Christian Drug Rehab Centers: Faith-Based Facilities

Last Updated: June 3, 2020

Christian drug rehab is an addiction treatment that puts faith and Christ at the base of healing and recovery. The purpose of Christian drug treatment programs is to help patients fight addiction and achieve sobriety with the help of Christian based philosophies.

What Are Christian Rehabs?

A Christian rehab center is similar to any other type of rehab center. The purpose is the same, helping people fight addiction, but the approach is different. Christ is the base of the entire treatment plan, and the goal is to strengthen the spiritual foundation so that the patient can maintain sobriety.

Some of the treatment options offered by Christian rehab are:

  • Drug addiction education
  • Education on spiritual principles
  • Drug counseling
  • Development of a relationship with God
  • Religious studies
  • Group therapy
  • Participation in meditation and prayer
  • Help during the withdrawal process
  • Relapse-prevention training

Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers try to connect patients with God using a faith-based approach. God is the only solution to achieving long-term sobriety, and by maintaining a healthy spiritual relationship, the patient will be able to free themselves from addiction. Many such centers have ministers, priests, and other religious mentors among the staff.

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What To Expect In The Christian Rehabs?

Once admitted to a Christian drug rehabilitation program, each patient is assessed to determine their specific needs and to benefit from a personalized therapy plan. The next step is helping the patient go through the chemical detox (if needed) and the withdrawal process.

In an inpatient facility, the patient will have to attend church and faith-based groups and services regularly and will be encouraged to join a Christian 12-step group. Some centers offer unique services such as family programs and recreational outings once the drug rehab is completed. These services, provided through the patient’s involvement in the Church or the Christian rehab’s referral, are highly recommended to surround the patient by supportive and healthy groups.

Faith-Based Recovery Program Approach

The therapies used in addiction treatment may be more general, or they could specifically be Christian-developed programs.

Standalone 12-Step Approach

The 12-step approach is often used in conjunction with other therapies for Christian alcoholism rehab and more. However, it can also be used on its own. While this approach is often presented in non-religious ways, it has its roots as a Christian rehab method. This can be seen in the steps of the rehab program. For example, in phase two, users must come to see that a power higher than themselves is needed to restore sanity—this higher power in the Christian interpretation being God and Jesus Christ. Step three is to turn one’s life and will over to God. Other actions are similarly tied to religious principles.

Celebrate Recovery Approach

The Celebrate Recovery approach was created by Pastor Rick Warren in response to 12-step programs lessening their connection to God and Christ. It can be used in faith-based alcohol treatment centers, drug rehab facilities, and for spiritually overcoming most any addiction. The program is based explicitly on the Beatitudes and encourages participants to take things out of their own hands and place them into the hands of Christ.

Potter’s House Approach

Potter’s House approach is one that strictly focuses on addiction recovery. It is not meant to treat co-occurring disorders, and pharmaceutical interventions are not offered. It is a Christian-based alcohol rehab and drug rehab that combines vocational training, work-therapy, church participation, and therapeutic programming to give residents the ability to live a better life.

Lazarus Project Approach

The Lazarus Project is offered through Bethany Church. However, it can be adapted by other Christian addiction treatment centers. It is a year-long program that requires a full-time commitment from the patients. The program emphasizes developing the body, soul, and spirit. Elements include:

  • exercise
  • classroom training
  • community service
  • Bible study
  • B-Group meetings

Participants work directly with a mentor throughout the program, and once finished, can become mentors themselves.

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Combined Treatment

Christian drug treatment programs do not have to use just one of these approaches. These rehabs rarely do, instead of combining them and others in ways that best benefit patients. Users have to evaluate a facility and its offerings before determining which is right for them.

What Is The Spiritual Side Of Addiction Recovery?

One of the consequences of addiction is the individual’s need to separate from family, friends, loved ones, and God. The goal of any Christian based rehab is to help the individual develop or strengthen their relationship with God in their path towards recovery.

But the values taught in Christian drug rehabs do not only apply to individuals with strong religious beliefs. Spirituality is not only about connecting to God, but also about forgiving past wrongs, living a renewed life and loving all people equally. These are spiritual principles that are universally available, and which apply to anyone who is searching for a new focus in life.

Spirituality is about:

  • Receiving and giving support to those who need it
  • Finding one’s moral compass by exploring their feelings and beliefs
  • Letting go of pride and realizing that anyone has human weaknesses
  • Learning how to respect oneself and others
  • Realizing that there is a way to improve the current situation with support and willpower

What Are The Benefits Of Christian Rehabs?

  • One of the benefits offered by a Christian drug rehabilitation is spiritual support. The individual focuses on prayer and meditation, which help them reconnect with themselves. This way, the patient gets closer to God, at the same time, strengthening their relationship with the ones around them.
  • Community is also one of the benefits. The patient has the opportunity to connect with people who have the same beliefs, providing much-needed spiritual support.
  • Christian rehab facilities do not only focus on the spirit but also the physical addiction issues, offering medical help for detoxing and withdrawal symptoms. Patients are also engaged in healthy activities such as art therapy or yoga to relieve stress.
  • The pastoral staff in Christian drug rehab facilities also play an essential role in the success of the treatment. The patient can connect with a role model who will promote positive growth and teach them how to control their actions and thoughts.
  • Faith-based drug rehab centers also provide living arrangements centered around faith for those who need a safe place to stay during their recovery.

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What Are The Possible Downsides Of Christian Rehabs?

One of the possible downsides of Christian based drug rehab centers is that if the patient is not a religious person, they will struggle and fight the treatment program.

The same could happen to patients whose parents or friends demanded Christian ideals, but they acted in an un-Christian manner themselves. The patient will have difficulty in trusting the staff and might consider them hypocrites.

How To Know If The Christian Rehab Is a Right Choice For a Person?

Choosing any rehabilitation program is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The patient has to be comfortable with the facility, treatment plan, staff, program, and their peers.

A Christian based drug rehabilitation is an excellent choice for religious people or for those who believe that spirituality is part of the treatment process. Forcing oneself into a program that will make the patient question the methods used or that will trigger old issues, is going to do more harm than good.

How To Find a Christian Rehab Center?

Many Christian rehab centers offer affordable and high-quality treatment programs, but this does not mean that they can address anyone’s needs. When looking for such a center, there are some steps that should be taken until finding the right one.

  • Check what treatments they offer – individual, group counseling, 12-step program, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, etc. Some centers also provide counseling sessions with family members. Also, in a faith-based rehab, the foundation of the counseling should be a spiritual belief in addition to psychological principles.
  • Find out what the faith basis is. The center might focus on a different set of beliefs or faith than one do. Not having the same spiritual principles means the patient will not feel comfortable with the program, and the results will not be the expected ones.
  • Check if the program is accredited and what are the qualifications of the staff.
  • Try to get in touch with former patients or find online reviews regarding their experience at that facility.
  • Ask about the cost.
  • Check what aftercare program they offer. After rehab, most patients still need support to continue using the techniques and principles acquired during the rehab program. The clinic should provide such aftercare or help the patient find an aftercare program.

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Top 5 Christian Rehabs In The US

New Creation Recovery, Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California

This Christian inpatient rehab is a renowned clinic offering reliable addiction programs and mental health care. This is a Christian rehab for women offering a wide range of programs and dedicated staff with years of experience. Women benefit from a comprehensive treatment, which also includes outdoor activities, personalized diet plans, and Bible study, and prayer in a relaxed ambiance.

Home of Grace, Vancleave, Mississippi

Home of Grace is a Christian alcohol and drug rehab opened in 1965. Today it is one of the renowned leaders among addiction centers. The facility offers a 13-week program, which includes chapel and devotion services, on-campus work project, and counseling. The center facilitates the perfect environment for physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. Using Biblical solutions, patients understand what triggered their addiction, but also how to control it.

Faith Farm Ministries, Boynton Beach, FL, United States

Another top Christian based rehab center is Faith Farm Ministries. In the beginning, the center offered a 3-day program for men dealing with alcohol addiction, based on Biblical training. Today, the facility is one of the men-only centers that provide extensive rehabilitation to men with a 9-month recovery program based on educational courses, work therapy, fitness activities, group, and individual counseling.

Desert Cove Recovery, Scottsdale, Arizona

One of the best Christian drug rehabilitation centers in Arizona is Desert Cove Recovery. The center is specialized in relapse prevention, teaching patients how to handle any future trauma or pain without returning to intoxicants.
The facility offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment in a safe and intimate environment. The program also includes parts of the 12-step program, and each patient benefits from a personalized treatment plan based on the Bible and the Christian beliefs.

Sparrow’s Nest, Mount Hope, West Virginia

Sparrow’s Nest is one of the women-only centers where women who deal with addiction can feel safe. At this faith-based drug rehab, patients can fight addiction with the help of God’s restoring powers and the 12-month in-patient program, work therapy, individual therapy, family interaction, group therapy, and psychosocial therapy.
Thanks to Christian drug and alcohol counseling, patients are helped to re-enter society as responsible and contributing citizens, ready to live an addiction-free life.

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        Rachel, go to this website and type in your zip code to find an RU chapter near you. This is an amazing faith-based addiction treatment program with an 82% success rate. Praying you find the help you need.
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    • Jessica
      Julie, Get on this website and type in your zip code to see if there is an RU chapter in your area. RU (or Reformers Unanimous) is a faith-based recovery ministry with over 1,000 chapters worldwide. Even if there are no chapters, I would recommend getting back into a good bible believing, preaching church. I am also more than willing to talk to you if you need someone to listen. I am the Director of a faith-based women’s home in Altoona, PA and have degrees in Biblical Counseling. In Christ, Jessica
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    New Hope ministries they are all over
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    I am looking for a christian rehab for my 26 yr old daughter, now she is in detox and we have to put her in a rehab for alcoholism, we live 15 miles from charlotte nc but would like to get her somewhere maybe 100-200 miles away to let her be on her own but close enough to home, she would like to be in one that she can smoke at or have a smoke area
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      Teddy, I am the Director of “Place of Grace”, a 6-8 month faith-based residential treatment center for women in Altoona, PA. Contact me for more information.
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    I am looking for a faith based rehab for my daughter who just turned 25. She has struggled with opiate addiction for at least 6 years starting with oxycodone then Heroin. She has also used methamphetamine. She overdosed about a month ago. She’s sick and she’s tired of living this way. I don’t have the financial means to help her and she has no insurance. I don’t know where to turn. We live in Panama City, Florida but it doesn’t have to be here. We will find a way to get her where she needs to be. Please help
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    Our Family is looking for a faith based men’s addiction recovery program. Our son has been living on the streets in Santa Cruz for 10 years and is addicted to meth and heroin. He’s been in and out of jail he’s ready to get help he says. He also said that he’s had a come to Jesus moment but we since there’s a lot of demonic verbiage in his conversation