or drug detox, first and foremost, an individual must demonstrate the inability to pay for treatment. Other conditions may include demonstrating residence in the state where treatment is being sought. Pregnant women and veterans may receive preferential acceptance into these programs. Members of a certain faith are more likely to be accepted into faith-based programs.

State-funded drug abuse treatment is offered on priority to:

  • Pregnant women who are IV drug abusers
  • Pregnant women with other types of addiction
  • Anyone who is an IV drug abuser
  • Women who have given birth to a child in the past year

Individuals with insurance coverage or those who can pay for at least a part of their treatment may not qualify for state funded addiction treatment services. Such individuals can seek other ways to cover the cost of rehabilitation at private treatment centers.

How to Find Free Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Federal Government Resources: A good place to start the search for free drug addiction treatment programs is the government website SAMHSA. This site offers a search tool where addicts can obtain a list of nearby treatment centers. The search can be customized to include certain requirements. However, the challenge is that each of the listed centers must be contacted individually to find out whether they offer free treatment and who qualifies for it.

State Funded Drug Rehabilitation Resources: Individuals with no income or no insurance can seek treatment at drug and alcohol rehabilitation services funded by the state by demonstrating:

  • Domicile in the state
  • No income
  • No insurance
  • United States legal residence
  • Medical records as proof of treatment requirements

Different states have additional requirements that the person seeking treatment must fulfill before being accepted into a state funded alcohol or drug rehabilitation program. Once qualification is established, an individual may be accepted into free programs at specific clinics. The state substance abuse or mental health agency is a good place to start when looking for free drug rehabilitation programs. A directory that lists the state government websites for free addiction rehab is a great resource. Addicts can find information here on how and where to apply for help.

Faith-Based Rehabilitation: Drug and alcohol recovery programs are offered nationwide by a number of faith-based organizations, such as the Salvation Army and Harbor Light. Some of these groups offer outpatient rehabilitation centers while others offer residential support based on traditions unique to that faith. Certain organizations offer support to niche groups, such as followers of the Jewish faith. Christians in Recovery and Alcoholics Victorious are faith-based organizations for members of the Christian faith. These groups offer counseling, 12-step programs, peer support, and religious motivation. Faith-based organizations do not typically offer medical detox programs for addicts in recovery. They can, however, be useful for people who have already undergone some treatment under medical supervision. In general, faith traditions form a large part of the treatment offered by these groups. Individuals seeking drug rehabilitation treatment can talk to the leaders of faith-based organizations to connect with resources and programs that are offered free of charge.

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  • sandra maher
    my son has been in a drug addiction program for 2 years.its bhg program in new Orleans.he is being given methodone.the family has been paying out of pocket 400-500 monthly.we cant help anymore.he lives in Metairie,la.70003.are there any free programs that give methadone in his area.he is on Medicaid.
    • pastor
      i did the same thing with my son here in New Orleans. He had a vivatrol injection four days ago. Read about it. i exhausted all funds and he had to apply for medicaid which did not pay for methodone but did pay for vivatrol monthly injection.
        Has the vivatrol helped with your sons addiction? I understood that once taking the vivatrol ANY drug taken thereafter (methadone, etc) would make them deathly ill. That is the sole purpose of the “miracle drug”. Was I misinformed?
    • Crystal C Pacheco
      Pueblo colorado if u have medicade its free
        Hi Crystal. Where in Pueblo is it free? Do you mean detox, or inpatient program?
      • DeeDee
        Do you know if they take Indiana medicaid?
  • Nathan Durham
    I am trying to find free treatment centers. I don’t care where preferably out if my hometown area which is East Peoria illinois. I am a meth user and i use by way of needle and i really would like to become sober just can’t get into any facilities
  • Myran Covington
    I’m seeking a free detox center for mysrlf and I need a direction and references
  • Zoraida Rosa
    My son is a alcoholic and drug user,I’m looking for a free rehab intake facility were he can get help,he has suicidal thoughts he las his job with no health insurance, we prefer a facility out of our state,we live in Florida.He over dose once already,and for the past two weeks has been non stop,the last money hes last paid check is gone,it has gotten to the pint were we had find him on ditch past out in the middle of the night,he needs to go away for a long time mentally he’s not right either,please is there free help were our kids have a chance in this world.please help me
  • Edie
    Need a free rehab to put my daughter in
    • Dustin Cunningham clerk's
      Iam in jail in Nebraska city Nebraska on drud charges and other charges due to my addiction on Method I have commented crimes judge wants me to get into a drug rehab I was under influence of method when I did crimes can you help with free rehab in Omaha Nebraska or Lincoln Nebraska area
  • April Dixon
    I am looking for a free rehab for two of my brothers whom are on drugs bad my mom has done all she can do & is to old to keep trying to help them
  • Ann
    Many families are dealing with an addicted family member and don’t know where to turn. Thank you for sharing this information.
  • Linda Jean
    Husband needs free rehab preferably in RHODIE lives in MA can he get it out of state? If not where is closest place near Wilbraham is it Michaels House In Ludlow? How does he get into the system for a detox and is cancelled from insurance but may get Medicaid a few weeks from now
  • Gladys Aguilar
    Please reply!!!!!! my daugther is 27 she is an alcoholic she also does drugs not sure what type we are in Maryland I have no idea where to start she gets really depressed at this point I do not know if one day she is going to take harm herself please help tell me what to do rehab centers are really expensive!! thank you!!!!
  • Shirley Figueroa
    I need help for my son 20 years he’s doing drugs has lost his job and has been none stop for a while now I’m in south Texas I’m low income and can’t afford a private facility and he has no insurance I don’t know where else to turn We have lost my 19 year old nephew to drugs 5 years ago My other nephew is in prison he’s only 26 been there since he was 20 for drugs
  • Christine Bias
    Hello. I have tried to get help for my 33 year old son for years. He has been smoking meth for 9 years now and we have no money to pay for treatment and he needs long term treatment inpatient. He has changed so much and we are attempting tough love and it’s so difficult to tell you’re withering away son no I am not going to feed you or help you in any way until you commit to getting help For your addiction. It’s even harder to call and have the police tell him he can’t be on your property especially when he’s not a violent or bad person he will just hang clothes all over our fence, yard etc. we call it decorating because he will have stuff that he drags home from garbage he’s dug out of dumpsters all over town and strings it all over our home. It’s so difficult because my son was such an amazing person, he got good grades in school, was an all time athlete in wrestling and had a great career in the MMA industry and then he found meth! Now that’s all that he cares about. He has let himself go completely and no one or anything in life matters to him except for meth. I know he wants life back, but I don’t think he can break the addiction on his own. We live in Fort Bragg Ca. And I just can’t find help for him. I think the worst feeling in the world is wondering if today will be the day that I have to bury my child. Thank you for listening and I hope someone can help us.
      Dearest Christine. My heart goes out to you. I I know how you feel. My son has been an addict for many years and this demon that has been trying to overtake him has tried to destroy our family. But we refuse to allow that to happen. If anything that has brought our family closer together. We’ve tried everything for my son. He too is very intelligent, honor student, handsome and most gifted in writing… He has been in and out of rehab programs until our insurance has been exhausted. Now we have no money to help him, no insurance other than state-funded, as we wait with bated breath for an opening… Each time the phone rings, when 719 area code pops up on my caller ID. My heart sinks, in a split second of heart wrenching fear, “can this be the dreaded phone call?” Asking myself in mere seconds, “is he hurt? Is he in trouble? Is he dead? Or is he calling to manipulate me into giving him money?” It’s sheer evil. And I’m trying to figure out what to do while we wait. All we can do is pray in depths of faith for healing, guidance and protection. But we must also realize that they must want the help or nothing can help them… You have to know when to let go to save your own sanity and health. This is a demon that has temporarily overtaken our children. Remember God is far more powerful than any and all evil. Don’t give up! Take your power back! Be strong for your son and never stop praying… One last thing. My son’s father called the police and had my son arrested for trespassing after being far warned not come over there again until he was clean. I must say spending 30 days in jail probably saved his life. They have programs that help addicts.. From one mother to another, I genuinely know how you feel. If you must call the police it could save his life… God bless you. Dont give up hope. Pray…
  • Marcia Brooks
    My son is an alcoholic and he needs help really desperately he has a severe anger problem he lost his son his three-year-old son recently and it has pushed him over the edge we live in Margate and we really need some help with getting him some treatment for his drug addiction and his alcohol addiction and also for his damaged emotions he has lost his father as well recently and has not dealt with that well please let me know where I could find a place for him to go
  • sonya
    i am looking to help 2 people with drug addictions, 1 is homeless the other is not but have no insurance, one has actually reached out for help but has no insurance or help to get any treatment help, if any one can help please, please let us know.
  • Juanita
    I have no money homeless been using meth the age of12years old I’m 34 years Old now I. Just so tired I just want a different life but since I’m homeless no money how do I get help
      Don’t give up Juanita! Find God and keep him close to your heart. He will never fail you… He will show you the way to healing, light and HIS endless love. You are HIS child and will forever love you. Have faith sweet girl. Find a church. You can do this..! Amen
      • Dave VanHook
  • cheryl mitchell
    my name is Cheryl and I am an addict. I have tried for 4 years now to get help but my spirit is broken and life and family continue to beat me down. I feel as if I stay here much longer. I will loose this fight with my depression and addiction to opiates. I lost my husband 5 yrs ago and my boyfriend just hung himself after a relapse. my father died of cancer that day and after 2 yrs clean I relapsed after they told me my 2 yrs clean wasn’t good enough to be left alone or entitled to visitation with my granddaughter. I am desperate and lost everything. I need a place that focusses on holistic help and surrounded by nature and beauty were I can focus on healing my broken spirit and a place to tame the lion of an addiction that takes over the darkness that grows in me. I have no support and I have a syringe charge hanging over my head from my relapse, please help me find a place were I can find a way to learn to love myself and find help with my addiction. I would give anything if someone would help me help myself before my daughter looses her mom too.
    • AAAH
      hello Cheryl how are you ?
      You can do this Cheryl. You seem to have a strong spirit, only temporarily broken. Find God, keep him close to your heart. HE hears every prayer and will guide you. It sounds like you need to move away from negative influences. Don’t be afraid to take that first step. Don’t be afraid to love yourself! You can heal… You’ll figure out where to go. Pray. Listen intently to God’s guidance. Don’t give up. Have faith. There is a huge world out there. You are not alone. Find a church. Pray. Don’t give up. Try to focus on the future. Invision how you would like your life to be, then make it happen! Step out of the darkness and into God’s everlasting light. You can do this… God bless you
  • Rhonda T.
    My son is 30 years old. He had many bones broken and surgically repaired, then reboken with no repair due to existing medical bill. Dr. prescribed too much and too many medications. He lost his job, no insurance. Found out that way that the meds his doctor had him on were opioids. 3 different drugs, high doses, taking each twice daily. He thought he was going to die, then realized he must be in a withdrawal of some sort. What he discovered was that his meds were prescription opiods. He found local “mobile” SC MD who treats based on a replacement prescription beginning with S…I am not sure of the name. BUT…. this is all SO expensive. He does not yet have a job, no car insurance, etc, since out of work… I have given all I can, but I am not able to do what he is seeming to need. The mobile md says he is to stay on this prescription and pay all these fees for over a year possibly up to 3 before lowering dosage…. Is this a prescription drug company set-up???? How can he really get help, that will really help, not cause more anxiety and stress and keep him from getting a job? They are recommending him getting $ from parents…(I am his only parent). He needs to do this on his own, to feel he is recovering. Otherwise he is just getting re-addicted now to another prescription and going back to parental support rather than independant self care…and I cannot afford it. I have been giving him gifts given to me to help him cover his meds, appointment fees and monthly rent. Help! What info can I pass on to him that ight be a way he can get the right help? He is in Columbia, SC area.
    To all of you struggling families, addicts and lost souls. My family and I have gone through hell dealing with my son’s heroin addiction. What hurts the most (other than the obvious), is the small children. The innocent ones with no voice, who are forced to live in utter fear. Confused, alone, heart and spirit broken. My heart aches for them. Sadly child protection can’t (or won’t) do anything in most cases. We’ve gone from Social Services to police to Social Services to police back and forth over the years, nothing nothing nothing will remove or protect them. I understand there are so many cases, but what tradegy must happen to help my grandkids? They’ve been through so much. But I keep my faith and love them as much as I can in my heart, and brief moments when I’m allowed to see them… Please pray everyone. This evil must be stopped. Let’s pray together, everyday! With God anything is possible… Amen
  • Daniel
    I need help for my self I’m from New Jersey and I need help to find a free drug center to get treated please
  • Lisa Gross
    My name is Lisa my boyfriend and I are hooked on ice and meth and we both know we need help and we are ready for help we have no money we live in Michigan and have Medicare insurance we want to do this together so looking for a coed rehab we don’t want to do this in Michigan because when we get out we want to start a new life somewhere new we both have family in Florida that is where we would like to do our rehab is there any free rehabs anywhere in the state of Florida that will take out of state people in desperate need can anyone help use
  • Marvin Parker
    I don’t have any insurance or money who can I talk to about my situation
  • Brenda Davidson
    Our son went to ckf in Salina and stayed 3 days then they told him he had to leave cause not enough state funding money to help him so they sent him to the homeless shelter in Salina he wants help with his alcohol addiction but no money and wants inpatient any help is appreciated concerned parents I don’t think they should of let him leave what if he does something bad I just don’t know Help
  • Glenda
    I’ve exhausted a search for free or low cost drug rehab for my adult daughter. I read all these comments of people looking for help. None to be found. Most addicts have no job or insurance – the result of being an addict. Duh. It is obscene that we live in the wealthiest country in the world and our children are suffering the evils of drug addiction. Not to be too political, but perhaps protecting our borders against drug smuggling, and spending our resources to care for our own drug addicted and homeless before we give free healthcare to non citizens who have entered our country illegally…. you probably guessed that I live in CA.
  • Jennifer Monistere
    I need a place for my adult son In Texas or Louisiana. It needs to be free, inpatient and far from friends and family for now
  • Annmarie
    Hello all, my husband is sick 4 stage liver decease, he was in the hospital they detox him. The doctor said NO MORE ALCOHOL AND GET INTO A PROGRAM. I set up the program he did not go, said he does not need it, but instead, he starts drinking wine and beer, long story short he’s been in the hospital 3 more times after that where can I get help to get him out of the area where he lives away from his alcoholic friends he has no insurance no job no money. If Jesus doesn’t work a miracle now he’s not going to make it. I NEED HELP
  • Jack t olivas
    Hi my name is jack and im looking for a co-ed rehab to go to i need to take my dog with me is there a place i need help
  • Gloria Mckenzie
    I’m looking 4 a rehab 4 my son he is 29 an wants inpatient care. He has Medicaid but I’m finding it hard 2 find a place 4 him an. He’s ready now,he wants help