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    Best Rehabs in Kansas

    Top 5 Rehab Centers in Kansas

    New Chance, Inc.

    New Chance, Inc. in Dodge City, Kansas is devoted to creating a nurturing and thriving environment for individuals affected by chemical dependency. No matter if a person acknowledges their addiction on their own or if an intervention was involved, New Chance offers a full continuum of care. The services will provide clients with an opportunity to ease their turmoil through education and treatment. Often, a client will need the most intensive type of therapy offered by New Chance, which requires individuals to be admitted for twenty-four-hour care.

    Other care is as follows:

    • Social Detox
    • Intermediate Residential Treatment
    • Outpatient
    • Reintegration Halfway House
    • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations and Information School

    Valley Hope

    Valley Hope offers addiction treatment in seven states and 16 service locations in addition to the Virtual Program. Valley Hope provides online therapy as part of their continuum of care to support the client or the family member on the path to recovery. An assessment is complete by Valley Hope’s addiction specialists to determine the length of stay. The treatment process is designed for each client’s needs.

    Valley Hope’s locations offer:

    • Family Care
    • Telehealth
    • Fly to Recovery

    Mirror, Inc.

    Mirror was founded in 1972 on the notion that individuals can and do change. The mirror is a nonprofit private organization providing prevention and wellness, behavioral health care, and correctional reentry programs. As a primary provider of rehab services in Kansas, Mirror offers a comprehensive continuum of programs and services for individuals looking for help. Mirror defines drug and alcohol dependence as a chronic disease with harmful consequences. Chemical dependency is also characterized by a high potential for relapse; therefore, relapse prevention is imperative.

    Programs offered by Mirror include:

    • Social Detoxification
    • Reintegration
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Intermediate Care
    • Intensive Outpatient Services
    • DUI Prevention Training
    • Aftercare

    Higher Ground

    Higher Ground offers a proven method for the therapy and recovery of drug and alcohol addiction. Higher Ground makes a difference by helping individuals learn how to break the cycle of chemical dependence, improve their lives, and reclaim health. Teens in area schools are offered substance abuse prevention services and education to promote healthy communication and decision-making skills. Adult men and women seeking help for substance abuse will find a supportive setting to build a foundation for a lifelong commitment to sobriety.

    Healing takes place in the following programs:

    • Domestic Violence Treatment
    • Family Program
    • Continuing Care

    First Call

    First Call Alcohol and Drug Prevention was founded in 1958 and is a key catalyst in the Greater Kansas City substance abuse, behavioral health, and medical field. First call has a 5-step action plan that teaches participants how to help people struggling with mental health issue, including drug and alcohol abuse. Prevention Specialists work throughout the community to educate and prevent tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. First Call provides state-funded prevention programming through the Department of Mental Health’s Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

    All services are offered on a sliding scale fee. First Call’s Recovery Advocacy program has a comprehensive educational curriculum that helps clients understand addiction, recovery, and available community resources. First Call’s Motivational Enhancement (ME) Therapy offers structured group and one-on-one sessions for individuals seeking treatment for a substance use disorder who are incarcerated or are reentering the community.

    What Rehab Programs You’ll Find in Kansas

    Inpatient Rehab Programs in Kansas

    Sunflower Wellness Retreat

    Sunflower Wellness Retreat is a treatment center with a focus on alcohol, cocaine, and prescription drug abuse. The professional addiction specialists of Sunflower are a resource for working class families or individuals of the Midwest that do not qualify for State or Government funded programs. However, Sunflower does offer various payment options, from self-pay to private insurance and financing. Sunflower Wellness Retreat programs include an intimate group atmosphere to allow for a unique treatment approach. The all-inclusive residential facility houses up to 20 individuals in a secluded setting.

    Central Kansas Foundation

    Central Kansas Foundation has a 20-bed facility in Salina, Kansas that offers a fully staffed healing atmosphere in which clients can undergo recovery. Their medically monitored residential treatment option offers scheduled activities along with one-on-one and group sessions. Central Kansas Foundation provides both medical and social detoxification for individuals addicted to alcohol, drugs, or that have a polydrug use issue. Some clients can stay in the residential facility while receiving outpatient treatment.

    Outpatient Rehab Programs in Kansas

    Recovery Unlimited

    With two convenient locations, Recovery Unlimited provides dual diagnosis and substance abuse outpatient services. Recovery Unlimited offers free non-DUI alcohol and drug assessments at their west location. Recovery Unlimited employs a multidisciplinary team, with programs in drug addiction, aftercare, DUI Diversion, relapse prevention, anger management, teen and parent education, and domestic violence education.

    Professional Treatment Services

    Professional Treatment Services (PTS) recognizes that behavioral and chemical addictions are both diagnosable and treatable. Addiction profoundly impacts the individual, their family and friends, and career, or education. PTS provides a variety of outpatient addiction treatments and psychotherapy services for adolescents and adults.


    In the greater Kansas City area only 8% of those in need of treatment for substance use disorders have access to treatment; therefore, several treatment centers offer a sliding scale fee to help the population that cannot afford treatment. Sometimes, just getting to the treatment facility is the struggle—this is when an intervention may be needed to spark the recovery process.


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