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Addiction Treatment at 5 Best Rehab Centers in Virginia

Last Updated: May 21, 2024

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Virginia is one of the oldest states in the U.S. It is home to history, culture, and many wonderful people. However, it is also battling a drug and alcohol epidemic. The process of leaving substance abuse behind is difficult, but having the right support makes it easier, and this is where drug rehab centers in Virginia come in.

Not only do they help their patients stop using drugs, but they set them up with the skills and thought processes needed to say no to their addiction for the rest of their lives. While it is a difficult battle to fight, the battle against addiction can be won through VA drug rehabilitation.

On that note, here’s a look at some of the best rehabilitation centers in VA for substance abuse and addiction treatment and the mode of operation of these centers.

5 Best Rehab Centers in Virginia

There are many addiction rehabilitation centers in Virginia offering high-quality treatment. We have compiled a list of the top five rehabs in the state, selecting the best of the best.

The Farley Center, Williamsburg, VA

The FC is an addiction rehabilitation center in Virginia that diversifies its approach to treatment based on the wants and needs of the individual patient. This means each patient at the facility will have a different treatment plan, ensuring they have access to the tools that will best help them achieve sobriety.

At the Farley Center, the treatment methods are informed by the 12-step approach, but this is not the foundation of care. This is because the rehabilitation center views the 12-step program as a fellowship that aids rehabilitation but is not rehabilitation itself.

For this, the center relies on proven therapies that address the roots of the addiction as they manifest in the patient. Farley Center also offers specialized programs for active and former military personnel, helping this underserved population.

The Farley Center in VA accepts insurance and offers financing options.

Life Center of Galax, Galax, VA

Life Center of Galax is a residential treatment center located in Galax, Virginia. It offers drug detoxification services and treatment for addictions to both drugs and alcohol. At Life Center of Galax, residents maintain a tight schedule that is determined in tandem with their primary therapist and designed to help them achieve the goals they have set for their recovery. The VA drug rehabilitation center has been helping residents for over 40 years.

The staff at Life Center of Galax understands the role that underlying disorders play in the development and continued pull of addiction. As such, they address both the addiction as well as any other co-occurring disorders and dual addictions. Their vision is to treat the whole person, not just the disease.

This drug rehab center in Virginia offers detox, dependency treatments, and specialized approaches for those serving or who have served in the military. They are also one of the methadone clinics in Virginia that use methadone maintenance for treatment.

In addition to this VA substance abuse residential rehabilitation treatment program, they also offer outpatient care for those already on the road to recovery. Life Center of Galax in VA accepts Medicaid and various insurance plans.

Pathways Recovery Lodge, Amherst, VA

PRL is run by Centra Health—a major Virginia healthcare provider—and is located in VA. They have a full slate of addiction rehabilitation treatment options, serving as a detox center in VA, and offering residential care, outpatient treatments, integrated family therapy, pharmaceutical therapies, and aftercare support.

With a maximum occupancy of just 15 patients, patients always have access to one-on-one attention and can get more out of their group sessions.

While PRL in VA does inform their therapy with the twelve-step method, they move beyond this as well. The Pathways staff recognizes that biological, psychological, and social factors come together to fuel addiction and that successful treatment means addressing all factors, not just the addiction that rests on the surface. In addition to numerous forms of psychological therapy, they also offer holistic treatment options.

Pathways Recovery Lodge works to help patients afford their care, accepting most insurance plans.

Bridging the Gaps, Winchester, VA

Bridging the Gaps primarily offers inpatient treatments for addiction rehabilitation. It is located in Winchester. The center offers treatment to both men and women who are aged 18 and over. The center divides its treatment into three categories—psychological, social, and spiritual—over four rehabilitation phases. In addition to its residential program, it also offers intensive outpatient treatment.

Perhaps the unique aspect of Bridging the Gaps in VA is how it divides its phases. The phases start with limited autonomy for the patient, following a gradual release program as they progress through the phases until they are prepared for independent living. The first phase is stabilization, the second addressing the underlying problems, and the third and fourth focus on maintaining sobriety in the short and long term.

Bridging the Gaps has various payment options available.

Highlands Community Services, Abingdon, VA

Highlands Community Services in Abingdon, VA, is one of the most affordable addiction recovery center options in the VA. The center offers strictly outpatient programs but offers them to patients of all ages—even young children. In addition to addiction recovery, the center gives patients the option to bundle other healthcare services, including those addressing underlying conditions that contribute to addiction.

In terms of the style of treatment, Highlands Community Services in VA offers the most clinical approach to treatment on this list. With that said, the treatment is still known to address addiction well. Additionally, it allows those who would otherwise be unable to enter rehab access the care they need.

Highlands Community Services is one of a handful of rehab centers in Virginia that accepts Medicaid as payment.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center, Portsmouth, VA

Safe Harbor is another recovery center in Virginia built for the treatment of men and women that have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder or addiction. The center offers perks such as experienced clinical staff, evidence-based treatment suited to the needs of each person; treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders; daily AA/NA meetings; two veteran-specific groups weekly, etc.

While Safe Harbor offers an environment where people can concentrate fully on recovery on a residential treatment program, the center also continues the line of service after recovery with the provision of continuing care services such as a sober living home, 12-step groups, and other community resources.

Understanding Addiction Recovery in VA

There are no explicitly free drug rehab centers in Virginia. There are those which offer treatment grants to those suffering from addiction and those which are low cost due to charitable or government contributions, which means rehabilitation treatment is still affordable. Additionally, many centers will accept insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

The exact forms of treatment offered at outpatient and residential treatment centers in Virginia will vary from rehab to rehab, and within each rehabilitation facility, from patient to patient, as treatment plans should be customized to the needs of the individual.

The most important thing to look for in a facility that meshes well with the personality of the person seeking treatment and one that is able to treat any underlying behavioral or physical health issues contributing to addiction, whether it is one of the inpatient drug rehab centers in Virginia or an outpatient facility.

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Drug Abuse Statistics In VA

The state of Virginia has a track record of opioid abuse, although the figures for this are on the decline. Opiate addiction is the second most commonly treated drug addiction at rehab centers in Virginia, with only marijuana addicts receiving treatment in greater numbers.

In 2018, Virginia providers wrote 44.8 prescriptions for opioids for every 100 persons – the national rate was 51.4.

While the monthly use rate of illicit substances is lower in VA than the national average (as is its rate of overdose deaths), both drug-related poisoning and drug production are higher than found in most other states. Meth lab seizures have increased since 2008 by more than 1,000 percent.

Virginians Died

That year, an average of 3 Virginians died of an Opioid Overdose daily

Opioid Overdose

The total number of opioid overdose deaths in that year was 1,059 - a 12% decrease from 2017.


The figure in 2019 dropped to 650

Virginia Drug Laws

According to Virginia’s Drug Control Act, drug scheduling is broken down thus:

  • Schedule I: heroin and LSD
  • Schedule II: PCP, cocaine, methadone, and methamphetamine.
  • Schedule III: Anabolic steroids and codeine
  • Schedule IV: Valium, Xanax, and other tranquilizers and sedatives
  • Schedule V: cough medicines with codeine

Details about the penalties for possession of the listed substances are as follows:

Substance/Schedule Criminal Charges Detail Sentencing (Potential Imprisonment) Sentencing (Potential Fine)
Marijuana Possession First-time offense Up to 30 days in jail Up to $500
Marijuana  Possession Repeat offense Up to 12 months in jail Up to $2,500
Schedule I or II Possession Class 5 felony 1 to 10 years in prison Up to $2,500
Schedule III Possession Class 1 misdemeanor Up to 12 months in jail Up to $2,500
Schedule IV Possession Class 2 misdemeanor Up to 6 months in jail Up to $1,000
Schedule V Possession Class 3 misdemeanor Up to $500
Schedule VI Possession Class 4 misdemeanor Up to $250

Virginia Marijuana Laws

On April 7, 2021, Governor Ralph Northam signed the bill that would make Virginia the first Southern state to legalize marijuana. As of July 1 of the same year, that bill took effect and is now applicable for adults in VA who are 21 years and older. However, this legalization comes with restrictions on possession and usage, as we have seen with the other states.

For starters, having more than one ounce of marijuana for personal use is not allowed, and depending on just how much of the substance a person is found with, the repercussion would be a civil penalty or a felony charge.

Additionally, if one lives in an apartment owned by someone else, Virginia state laws allow the owner to place restrictions on the use of marijuana in the apartment. The laws allow for the growth of up to four marijuana plants per household, with the condition that the plants are not visible to the public and people younger than 21 years of age do not have access to them. Also, each plant must have a legible tag attached to it that includes the owner’s name, ID number, or driver’s license.

Possessing any amount of marijuana with the intent to distribute or sell it remains illegal, as does possession on a school ground, using the substance while operating/riding a vehicle, using while operating a school bus/vehicle transporting passengers for hire/a commercial vehicle.

A Healthy Life Begins with Virginia Addiction Rehabilitation

There are numerous options for rehab in Virginia. No matter the drug that a person is addicted to – there is an ideal rehabilitation treatment center for every person. Even when there are co-occurring addictions, such as gambling addiction, or disorders like bipolar disorder, Virginia rehab centers can help.

If you or a loved one are dealing with substance abuse or addiction in VA, consider reaching out to a Virginia treatment center as soon as possible.

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