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New Jersey Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in NJ

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Often referred to as the ‘crossroads of the east,’ the state of New Jersey has become somewhat notorious for its strategic position in the illegal trafficking of heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. And while the Garden State is famous for its natural beauty, rich history, and world-class scientists and engineers, there is a darker side, too, which local drug treatment centers are struggling to eradicate.

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New Jersey Substance Abuse Facts

The substance abuse problem which the state is facing is hitting the economy hard and damaging the lives of countless people. In 2015 alone, almost 70,000 people have been admitted to hospitals across the state for alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

And though the state’s drug abuse rates are relatively low (New Jersey holds the 39th spot on the national level), the number of teenagers who have encountered drugs at high school premises is staggeringly high. Just last year, 30 percent of New Jersey high school students have admitted to getting their hands on drugs whilst at school.

Lack of Rehab Facilities in New Jersey

doctor in uniform standing near the New Jersey flagAs unfortunate as it is, those who abuse any substance will usually go on to abuse other drugs, too. As mentioned earlier, the ones who usually fall victim to addiction are the vulnerable and often care-free adolescents. New Jersey is no exception to this. One in five high-school students in the state admitted to the usage of cocaine, meth, and ecstasy, and other illicit drugs last year.

Teenagers who go down this path usually inject the drugs in order to achieve longer-lasting effects, which leaves the users susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The lack of multi-approach treatment in most New Jersey rehab centers means the staff is typically not trained in dealing with multiple addictions, which results in patients receiving inadequate treatment.

Unfortunately, the local government has a wrong perception of the nature of addiction. The officials treat the issue as a moral flaw rather than a medical condition. In return, they send certain people into a treatment center by force, a practice which strains the 102 drug rehab providers in New Jersey even more. Most of these are science-based, but there are Christian drug rehab centers, as well.

Top 5 Best Recovery Facilities in New Jersey

Here is a list of the top addiction treatment centers in the state, known to provide an exceptional level of care and best chances of recovery through their alcohol and drug treatment programs.

1. Center for Network Therapy, Middlesex

If you’re looking for high-quality drug rehab in New Jersey, Center for Network Therapy (CNT) offers high-end, state-licensed inpatient drug rehab programs. There is a solid detox protocol in place as well, for those who are struggling with withdrawal symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse.

The rehab center is targeting the state’s most commonly abused substances, alcohol, and opioids, and has flexible and comfortable drug treatment facilities, where patients can enjoy complimentary meals and snacks, cell phone and wi-fi access, as well as family visits, and fitness amenities. Click here to visit the official website of this NJ rehab facility.

2. Pinnacle Treatment Center, Kearny

Moving on with our list of the best drug treatment centers in New Jersey, the residential facility at the Pinnacle Treatment Center in New Jersey is a branch famous for its quality of treatment and innovative recovery methods, including:

  • Clinically-driven outcomesdoctor holding the patient's hand creating the treatment plan
  • Drug-assisted supervised treatment
  • Intensive outpatient or residential program
  • Medication-assisted treatment

This CERF-accredited rehab center has a maintenance program in place for those struggling with opioid addictions. Here, patients can, with the help of methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol-assisted drug treatment, more easily overcome their opioid addiction and manage withdrawal symptoms. Visit the website of this recovery center in NJ to learn more.

3. Steps to Recovery Center, Levittown

Located in Veterans Highway, Levittown, this drug rehab center offers high-quality drug addiction treatment at affordable rates. There is a supportive culture that nurtures honest expression and in a non-judgmental environment. Staff at STR believes such an approach better promotes recovery and growth.

From day one, patients are motivated to build relationships with each other that are meaningful and mutually validating. Apart from the diverse inpatient treatment program, this rehab center also offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient program. It is worth noting this rehab center accepts most insurance providers, including Cigna and AmeriHealth. Verify your insurance plan on their website.

4. SOBA College Recovery Addiction Treatment Center, Brunswick

woman with mental illness talking to a therapistSoba Recovery Center has accredited facilities located throughout the country, in California, Arizona, Texas, and in Brunswick, New Jersey. The specialists at this rehab center will develop a drug addiction treatment plan that is personalized and specific to the underlying causes of the addiction the patient is experiencing. There is an evident focus on dual-diagnosis at this center and the specialists understand that, in order to prevent relapse, resolving mental health problems is equally important as tackling the addiction itself.

The treatment approach at this rehab center combines psychological, medical, nutritional, and physical protocols that enable the patients to get to the root of their issue and recover in a safe and sustainable manner. View the full list of this drug and alcohol rehab in NJ here.

5. Weston Recovery Solutions (WRS) Center, Weston-Super-Mare

This free drug rehab in New Jersey works in partnership with specialty rehab programs across the country to provide the highest level of addiction treatment. There are admission funding and travel protocols in place to make it easier for patients to enroll and get the care they need.

In addition, Weston Recovery Solutions offers revolutionary cocaine rehab and rehab for heroin and alcohol abuse as well as a dual diagnosis approach. This means that through therapy, professionals are able to identify potential mental health implications and treat them simultaneously with the addiction. Discover the peculiarities of this addiction clinic in NJ on the website.

A Glimpse Into The Future

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse treatment. New Jersey drug rehab centers are doing their best to address the present crisis but still have a long way to go in improving the current quality of care.

Of all 102 addiction care providers, only 14 are New Jersey state funded drug rehabilitation centers, some of whom offering affordable care and requiring no insurance. The list of treatment local rehabs above reflects only a fraction of rehab centers which are, care-wise, on the right track.

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