Peter J. Grinspoon, MD

Dr. Grinspoon’s Education

  • MD degree in Biology, Boston University, MA, 1996
  • Master’s degree in Health Care Emergency Management, Boston University, MA, 1989
  • Bachelor degree in Health Science, Boston University, MA, 1985

About Dr. Peter J. Grinspoon

Dr. Peter James Grinspoon is an experienced physician with long-term clinical practice experience. As a former analgesic addict, Dr. Grinspoon knows precisely how important it is to provide patients with effective treatment and support. Medical writing for him is the way to communicate with people and inform them about their health.

In 1985, Dr. Grinspoon graduated from Boston University and decided to continue his path in Health Science. It was also time when Peter had issues with chronic headaches; this personal encounter with substance abuse triggered Dr. Grinspoon for further research of the way addiction works and how it affects the human organism. At that time, he also developed an interest in the connection between addiction and medical cannabis, how it can facilitate the withdrawal process, and help in addiction treatment in general. Peter supports the idea of using medical marijuana with patients; however, under strict medical supervision.

The years of getting a Master’s degree were also associated with the first serious job – general physician assistant. Peter’s responsibilities included physical examinations based on the medical history of a patient, patient rounds, making a care plan, preparation of a patient, and other related duties. After he acquired his MD degree in Biology, Dr. Grinspoon worked as a research scientist in hospitals in the Northeast USA. This position became a milestone in his life, as he implemented several research programs concerned with chronic pain, executed research experiments, investigated new research technologies, and also took part in lab management.

At Addiction Resource, Dr. Grinspoon works as a medical writer continuing his research on medical cannabis use in substance abuse treatment. Dr. Grinspoon also shares his valuable experience by providing quality, research-based content.


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