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Drug Rehabilitation Centers In Iowa: 7 Best Rehabs In IA

Last Updated: May 10, 2024

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The State of Iowa, located in the midwestern region of the United States, is fondly called the corn state by locals. The state, considered one of the safest in the US, has some of the best addiction rehabilitation centers in the country.

Top 7 Best Rehabilitation Centers in Iowa

Residents of Iowa have access to a variety of alcohol treatment centers in the state that offer a wide range of treatment options for substance abuse disorders. The facilities are also open to those who may not hail from the state of Iowa but who may be looking for high-quality drug rehab. In this article, we highlight seven of the best drug rehab centers in Iowa that help those recovering from addiction and ensure they are not battling the addiction alone.

Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health, Decorah, IA

Northwest Iowa Behavioral Health is one of the best rehabilitation centers in Iowa and has campuses in the Decorah and Oelwein areas of Iowa. The facility also has other drug treatment facilities in Iowa that operate out of four satellite locations. NEIBH has full accreditation by the state of Iowa and is licensed to provide substance abuse and mental health services in the state. Individuals seeking detoxification services at the institute will find they offer various levels of care, as the list below shows.

Services Offered:

  • Counseling on an outpatient basis.
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Psychiatric treatment, including evaluation and management of medication
  • Distance programs for those interested in undergoing treatment from the comfort of their home
  • Community services, including support services and continuing education and training

Sedlacek Chemical Dependency Treatment Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Sedlacek Treatment Center at Mercy Medical Center is located on Rockwell Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and has been offering hope to those beset by addiction for more than thirty-five years. The center is one of the rehabilitation centers in Iowa that is part of a broader medical center. The facility offers a wide range of care and combines a medication-assisted program with other mental and behavioral therapies that bring together the individual and their entire family.

Services Offered:

St. Gregory Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, Bayard, IA

St. Gregory Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Iowa is another example of inpatient mental health rehabilitation centers in Iowa that are making a difference. Programs offered at the recovery center are centered on understanding and addressing the triggers of addiction and reinforcing mental and emotional strength to overcome these triggers. The facility does this by offering evidence-based treatment that seeks to empower both teens and adults on their journey to recovery.

Services Offered:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Behavioral modification and reprogramming training
  • Neurocognitive treatment
  • Holistic health and wellness
  • Life coaching to complete aftercare planning, life planning, and recovery coaching

Cedar Rapids Comprehensive Treatment Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids Comprehensive Treatment Center is a Methadone and Suboxone therapy clinic that helps treat individuals with opiate addiction. Located off Bowling Street SW in the Cedar Rapids area, the facility treats individuals with polydrug use involving one or more types of opioids. While the clinic does not treat alcoholism like other residential treatment facilities in Iowa, this level of specialization allows the facility to offer comprehensive therapy, enabling individuals to commit to lifelong sobriety.

Services Offered:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Medication-assisted opioid treatment
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Pathways, Waterloo, IA

The Pathways slogan “Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.” demonstrates the commitment the center has towards helping individuals who approach them for help turn their lives around. With several substance abuse treatment centers in IA, the rehab center offers hope and help through a variety of treatment programs. These programs target those with an alcoholism problem as well as other substance abuse cases.

Services Offered:

  • Residential treatment, which is an inpatient rehab program in Iowa for those with a severe addiction
  • Extended outpatient, which includes regularly scheduled sessions at one of the campuses
  • Intensive outpatient, a high-frequency program aimed at stabilizing individuals who are just beginning rehab
  • Adolescent programs

Clearview Recovery Inc., Prairie City, IA

Clearview Recovery Inc. has been providing its substance abuse treatment for women since 2005 and is one of the best rehabilitation centers in Iowa. It offers a safe, beautiful, and healthy environment for women going through substance abuse where they can learn to let go of their addictions and ensure permanent sobriety and recovery.

Clearview accepts pregnant women as well as women with children, where they all live together as a family. Through the determined efforts of the staff, the women are provided with a conducive environment where they become sober and continue to remain sober after they graduate from the center.

MercyOne House Of Mercy, Newton, IA

MercyOne House Of Mercy is one of the most comprehensive rehabilitation centers in Iowa. It offers evidence-based therapies and treatment modalities for each client based on their individual case and requirements. Through the hard work of the staff members and close collaboration with the clients, the clients are taught to create a healthy lifestyle and a sense of personal self-worth and well-being.

The center offers intensive outpatient, extended outpatient, and residential substance use disorder services. They also offer children and adult therapy services, psychiatric services, medication management, 12-step meetings, and many other therapies through which clients learn life skills to live a sober and healthy life in the future.

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Substance Abuse in IA: Meeting a Demand

According to the Iowa Governor’s Office, Iowans still grappled with substance abuse issues like their counterparts in other states. The report noted that 50% of Iowans in rehab were receiving treatment for alcohol-related substance abuse while 25.6% and 14.8% were admitted for marijuana and meth-related addictions, respectively.

For those looking for a place to turn over a new chapter in life, drug treatment facilities in Iowa are a fair bet. These centers offer CRAFT addiction treatment, which is a treatment process that involves a community reinforcement approach and family training intended to heal addictions to drugs.

The Bureau of Substance Abuse is a part of the Division of Behavioral Health in the Iowa Department of Public Health. The Bureau’s responsibility is to provide oversight for all aspects related to substance abuse and treatment services in IA as well as injury prevention programs.

Some of the Drug Abuse Statistics in IA are Listed Below:

35% increase
in opioid OD deaths

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health Opioid Update of 2021, there was a 35% increase in opioid overdose deaths in 2020 as compared to 2019.

drug OD deaths

According to the NIH report on drug abuse, 4.8% of drug overdose deaths in 2018 in IA involved opioids.


According to the Iowa Drug Control Strategy & Drug User Profile Annual Report of 2020, a total of approximately 45,000 individuals were screened and admitted for substance abuse treatment, out of which 42.7% abused alcohol, and 25.4% abused marijuana.

Drug Laws In Iowa

The State of Iowa divides controlled dangerous substances into five schedules. Based on these schedules, there are different laws and penalties for their possession, sale, and trafficking in Iowa drug laws. Schedule I has the highest potential for abuse and no accepted medicinal use. Schedule V has a low potential for abuse and currently accepted medical use.

The following table represents some of the drug classifications in the state and the corresponding Iowa drug possession laws and penalties.

Classification Substances Included Criminal Charges Sentencing
Schedule I Drugs Opiates and certain stimulants Felony Upto 5 years in jail and upto $7,500 fine
Schedule II Drugs Raw opium, cocaine Felony Upto 5 years in jail and upto $7,500 fine
Schedule III Drugs LSD and anabolic steroids Misdemeanor Upto 2 years in jail and upto $6,250 fine
Schedule IV Drugs Flurazepam, butorphanol Misdemeanor Upto 1 year in jail and upto $1,875 fine
Schedule V Drugs Narcotic Drugs, methamphetamines Misdemeanor Upto 6 months in jail and upto $1,875 fine

Is Weed Legal In Iowa?

It is illegal to grow or distribute marijuana in the state of IA. If anyone is found in possession of marijuana, they can face legal charges. The table below shows some of the Iowa marijuana laws and possible sentencing that one might face in the state with regards to marijuana possession.

Classification Substances Included Criminal Charges Sentencing
Marijuana possession One half of an ounce or less Misdemeanor Upto 6 months in jail and $1,000 fine
Marijuana possession Upto 50 kg Class D Felony Upto 5 years in jail and $7,500 fine
Marijuana possession Between 50kg and 100kg Class C Felony Upto 10 years in jail and upto $50,000 fine
Marijuana possession Between 100kg and 1000kg Class B Felony Upto 25 years in jail and upto $100,000
Marijuana possession More than 1000kg Class B Felony Upto 50 years in jail and upto $1,000,000

Quality Treatment for a Quality Life

With this list, we hope it will be easier to find a drug rehab in Iowa that provides quality services that lead to long-term recovery. Other drug treatment centers in IA with good rehab facilities ratings offer rehab for individuals with marijuana addiction. They also offer treatment to those addicted to the synthetic analogs of marijuana, also known as spice. For those with an addiction or with a loved one on this path, these and other rehab centers in Iowa have inpatient and outpatient programs that can help offer a new path to a drug-free life.

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