The Idea & People Behind Addiction Resource

Addiction Resource was founded in 2014 to provide a place for those recovering from addiction and to help patients find the highest quality care for a successful recovery. We are not a treatment center and does not accept payments or advertising offers. Instead, we work to provide free resources to help people better understand their addiction and motivate them to make the first step in seeking support.

Our Contributors & Medical Reviewers

The Editorial Team at Addiction Resource is dedicated to ensuring that our content, information, and consulting services are on par with the highest standards in the field of addiction recovery. We work closely with recognized clinicians and medical professionals who carefully edit and review all content before publication. We work hard to keep up-to-date on all the latest advances in the field of addiction treatment, so our readers and their loved ones can make informed choices about their treatment.

Our Philosophy on Addiction Recovery

We have a duty to improve the healthcare situation for the public, and the path we have chosen in this regard is one that has to deal with one of the biggest problems that the healthcare industry faces.

Addiction is a condition that many people are living with and are struggling to recover from, either due to denial of the situation or a general lack of knowledge about the proper way to go about it. Our approach is to provide safe and effective care of the highest quality and value for these people in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide resources to help patients and their loved ones to stay on the road to recovery and successfully overcome addiction for life. We believe in our ability to help improve others’ lives, and belief is what motivates us to educate and support our readers every day.

Our Core Beliefs

  • 1. Addiction is a condition that can be treated with methods supported by research and evidence
  • 2. Addiction recovery is a conscious decision of commitment to making a change
  • 3. It is never too late to get treatment for addiction
  • 4. Every patient must be treated with respect, compassion, and care
  • 5. Professional addiction treatment is the only way for long-lasting healing

Accreditations & Memberships

Addiction Resource has been accredited by prominent accrediting bodies. This provides confirmation that we meet the standards set by these reputable organizations, and we have successfully passed the evaluation processes involved in checking the credibility of our substance rehabilitation services.

We are also members of organizations dedicated to addiction treatment. This shows our commitment to providing our staff and clients with up-to-date, evidence-based information about addiction treatment. It also helps to ensure that we always implement the best practices for addiction treatment while adhering to the high standards set for addiction treatment. Our list of accreditations and memberships include:

Free Insurance Verification

Our team is available to guide you through the steps of assessing your insurance coverage for addiction treatment.