Bluecrest Recovery Center Woodland Park NJ

Last Updated: January 27, 2023

Bluecrest Recovery Center Woodland Park: An Overview

Bluecrest recovery center is one of the most reputable rehab facilities when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. The privately owned, state-of-the-art facility is located in Woodland park, New Jersey, and has been in business for years. The facility is conveniently seated outside of New York City for easy accessibility and offers an array of evidence-based programs for substance use disorder.

The levels of care are:

Bluecrest Recovery abides by certain tenets of recovery, which has been effective for years as it captures the essence of the mind, body, and spirit through clinical treatment and spiritual enlightenment tailored to the patient’s unique condition. It strives to address all possible aspects of substance addiction and co-occurring disorders by analyzing the disease of addiction as a whole. Substance abuse treatment is not a one-shoe-fit-all process; the patient does not simply return to normalcy after detox and separation from the substance. A brain is a complex machine that must be primed to accept and maintain the changes long-term. This is where the alcohol rehab NJ excels.

The mission of the rehab facility is to transform lives while creating a generation of individuals who are mindful of their health and are striving to improve the quality of their lives. The highly professional staff are passionate about providing quality healthcare and are dedicated to helping patients maximize their potential while recovering. Their approach to treatment is unique, cutting across three main therapy types; individual, group, and family.

Partial hospitalization programs often include didactic sessions, one-on-one therapy, meditation, group therapy, yoga, 12-step facilitation, and others, while programs such as the intensive outpatient program are focused on external support from loved ones. Both types of programs incorporate various therapy frameworks that routinely engage both the client and their family.

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Housing and Food at Bluecrest Recovery Center

This alcohol rehab in NJ offers intensive outpatient treatment in a safe, clean and serene environment where individuals and their loved ones can meet on a daily basis to receive care, counseling, and clinical support. There is no provision for live-in accommodation.

Bluecrest Treatment Options

Bluecrest Recovery offers a wide range of treatment programs such as PHP, intensive outpatient, outpatient, interventions, alumni services, family programs, rehab aftercare, sober living, dual diagnosis treatment, relapse prevention, and a 12-step treatment program.

The rehab in NJ offers treatment options for a wide variety of issues, such as:

Aftercare support is always available for those seeking sober living in New Jersey. The facility provides a network of support to ensure that those that go through its system are able to maintain sobriety while actively thriving in their own regular lives.

Therapies at Bluecrest Recovery Center

Therapies at Bluecrest Woodland Park rehab include:

Bluecrest Recovery Center Payment Options

This Woodland Park rehab has an easy financing method that allows clients to make payments for their treatment efficiently. The clients can relax and focus on getting the best care for their addictions, knowing that they have multiple ways to finance their treatment. Self-payment options include American Express, Mastercard, Wire transfers, ACH Bank transfers, cash, check, Visa, and Discover. Insurance plans are also supported as a means of payment.

The insurance plans sponsored include: 

The rehab center in New Jersey ensures that treatment is readily available even to low-income families by means of sliding scale fees. A sliding scale fee provides equity, allowing low-income families to pay only a small percentage of their income. Families can check their eligibility for a sliding scale by contacting the facility directly.

License and Accreditation

The Joint Commission and Commission accredit Bluecrest Recovery center on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

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Bluecrest Recovery Center Advantages and Amenities

Bluecrest recovery is located in a serene environment and has access to nature. The facility is well-equipped with amenities for comfort. The rooms are fully air-conditioned, and there is an outdoor lounge for relaxation. Aside from aesthetics, the staff at the facility are skilled, licensed, and have years of experience managing extreme cases of substance use disorder.

Staff at Bluecrest

The highly trained staff at the hospital consists of addiction professionals with leadership, clinical, and social skills. The team consists of psychiatrists, registered nurses, clinical social workers, psychologists, physicians, and others.

Clinical workers possess one or more of the following certifications:

  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)
  • Certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADCs)
  • Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADCs)
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs)
  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)
  • Marriage and Familly Therapists (MFTs)

Here are some prominent staff at the facility:

  • Richard S. Hession (Chief Executive Officer, Interventionist, Co-founder)
  • Joe Governara (Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer)
  • Linda Licalsi (Chief Financial Officer)
  • James Martin Chitty (Clinical Director, LCSW, CCS, Psychoanalyst)

Bluecrest Recovery Center Promise

According to numerous client testimonials, Bluecrest recovery center is a safe place where those struggling with addictions feel welcome. People find themselves, and their lives are turned around for the better. Intensive therapy instills discipline and self-belief in clients who are dedicated to the course. The compassionate staff at the facility takes every case as a unique one, offering all the assistance and support they can to help clients through the trial stages and achieve long-term sobriety.

The recovery journey is often long and challenging, but Bluecrest Recovery promises to be there for its clients every step of the way.

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