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Last Updated: September 30, 2022

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Emerald Isle Health and Recovery Overview

Emerald Isle health and recovery is a well-established institution that provides integrated health care services for mental health disorders and substance use. The facility is located in Sun City, Arizona, and serves as a beacon of hope to those struggling with the negative effects of substance use. With a vision to serve and become the behavioral and mental health institution of choice, Emerald health seeks to create an inclusive environment with no discrimination. Their approach to evidence-based treatment and holistic care sets them apart. They are fully immersed in the struggle of their patients and strive to provide timely clinical and medical programs and interventions tailored to each individual.

The center has contributed immensely to reclaiming lives and building trusted relationships between patients and loved ones. The facility offers a wide variety of treatment programs, including the 12-step program, Psychiatric residential, opiate drug detox, dual diagnosis, and other sessions under short and long residential and intensive outpatient programs. Inpatient and outpatient programs offer adequate options for those suffering critical conditions due to drug use and those mildly or averagely affected by substance abuse. Aside from treatment programs, clients are coached on coping with addiction and the skills needed to thrive in recovery. Some topics include anger management, self-development and discipline skills, relapse prevention, and others.

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Housing and Food at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

The Emerald health and rehab facility is fully equipped with complete amenities in a comfortable and safe environment. The state-of-the-art structure has a serene and private space where you and your loved one can focus on getting the best treatment, away from the noise and nuances of the city. The beautiful residential campus has well-furnished rooms with separate distinctions for males and females, common rooms for meetings, and resting rooms to provide the ultimate comfort for healing. During free time, there are social rooms to relax and unwind, and outdoor activities to keep patients fit and entertained. In addition, the massive facility has a swimming pool, golf field, basketball court, and other outdoor and indoor gaming activities. The center also has a dietician and a resident chef that caters to the nutritional needs of patients.

On admission into the residential program, clients get access to a room space with other clients of the same gender. In addition, there is unlimited space for belongings and personal effects.

Treatment Options

The Impact of addiction may differ from one person to another, depending on many factors. Therefore, treatment works best when it is tailored to each individual. Emerald Isle does not believe in the “one size fits all” approach. Rather, every case is unique, and time is taken to understand the nature of the addiction while proffering the best treatment method. 

Emerald rehabilitation center has an array of treatment options such as:

The following substance addictions are also treated at Emerald Isle medical center

Therapies at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Emerald rehab and healthcare offers the following therapy sessions:

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery Payment Options

Emerald rehabilitation center proffers multiple payment solutions, ensuring that clients have more convenient ways to pay for services. Patients are charged a sliding scale fee, depending on their ability to pay. Personal payments such as the use of Visa, wire transfers, American Express, ACH Bank transfers, and others are allowed. 

Emerald Isle also supports a variety of insurance plans such as:

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Emerald Isle Health and Recovery Advantages

Emerald Isle has an outstanding record of success cases and is home away from home. Recovery from addiction requires the right conditions, and the center creates a nurturing environment that motivates and inspires clients to heal and grow while battling their addictions. Its approach to medicine and substance abuse treatment is unique. It prioritizes each client’s recovery while providing a tailored, evidence-based treatment that focuses on both the immediate needs of the client as well as the underlying causes of the addiction. Emerald Isle has a comprehensive medical program unlike any other, combining medication-assisted care with mental health therapy of various kinds. The 12-step meetings target the primary causes of addiction, emphasizing relapse prevention and developing strong physical and emotional skills that are helpful through recovery. Therapies often include group therapy, where peers share their experience with substance use and how it has impacted their lives and relationships, as well as individual therapy.

Staff at the Facility

For many years, Emerald health rehab has been at the forefront of addiction recovery and healing from all forms of mental disorders from drug abuse and co-occurring mental problems. The staff at Emerald Isle have been the bedrock and foundation of the institution. Its staff’s professionalism, skill, and dedication largely contribute to the facility’s success. The team comprises highly qualified healthcare experts in different fields of medicine, such as psychiatrists, Licensed professional counselors, nurses, physicians, administrative, support staff, and others. They have years of experience managing patients of various social statuses, gender, age group, and beliefs which are battling substance addiction. Respect and empathy are the most vital qualities that the staff possess. They treat every client with love and dignity, ensuring they have a pleasant experience in their recovery journey. 

The live-in medical works around the clock to provide quality services and prompt response to those in need.

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