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Gabapentin Withdrawal Timeline – How Long Does It Take To Quit?

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Gabapentin, or Neurontin, is a prescription drug used primarily to treat epilepsy patients.
There are also cases in which gabapentin, categorized as an anticonvulsant medicine, is administered as an initial treatment to provide relief for patients suffering from neuropathic pain, such as diabetic neuropathy, central neuropathic pain, and post-herpetic neuralgia. Post-herpetic neuralgia can last for months after a patient suffers from shingles. Gabapentin is also given as part of medication treatment for individuals with cases of restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and bipolar disorder.
How gabapentin works is by decreasing unusual brain activity. That is why it is so versatile in its use, because different disorders or illnesses involve just such brain abnormalities. Its effect on unusual brain activity can also prevent seizures, as well as alter the way the brain responds to pain signals. This medication can come in different forms such as capsules, tablets or as an oral solution.

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Gabapentin In Addiction Treatment

Over the years huge strides have been made in the way we view mental illness and addiction. We have gone from seeing it as simply hopeless and wrong, to treatable and worthy of empathy. Along with a change in outlook, the treatment approach has changed as well.
The medical community has discovered that addicts can greatly benefit from medication, in addition to therapy. Gabapentin is one of the medications that has been found to be beneficial in fighting addiction.
Off-label versions of gabapentin are used to treat addiction produced by different companies such as Parke-Davis, Greenstone, and Teva, in generic versions. A couple other similar drugs that are being used to treat withdrawal from specific substances are:

  • Clonidine
  • Other anticonvulsants, such as Tegretol and Depakote
  • Methadone and Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone
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Treating Alcoholism

Gabapentin is most commonly used during the treatment of alcoholism. It helps addicts deal with some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as tremors, irritability, agitation and anxiety.
It is successful in doing so due to its effect on the brain. Our nervous system communicates with the brain by use of GABA neurotransmitters, and gabapentin works by reducing their activity. So in effect, the messages of anxiety, pain, and agitation are reduced as well.
Studies have confirmed the success of using gabapentin in addiction treatment. Good results were seen in a 16 week study conducted by the American Journal of Psychiatry, of 150 people dependent on alcohol. Better and more lasting results were seen in those who were treated with gabapentin. They saw a reduction in how much they drank as well as a higher rate of abstinence.

Treating Benzodiazepine and Marijuana Addiction

Gabapentin has also been used amongst those detoxing from benzodiazepines and marijuana. Though many may be surprised to see marijuana listed, for there is a widespread belief that it is not addictive, in 2012 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration noted 305,560 people entering rehab citing marijuana as their primary addiction. The same calming effects that soothe alcoholics can help with the withdrawal symptoms of both marijuana and benzodiazepines. Again, the people treated with gabapentin showed less use of the drug they are addicted to as well as improvement in cognitive functioning.
The use of gabapentin can make all the difference. Thanks to its calming effect it gives addicts the peace of mind to fight through their withdrawal symptoms and attempt a full recovery.

Side Effects of Gabapentin Abuse

Gabapentin should never be used without the close supervision of a doctor because it can have some serious side effects. The temptation for abuse exists because some people experience a feeling of euphoria or a “rush” when taken as prescribed, which can then lead to taking more and more to experience that high continuously. This is dangerous as it can lead to a dependency on the drug as well as a possible overdose. Abuse of gabapentin is more likely to occur in someone who already has a history of drug abuse, with substances such as alcohol, cocaine, and opioids.

Gabapentin as an addictive substance

As we’ve already mentioned gabapentin has many legitimate uses and the large majority of people uses it for the purpose it was intended for.
But as with many drugs, frequent use over a long period of time can lead to a physical and psychological dependence. This may lead to addiction and abuse of the drug.

Once the body becomes dependent on a drug to function, choosing to stop using it will lead to a period of withdrawal. This is basically the body desperately trying to get back to the way it functioned before the drug was introduced.

There are different ways of coping with withdrawal symptoms. They include slowly lessening the dose of gabapentin, slowly tapering off it, and treating the withdrawal symptoms with other medication. It is never advised to stop using gabapentin abruptly, or by so called “cold turkey” because this can increase the symptoms of withdrawal. Gabapentin requires medical oversight, and one should always contact a doctor before attempting to detox on own.

What Is The Duration Of Gabapentin’s Effects?

When given to patients, the expected duration, or half-life, of gabapentin is five to seven hours. This relatively short half-life means that the withdrawal symptoms from gabapentin can be expected to be more severe. It’s crucial that a patient withdrawing from this medication seeks professional help.

Factors Affecting The Withdrawal Period From Gabapentin

There are several factors that could affect an individual while undergoing gabapentin withdrawal. These factors, vital in determining the recovery period as well as the approaches on how to quit on this drug, include intake timeline, dosage, patient physiology, withdrawal method.


This is dependent on the length of time the person has been taking gabapentin for, which can range from weeks to years. If the user took gabapentin for only a shorter period, quitting the drug is a lot easier. After longer periods of gabapentin intake, the withdrawal process can be more challenging, since the person’s brain and nervous system have come to rely on the medication.

Dosage (300 Mg To 3000 Mg)

The dose that doctors usually prescribe to younger individuals is 900 mg per day, taken three times per day at 300 mg per dose. There are cases in which a dosage increase is recommended up to approximately 1800 mg per day, while some doctors use body weight to determine the appropriate dosage.

The higher the prescribed dosage, the more difficult the withdrawal.


People taking this drug may experience noticeable withdrawal effects and severity of symptoms dependent on one’s physiology. Some people have more sensitivity to medication, and for those people discontinuing gabapentin could be a more difficult process.

Cold Turkey Vs. Tapering

If one decides to quit gabapentin, it’s recommended to work it out with the presence of a medical specialist whose field of specialization is “gradual tapering.” The doctor will reduce the dosage gradually until the drug can be stopped completely.
Quitting “cold turkey” may lead to life-threatening seizures if the addiction is advanced enough.

Withdrawal Symptoms Of Gabapentin

Common withdrawal symptoms from gabapentin may include sweating, anxiety, change in appetite, crying spells, depression, dizziness, a feeling of fatigue, headaches, insomnia, irritability, itchiness, muscle pain, restlessness, seizures, spasms, stomach pain, and suicidal tendencies.

  • Anxiety – Gabapentin is prescribed to treat anxiety. When a person is withdrawing from the drug , the feelings of anxiety may be triggered again and even stronger.
  • Change in appetite – Another common withdrawal symptom that a person will experience is a sudden change in appetite, be it an increase or loss of appetite.
  • Crying spells – The emotional stability of a person when quitting gabapentin may also be affected and result in “crying spells.” Here, the person may feel the urge to cry for no apparent reason, but these symptoms will eventually cease.
  • Depression – People may experience feelings of depression during the withdrawal stage from gabapentin. This feeling is why many people end up using the drug recreationally.
  • Dizziness – A person may experience dizziness while withdrawing from this drug. This symptom will eventually diminish.
  • Feeling of fatigue – There are some cases in which gabapentin users complain from feelings of fatigue or lethargy while quitting this drug.
  • Headaches – One of the withdrawal symptoms reported while quitting gabapentin is headaches, but these normally fade away.
  • Insomnia – Severe insomnia is the initial complaint of people withdrawing from gabapentin, meaning that they normally experience difficulty in falling asleep.
  • Irritability – As one undergoes withdrawal from gabapentin, the individual may notice signs of irritability.
  • Itchiness – Itchiness is another withdrawal symptom. The person may feel severe itching all over the body.
  • Muscle pain – Gabapentin is often administered to treat pain, so after quitting the drug, muscle pain may return or begin to be more noticeable.
  • Restlessness – Many gabapentin users complain of restlessness when withdrawing from this drug. The feeling of anxiety may affect the ability to concentrate.
  • Seizures – One of the dangerous effects of quitting “cold turkey” may be episodes of seizures.
  • Spasms – Spasms during the withdrawal process can be severe; if so, tapering is advised.
  • Stomach pain – Stomach pain is a common withdrawal symptom.
  • Being suicidal – When a person withdrawing from gabapentin feels depressed, that may include suicidal thoughts.
  • Sweating – Individuals quitting gabapentin may also experience sweating, particularly while asleep.

Symptoms Of Gabapentin Overdose

It is important to be able to recognize symptoms of a gabapentin overdose, and be able to distinguish it from the normal side effects of the drug. The list of side effects is long and includes things like blurry vision, shaking in one part of the body, dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting, strange and unusual thoughts, weakness, swelling in extremities and uncontrolled eye movement. Those are just a few. It is important to know the symptoms of an overdose and to be able to distinguish them from the side effects of gabapentin, in order to be able to know when to seek help.
Here are the important symptoms that may indicate a gabapentin overdose:

  • Double vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea

The risk of a gabapentin overdose increases significantly after withdrawal. If someone relapses they often return to the dose they last took, which was often working in a body that had built up a tolerance to the drug. That same dose now in a body that has detoxed from gabapentin can be very dangerous. An overdose can have a lasting effect on internal organs, causing damage to heart, liver and kidneys.

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Olivier George

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Olivier George, Ph.D.

Olivier George is a medical writer and head manager of the rehab center in California. He spends a lot of time in collecting and analyzing the traditional approaches for substance abuse treatment and assessing their efficiency.


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  • Jmf
    DANGER! A very dangerous drug which Caused me to blackout!!! DO NOT TAKE!!!!
    • Joe
      Me too. Horrible drug
    • Brad
      It really can be dangerous, especially for anyone who has struggled with ANY kind of addiction. Gabapentin is simply just like any other addictive narcotic, you take it for pain, and before you know it you cannot function w/o it. Depression, anxiety, insomnia and that horrible feeling of pure hopelessness. Just be careful if you take it-
    • Chip
      How much were you taking? I’m on 600 mg a day. For anxiety
      • Laura Muirheid Evans
        I’m taking 3200mg. I wished I had never started it 3 years ago!
        • Linda Edgington
          Laura, I am so sorry for your issues with Gabaoentin. I had a horrific experience with the drug. I’d love it if you would join the facebook group I started, “Gabapentin (Neurontin) Sufferers Desiring Action.” I’m trying to gather as many people as possible to try to get something done to prevent more people from suffering from this drug.
          • Jean
            This drug is evil!!! I have been having severe reactions from this drug and I have had a horrible time trying to get off of it. I have tried and I can’t stand the withdraw. I go to the dr. on Thursday. I pray for relief from the pain and hopelessness & physical withdraw. It is a total nightmare.
        • Barbara Bollinger
          Wow so Sorry! I have been on it for 4 years (I have Fibromyalgia) about a year ago a Doctor wanted to raise my mg higher than 1800 a day… I REFused..I told My pain doctor that I have been weaning myself off. I am now down to 400 mg a day. I take a pill away every two months. I must say my brain is alot clearer.
          • Leigh
            How long did it take you to get off?
      • Rose
        I was taking 3600mg per day prescribed by the Dr for nerve pain. I’m on day 5 of no tablets. I have been to the a and e for severe migraines and I constantly feel sick. Like contantly it’s horrendous
    • Dyana Placher
      You’re so right about this drug being a very BAD drug. If I had only known what it would be like to quit after 15 years, I would NEVER have taken it. In my opinion and experience in taking it for fibromyalgia/CFS, without realizing it , my symptoms were just getting worse. I thought the fibro/cfs was just steadily getting worse, so I even doubled the dose, or I should say the doctor upped the dose for me. After all th these years of feeling just awful and having to spend a lot of my time in bed because of the pain I was experiencing, and ultimately having to stop working much sooner than I expected to. Also after fighting with disability/ss, for 4 years , I still got turned down. The list goes on and on of sacrifices my family has to endure because of losing my income, we lost our home, and almost my marriage ,, etc. So 2 or so months ago, I decided to wean off gabapentin, I did it slowly and cautiously. The Side affects were awful. But that was only the beginning. The side affects have gotten so bad I can’t leave my, for fear of the severe diarrhea and Nausea happening at a moment that I don’t have a bathroom available , or passing out. It’s been 3 weeks off the very last pill I took, and the diarrhea is still as bad as ever. It feels like I never even weaned off of it properly. And get this, the pain that I took it for to begin with , is now so much better than when I was taking it ..It blows my mind. I spent the last 15 years unknowingly taking a drug I had no business taking in the first place for fibromyalgia. I wish I could convey how furious I am at being given this drug so easily, along other drugs that are going to be just as hard to come off of such as tramadol. I told the dr. Iwas taking tylenol ol 2-3 times a day she said that was bad for my liver and to take tramadol instead. Knowing what I know now, is why I am so upset. I spent 15 years on a drug that was making my fibro symptoms even worse. My only consolation currently is that my pain is now less and my head is slowly getting less foggy. Has anyone had severe diarrhea and nausea from stopping gabapentin? And how long will this last,, itstaking such a horrific tole on my family now that I can’t even leave the house or clean it for that matter. My husband works construction and now has to come home , cook his own dinner. Do all the laundry and clean the house. My guilt about that for him is almost unbearable, he is loosing his mind having to take on so much. I sincerely believe gabapentin and tramadol should be taken off the market, because of what it does to your body . I had heard of so many people with fibromyalgia just getting worse and worse over the years that that’s what I thought was happening to me. I have been in bed most of the time for the last 10 Or more years, and that is what these drugs have done to me. Do yourself a favor , DO NOT TAKE THESE DRUGS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY , THEY’RE TO DANGEROUS.
      • Yester
        Hi Dayana. Sorry for all you have gone through and thanks for sharing. I took 900 mg/day for 1 year for nerve pain after surgery due to a broken leg. I am off it since 2 weeks. Tapered slowly to 100/day as directed by my doctor. Had severe sweating, severe dizziness and vertigo that could not drive. I wake up ue to excess sweating and nausea. This morning had diarrhea all morning, which happened a few days ago as well. Noticed that coffee makes me feel worse. Before stopping had started being forgetful that I was worried about having alzheimer ‘s disease. A few times I would feel sick on my stomach, drained of my strength and so lightheaded that I feared passing out. I drank lots of water, ate small meals which all helped. Now 2 weeks without the pills, i am get ting headaches, feel anxious out of the blue, almost having panic attacks, sweat like a pig at times. And the worse part, my nerve pain is back , so gabapentin did not cure me, just masked the pain. I will NEVER take it again. ! I hope you feel better soon.
        • Geo
          I had the exact same experience after only being on Gabapentin for two months. Currently at the two week mark of no longer taking the medication and still experiencing flare ups of mainly weakness and severe sweating. How long do these withdrawal symptoms last?
        • Olethea Curtis
          I. Believe the Dr’s are just be getting a kickback from the Pharmacy companies . Why else would they give these horrible drugs to people knowing the damage that they do to our body , minds and every quality of life .
      • Rhonda Williams
        I have been on 1800mg for the last 7 years. I also have fibro. My past neurologist started me on this because he thought it my help calm down migraines. I am just starting my journey of realizing how bad some meds are. Stopped ambien and klonopin when I was at a chronic pain clinic at Mayo last fall. Then had problems with cymbalta so stopped it this spring, surprised that I didn’t feel anxious or depressed, wondered how many other meds I could peel back and how I would feel. Almost 4 days into this one I may have put to much into my strength and willpower. I simply took away 1 600 mg pill the noon pill, I am so dizzy and nauseous . I see my dr next week hopefully things will be better! The next titrations will be handled much slowe!
        • Suzanne
          I have been taking gabapentin for 8 years I have put on weight and feel groggy I have fibromyalgia and ridicules neuropathy I have had 5 reconstructive cervical surgeries I take smtripline for migraine prevention and cymbalta for the fibromyalgia Seemed like I was duplicating I’m slowly cutting back on gaba Don’t ever just stop The amytriptine is a much better at helping the pain
      • Jean
        I was given gabapentin as an anxiety med at the end of last November. I immediately gained 40 pounds. And I started having uncontrollable muscle spasms, tremors, constipation, insomnia, I got manic,I was taking 3 pills a day. I have weened down to one pill a day and when I try to get off of it, I start sweating and feeling so extremely exhausted and I have uncontrollable anxiety, I was crying all the time, depressed, and my heart rate started going crazy. I need a job immediately so I started taking one pill again. I wonder if there is anything like valium to get off of it and get back on my clonazapan for anxiety. I already have to take adderall. I don’t want to be on any more addictiive drugs. I also was on celexa and it made me sweat like crazy and I was able to get off that on my own. I am worried because I don’t have time to detox. You are right tramadol was horrific and it took me 3 months before I felt well. How long do you think it will take me to get off gabapentin if I am down to 300 mg a day and I started in November. I need to feel normal immediately. This sux. You are right tramadol and gabapentin are highly addictive and should be banned. They are evil drugs!!! I never had trouble with any other drug as far as my body getting addicted to them. I honestly don’t know what to do. The govenment denys me any type of help so I have to go try to make a living so I can afford to even eat. This couldn’t be a shittier time for this to happen. Any suggestions?
    • MM
      The same thing happened to me…This drug should be illegal.
    • Scott
      I agree, one of the most dangerous drugs that’s not an option.
    • Jennifer G
      I was on it for over ten years at two 600mg tablets a day (2400mg a day total). It did help with neuropathy in my feet and leg pain in general. My pain doctor though wanted me to wean off with no real direction on it. So me being a nurse knew I needed to be careful with this. I started with doing two 600mg tablets in morning and one at night for 5 days. Then just 600mg tablet two times a day for about 5 days. Then 600mg in morning and a half tablet at night for 5 days. Then half tablet (300mg) two times a day for 5 days. Then I took and broke the 300mg part in half making it 150mg and took two times a day for about 5 days. Then took that to once a day for about 5 days. Then did my best and broke the 150mg piece in half again to be around 75mg and took one a day for about 5 days. Then took the 75 mg every other day for about a week then stopped it. During this I did tweak it once because I noticed some withdrawl symptoms. This whole procedure took me about 6 weeks. It worked out really good until the past week. I now find myself anxious, needing to “catch my breath” feeling, and restless legs that set in mainly when time to sleep. This is driving me crazy. Far worse than expected. I seen someone mention tramadol withdrawl and I had that at one time but this beats it. I have tried researching this to see if it is normal but there really is nothing that I have found. This really needs some research. The main thing that gets me through is power of prayer but whew it’s rough!
      • Kimberly Romanski
        Hello Jennifer,I will be getting off this drug soon and so worried about the withdrawal. Is ii better with a tapering schedule??
  • Lisa
    My wife has taken my gapapentine and now im without it for 8 days. I take 3200 mgs a day. Plz what can i do for the withdrawals im going to go thru.
    • Sharron Emms
      Hi Douglas do you mind me asking a question re weaning off gabapentin? I’ve been on 900mg a day for approx 10 weeks for a spinal fusion but i’m Getting excruciating muscle pain in which the gp thinks it’s Ute gabapentin causing it sonhas told me to come off it to see??! However i’m Worried my nerve pain will go through the roof and the muscle pain won’t subside and I may get more side effects? She said to have 300mg twice a day yesterday, 200mg twice a day today then 100 mg twice a day tomorrow…this appears too quick to me what are your thoughts??? Many thanks Sharron
      • ad
        This is a question for your doctor rather than someone you don’t know.
      • Joy
        Late response but I hope your tapering off was effective for you. I took 900mg for 10 weeks for anxiety but had horrible side effects. My doctor stopped it cold turkey. YES after 10 weeks of 900mg a day she stopped it cold turkey. Started another med two days later. OMG…..loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, brain fog. This is day five off of it. Still having these symptoms but they lesson as the evening comes on. I can’t recommend this medicine off label. Not for everyone.
        • Selena Burkhalter
          How long did it take for the anxiety and depression to go away? I’m currently on day 16-17 of being off this devil drug and it’s killing me. I suffer from panic disorder anyway and I feel as if my surgeon is 100% at fault. The suicidal thoughts are horrid. I’m now working with my psychiatrist but he acts like he knows nothing about Gabapentin. I’ve done so much research until my head spins and the brain fog just clouds what I’ve read. Thank you in advance.
      • Dyana Placher
        Sharon, you are correct , the fact is gabapentin will cause joint and muscle pain. It says it right on the packaging.
    • Susan
      I was given Gabapentin exactly a year ago to reduce the withdrawal effects of going off Lorazepam, which I was on for 13 years. Nothing in my life has been the same for the past year. The Dr just left me in limbo about the GABA, after I came off the Benzo with very little difficulty. Now I have terrible muscle spasms and continuous muscle pain. I have such up/down anxiety problems. I’m not all so sure it’s not the GABA that’s causing all this mess. It’s like my body just CRAVES it. As soon as it gets close to the time for my next dose, my body goes bonkers. My BIGGEST problem has been getting off the GABA. Mentally, emotionally, physically – I can make it a few days and I just fall apart. My doctor says my body must need it. I just want it OUT of my system. I know I just have to bite the bullet and stop taking it. I am down to 100mg 2x a day. I can’t believe it STILL has such an impact on me. That’s why I feel I need to stop,taking it altogether. Has GABA withdrawal ever been this difficult for anyone else? Does it finally become manageable?
      • Carly Stewart
        On day 6 coming off cold turkey, it would be worse. I was on it abt 13 months.Still get dizzy on occasion, but nothing like before.
      • Peeman
        Hey Susan, You most likely have protracted withdrawal from benodiazopines you can visit benzos buddies forum. It is a website where a lot of people are going through the same thing.
      • Chip
        The benzo‘s will kill you! I was on Xanax 8 mg a day for seven years weaned myself down and went to Valium and then quit it with drawls were horrible. Put me on gabapentin I think I went from the fire to the pot. I’m still having with drawls as I speak
    • Haley
      My husband is trying to quit cold turkey and we are on day 4. He doesn’t feel well and is very dizzy any idea how long this could last
      • Robert Benson
        The longer you take it, I believe the longer it takes the withdrawals to subside. I have serious nerve damage in my legs and I’ve been on it for years. I stopped for a while but the pain in my legs was just too severe so I went back on it. The symptoms from the withdrawal do get better trust me. It’s just a matter of patience , I find it very hard to have that patience when I’m feeling that bad! But I promise you it will get better..
    • Pete
      Lisa.. taper .. taper..taper.. and if you need help .. reach out to the doctor..
      • Kimberly
        Hello Pete, Will tapering slowly reduce withdrawal symptoms?
    • Simon collin
      Can I ask you all, I suffer and have with depression and anxiety for all my life. I herniated a disc in my back 7 weeks ago. Dr put me on 1600 mg of gaba a day, 400 x 4 Also Valium . I didn’t take the Valium . I also take 75mg Effexor in a.m. have been reducing gaba by 400 mg every 4 days . And my depression has really slipped and I’m mega low and fuzzy and hopeless. I’m down to 200mg x 4 times. Is this a normal withdrawal effect ? Sad thing is, first few days on it my anxiety for first time ever went . Totally. Now reducing , depression is awful .
  • Patti
    I have been taking Gabapentin for my sciatic pain. But it caused me to lose a great deal of my hair. So after about 8 months I am tapering off of it. It has many bad side effects. I will say it stopped my nerve pain but it wasn’t worth the hair loss.
    • Melissa McCormick
      Oh my goodness, well I am sorry to hear of your hair loss, I am interested because for the first time in my life I lost a complete circular pattern of hair at the back of my head which so far is hidden by the top layers. I take gabapentin 800 mg three times a day and perhaps it is the medication. I can’t find a schedule of titration anywhere. I’d like to come off it is soon as possible. Any help is much appreciated. Any information on the hair returning? I am devastated. Thanks, Melissa
      • Dee
        Patti and Melissa, I am in the same boat as you guys. I have been taking Gabapentin with a recently increased dosage to 1800mgs for my sciatic nerve pain. I have been on this drug since August of last year and not until my dosage was increased did I start to lose my hair in a circular pattern in the crown of my head. I’m beyond stressed out about this. I’ve tried to wean myself off of Gabapentin but, my withdrawals were HORRIBLE! If you guys have gotten off of the meds, did your hair come back? My doctor is so nonchalant when I tell her what I’m experiencing so here I am, looking for solutions/answers from those of you who are experiencing some of the same things that I am.
    • Marlene
      I’m on1200mg daily for my sciatica, but I’ve been experiencing extreme sleepiness, double vision, and slurred speech. I’m not sure if the Gabapentin is even helping my pain, so I’m wearing myself off of it very slowly.
  • Sandra Fletcher
    My dog has been on 200 the mornings and 300 night for her spine. I want to get her on a lower dosage she’s been on it about a year. She is just so tired all the time.
  • Lynn
    I ordered my gabapenin as I have done for years and was gradually reducing the dose. This time when I ordered my tablets the doctor refused to give me them. I ordered them via patient access. I was unaware this happened. I was left with no tablets and no backup from my doctor. I’ve had a massive withdrawal from this. Today I go to see the doctor to find out why I was left high and dry for over 1 week. Hopefully he gives me them back as I cannot cope with nothing. I believe I have been treated appalling by NHS professionals. Let’s see
  • Denny
    My doctor never told me this was an addictive drug and that you should be hospitalized when withdrawing. I’m prescribed 3200 mgs a day and someone recently told me to be careful with this drug. I’m absolutely terrified now as I’ve been taking this dosage for roughly 3-4 months now. Please pray for me-
    • Ashley
      Did you ever get off? How did it go?
  • Robin
    I took Gabapentin for fibromyalgia for several years and had no problem in stopping it. Last year my fibro began acting up and I began taking it again. I only take 800 mgs per DAY (400 and about 10 hrs later another 400. I think drs prescribe this in WAY too high a dose. I also take tylenol EXTENDED for arthritis 4 pills per day. I have fibro, spinal stenosis, 3 tears in my meniscus, osteoarthritis, and now, cancer. I have no idea why some are prescribed such high doses of this drug. Low doses work just as well, if not better.
    • Vicky Sayce
      I agree here Hun. I only take 309mg a day in 2 150mg doses and I’m weaning of this at the moment so 209 mg in 109mg dose twice a day. My go says they can only perscription uptown 700mg daily of this drug. It took me years to agree to this for my fibro. It’s not made a blind bit of difference to my pain levels, hence me coming off it. Docs shouldn’t be dishing out these high doses it’s shocking
  • Jan
    I took first 300 mg at night for foot neuropathy, then my knees, both replaced by metal, began to get worse so I took another 300 mg. I was only on them for 3 months. I sought advice from my Dr. as the side effects were so bad I wanted to get off them…swelling of feet, calves; severe depression, stomach pain and twitching of fingers, etc. I have reduced to 300 mg for 4 days now and have incredible pain, worse in my knees but also my feet. And, I’m on opioid, 2 different kinds, but they don’t touch the pain from weaning off this NASTY drug!!! I’m over 65 and the info that goes with this drug warns not to take if 65+. I had no idea Gabapentin was addictive! I’m praying for you, Denny–contact your Dr. If you want to stop–very dangerous!
  • Norma
    AVOID GABAPENTIN at all costs, it’s is a very DANGEROUS drug with horrific side affects & doctors do not advise you of the the true difficulties of taking this drug eg side affects addiction/ withdrawal & dangers of this drug to your heart & health, DO NOT TAKE GABAPENTIN, it’s not safe & most doctors are unaware of dangers or deny the difficulties it causes, I was prescribed 900mg per day & after 4/5 weeks of being on gabapentin I ending up rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack, severe chest pain double vision breathlessness headache aching right arm hand neck back pain nausea dizzy lightheaded extreme fatigue & inability to speak or think clearly elevated blood pressure & against all medical advice I went cold turkey off gabapentin as I’m 100% positive that the gabapentin cause this difficulties ( although medical staff would disagree ) & it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all & I’m still experiencing difficulties but I felt it was much much safer to stop taking gabapentin immediately than continuing to take a drug that hospitalised me & has left me very unwell when taking the drug & after stopping take the drug & it didn’t even help with the nerve pain it was prescribed for, I think this drug should be banned & I am going to make sure that something is done to bring to light the dangers of taking this drug & hopefully get the medication information leaflet changed to specifically explain what risks you are taking when on this medication, I was on 900mg gabapentin for around 4/5 weeks & wished I had been made aware before I put this into my system, if I can stop at least one person from taking this drug I have achieved what I have set out to do, PLEASE AVOID GABAPENTIN for your own safety & people out there who have have similar bad experiences please spread the word DO NOT TAKE GABAPENTIN, it’s not safe & for whatever reasons the damage it causes is not recognised by the medical profession or for some reason is not accepted by them & is certainly not explained to patients, there is information out there for people who really want to find out more about this drug but you just have to research it & no medical professional will openly admit the dangers to you, thank you for taking the time to read this & I hope that it has helped someone avoid this drug
    • J
      Hey , I read your message and it helped me a little . I took it for about 5 weeks and started getting a bad reaction. I guit about 3 weeks ago and been having the worst detox. I’m having crazy heart papatations , depression, anxiety, and loss of appetite . Can you please tell me if you experienced the same thing. It would really help me with the stress . Thanks
      • Judith
        I am going through the same with terrible anxiety and insomnia. Nobody warns you how addictive they are when prescribing. Indeed, a horrible drug..I agree…you are right, my Doctor never warned me about addiction. I was prescribed for pain after hip replacement.
    • Susan
      I agree with you. I NEVER saw where it helped the neuropathy I was having, and they increase it to virtually TRY to make it work. Then, you can’t get off of it. I am down to such a LOW dosage right now – 100mg 2x per day, and this is going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The anxiety attacks start, I feel suicidal, muscles go crazy. And you are 100% right – the Drs WILL NOT believe this med could be causing it. My suggestion – you take it for awhile and see what happens to you! It’s been a year long nightmare.
    • Dyana Placher
      Please get in touch with me if you are thinking class action lawsuit, because that is what I may pursue if possible..
      • Jeanette
        Yes i would definitely like to file for a class action suit.
      • Monica
        Me too. This drug made me want to jump out of my window. TERRIBLE DRUG.
      • Monica
        Me too. This drug made me want to jump out of my window. TERRIBLE DRUG. Maxed out at 600mg before I literally was writing my will.. at 100mg I was angry and hungry, stopped the misfiring of my nerves though…for about 4 days at a time then I’d increase the dose. More anger. Then apathy. Then the most crippling depression I’ve ever felt. But no pain: What does one do?with no other alternative. This is THE ONLY thing that worked. But I got to the point where I didn’t recognize my own reflection in the mirror. Wtf. Weaned silly slow bc ya know what, even just under 3 months on it felt exactly like 7 year benzo taper. I might have stayed in this 200mg bc, again, this devil pill works, but the amnesia was unreal. I don’t recall any of June or July. Couldn’t remember anything and always felt I was really gonna mess up forgetting the wrong thing. Called the washing machine the lawnmower, forgot how to do my job while I was doing it..You’ve gotta be kidding me. Bro- stay far away from this trash if you need your brain AT ALL to function and make a living. Some labor intensive, drone work might be okay, but details?!! Forget It. Read the book Life After Pain Dr. Kuttner. It is the only way to get unstuck from the impending doom of your life slipping away from chronic pain.
        • Les
          I made the mistake of taking it “as needed”. It was only 100mg, but I would start and stop, here and there. Stopped cold turkey and my symptoms are fatigue, flu like weakness, lots of anxiety which in turn makes my palpitations worse, which in turn makes my anxiety worse. Maybe I’m lucky in that I haven’t been taking it for long and my dosage has always been just 100mg. I am a male, age 67.
          • Obenia hood
            I am an 82 yr old .pain clinic put me on GABA 100 mg and I took it 4 days and now I stopped it .I am having withdrawals.can you believe it ! Sick as a dog! I will never take this medicine sick I can hardly walk.brain in a fog,nausea,sick at stomach and having stomach pains,headache the whole nine yards,over taking 4 pills.dangerous drug!
        • Susan
          Interesting – have been taking one 400mg at night just to sleep through severe back pain. Doc said I could take 3x a day, can’t even imagine how I would function on that. The one I do take is at 9p and it literally knocks me out. Further, for hours after I wake up I am banging into the walls… For some time after starting this fad of a pill I had to stop myself from suddenly jumping off the 2-fl balcony.. Crazy. I am 61 years old and careful with medications. Scientist son was appalled I was not titrated to level, and had noticed from overseas subtle changes in my demeanor. Further, I am a TBI recovering person, have no sense of time and difficulty in expressing self – am thinking this one pill is not my friend. Can’t tell where TBI leaves off and Gabapentin might be kicking in. Further, son showed some good scientific studies on this drug – suicidal ideation is high. As is successful suicide. So… I am angry too and will continue to examine this drug and getting off of it. My brain functions are something I had to work hard at, the doc knows this. Will they give me 4-5 painkillers a month? Heck no. Despite life-long history of no drug abuse. But bone on bone lumbar pain is pretty darn bad and sleep helps heal. Never was messed up before, don’t like it, don’t like giving hours of my day to fog. I don’t drink alcohol, and I read that is a very good thing not to do on this drug. Should have done my homework better before using. Appreciate the support and acknowledgments here about this gaba drug. Check out the scientific papers! Interesting to see others felt compelled to jump. Learned to just sit and not move until it passed. Thanks and best to all.
  • Lynn Brumbach
    Took 100mg.of Gabapentin 3xday for 5 days can I stop taking it?
    • Anonymous
      I would think so being you weren’t even on it a full week at such a low dose.
  • Robin
    Funny thing. All the withdrawal symptoms are exactly why I am taking this drug: anxiety, sweating, fatigue and itching which are my menopausal plight. Gabapentin has spared me from jumping off a tall building with these wretched issues that professionals blithely call: hot flashes. Mine are more than momentary heat flushes; they are full on episodes that begin with panic/nausea, racing heart, heat, desperate fatigue, hunger, thirst and itching. Seven minutes later I am normal; however, in those 5-7 minutes I am very unhealthy. Gabapentin (800mg/daily: 200mg 4x) has reduced the number of episodes from as many as 30+ in 24 hours, to 8-25, and their severity from “ready to jump” to “I will get through this.” The disadvantage of taking GP is I feel like I am losing critical brain activity, including memory, ability to think and reason. I want to taper off and can’t imagine it–not just the temporary issues, but that my episodes will resume at full capacity. I am interested in anyone else is taking GP for these issues.
    • A. Pegues
      I have been taking a similar amount for the past 5 months for neuralgia following a breast reduction. It has worked really, really well along with Tramadol (100 to 200 mg a day). I DID have your “critical brain activity and memory loss” issues at the beginning, and they scared me; but my brain has come back bit by bit, and is just about back to normal at this point. I should be coming off the drug within the next few months and am reading up here about tapering off – but wanted to reassure you about the reasoning and memory issues.
    • Dina
      My GYN has prescribed it for hot flashes and insomnia…I’ve only ever taken max 300mgs. at night…but I usually take 200mgs. She wanted me to increase and take a couple throughout the day as well when it didn’t seem to be working at the lower dose but I haven’t done it…I want to get off of it and now I really do after reading all of these horrible experiences. I’m going to try tapering tonight…wish me luck!
    • Chez
      I was put on Gabapentin for hot flushes. Have only been taking the drug for 2 weeks with no relief & after reading all of the above comments will taper off starting today. They make me feel nauseas & I’ve also had headaches. I have been taking 600mg per day. Started on 300 & increased with no relief.
  • Kristin
    If I only took 3 (300 mg) capsules of gabapentin, will I still feel the withdrawal effects? Last dose was over a week ago and I’m still having problems sleeping
  • noke
    i have been takeing 4800 mg a day for 5 months how do i get them out of my system
    • Nina
      I’m taking 4800mg a day. Having issues with diarrhea since increase. Has anyone else had this problem?
    • Jennifer Knits
      I took 4800mg/day for 8 years. When I decided to get pregnant I started weaning off the drug, but at about 3 weeks of tapering I forgot my night dose. I didn’t sleep, I was uncomfortable. I figured, in for a penny in for a pound and I Quit. I didn’t know that there could be a withdrawal syndrome. It was heinous. At about day 3 without sleep, with itchy restless legs, murderous irritability, stomach ache, headache, etc etc…, I started googling. I persisted and got through the worst physical withdrawal side effect in about 2 weeks. Sleep has never been the same, but it was never great Before Neurontin either. But I used to sometimes be able to sleep through a night and that just never happens anymore. It was hard to tell where the withdrawal irritability and anxiety left off and where the stress of IVF and then of pregnancy began. I had a very anxious and irritable pregnancy. I conceived about 4 months after stopping the gabapentin. I read that the withdrawal is much like a benzodiazapine withdrawal and that the sequelae can play out over 6 months before you’re back to normal and your neurotransmitters are recalibrated. It was a magic bullet drug for me. It worked like nothing ever had, and no side effects. Unfortunately I kept accommodating to it so the dr kept giving me more and more and had me take it more and more frequently. 800mg q 4h, 1600mg @ bedtime to help with sleep problems. Ugh.If I knew that I’d have reliable access to it for life I’d maybe start up, but I don’t know if I could survive another withdrawal like that one, so I haven’t looked back.The correct way to do taper is to take less each week for, with your dose, probably a year. At the end you’re taking very small amounts every other day, the every third day, then …stop. Or. Or you can taper for awhile and then gut it out like I did. Presuming that you’re not taking it for seizure activity. I was taking it for temporal lobe seizures that look like anger and self-abusive dark thoughts. So during the withdrawal that’s what redoubled and was the hardest for me. If it’s working for nerve pain, you’ll have a Ton of that in your withdrawal syndrome. If for motor seizures you risk status epilepticus by not tapering down oh so carefully. Whatever you’re taking it for that it’s helping with will temporarily be Much Worse than before you ever took the drug.After a few weeks without taking it I saw my dr and told him about it. His mind was blown, he’d NEVER HEARD of a neurontingwithdrawal syndrome. I was still hella irritable and I read him the riot act. “Did you know that even after graduating from medical school you are Still Supposed to READ UP ON ALL THE DRUGS YOU PRESCRIBE!?!?” Then I didn’t see him for a few years. When I came back he looked so shame-faced and a little scared. I actually gave him a hug. *rolled eyes*
  • Sophia
    I took gabapentin for shingles pain and the orthopedic dr kept me on them before knee replacement. Stopped cold turkey and had the worse migraines and anxiety before dr sent me medication to SLOWLY TAPER from 600 per day, 300 to 100. Tapering was not easy! Anxious!
  • B
    I was on 1 gaba Benton low dose for neurological pain for sciatica while awaiting a surgery date. I was taking 1 pill only at best time… it did nothing. I told my doctor this medication is doing nothing for me…..she increased the dosage to 3x/day. I finally got the back surgery which was an absolute success, but being on gaba for only 4 months really screwed with my system. I have been off of it for 3 weeks now and I still have the worst side effects like, insomnia, sweating constantly, headache and anxiety.
  • Christina
    I have been on gabapentin for 22 days, my PCP prescribing it for my “menopausal” symptoms which were causing me insomnia (that was her diagnosis). Started off at 200 mg, it helped me sleep and my symptoms dissapeared for a few nights, and I was back at square one. Went back and she upped my dosage to 400 mg and told me if that didn’t work, I could up it to 500 mg, and basically she didn’t know what to do with me (she wrote on my checkout sheet to “call” her with updates. LOL), and she gave me 5 refills on the 300 mg tablets (fabulous patient care, right?) 22 days later, I’m still not sleeping, and the medication isn’t helping at all. Went to the Urgent Care this morning for help sleeping and got instructions on how to withdrawl from gabapentin BEFORE I can take any sleep meds (the interaction for gabapentin and sleeping aids is not recommended per the urgent care dr, the nurse line through my insurance company, and the pharmacist), so 5 more days of insomnia. For anyone interested in my withdrawl instructions, they are as follows (this is taking 400 mg the last few days)Day 1 – 3 – Take 300 MG Day 4-5 – Take 200 MG Day 6-7 – Take 100 MGNeedless to say, I changed my PCP, and will be filing a complaint about the prescribing dr with my insurance company. I wouldn’t recommend this medication to anyone, as it interferes with your brain function. Had I looked into the medicine BEFORE I took it, I would have opted not to.
  • Christina
    I agree with “AVIOD GABAPENTIN AT ALL COSTS”. My PCP put me on it for “menopause” symptoms (also insomnia), not explaining to me the kind of drug it was, and that it chages your brain functioning. When I wasn’t getting relief, and went back to my dr, she increased my dose and gave me 5 refills telling me to “call her with updates”. Not only did it not work, I had to visit an urgent care clinic yesterday, and get instructions to ween myself off this horrible drug after taking it for 3 weeks.
  • Rikky
    I have lyme which has messed with my neurotransmitters in my brain and causing really bad nerve issues throughout my body especially my chest and head. Debilitating to the point of not being able to work or function except at a very painfully low level.Gabapentin literally saved my life if I didn’t have it i would’ve put a bullet in my head by now. I’m doing 1800 mg divided into 3 doses. I’ve been on it for over 18 months. I will start to try and wean off it end of year but I can tell you when I don’t take my dose on time it gets really bad.It’s my body needing the levels of Gaba I’m taking because it’s not producing as much and used to it. Tough to wean off this drug for those on high doses and a long time like me it’s going to take you a month probably two.
  • Amber
    I have been on gabbapen for a few years now. The Dr put me on 400 mg. I take 2 tablets 4x a day for dibetic nerve pain. It helped at first but after a while they have to go up on the does because it just stops working after a while! And I have tried to not take it at times and when I do I start itching all over my body head to toe and tingling all over!! I won’t something different for the nerve pain . Is there anything out there other then gabbapen? My nerve pain is extremely bad but I have to do something I have to get off the gabbapen! Thanks and someone please help guide me on what to do about this.
  • rameo
    I was on Gabapentin for about 3 weeks, I took 300 mg, then 400 mg at night. I had been told to start it prior to radiation therapy for cancer. I got brain fog and then my hair started falling out. I’m on Day 4 of stopping and cannot sleep at all. Even with sleep medication.Has anyone else had hair loss and did it come back? Very upsetting.
  • Karen
    I’m on 2200mg per day ( 800mg morning ,600mg lunch. 800mg evening) for nerve pain in back. Have been on it maybe 6- years ? Had to slowly increase to this right level for me until the medication finally killed the pain. Side effects , brain fog , forgetfulness, tiredness / fatigue , clumsiness , Memory loss and brain fog have got worse over the years and now I find it dreadful and frustrating. I wish to now taper of these tablets . Has anybody a taper of table for this level of tablets. .Anybody starting out on this drug , please go back to your GP and request another medication ASAP !
  • Jacqueline Brackin
    I have been on 300 mg twice a day for about July 2018. Was dx with trangeminial negrolia . Had recent test and determined did not have TN. So went to Dr. and ask to come off. She put me on 300 mg at bedtime only. How can I proceed from this, as she prescribed a 90 day supply. I don’t want to take this if I don’t need it. Is there a better weaning program I can follow?
    • Jim
      I would tell your doctor that you’re worried about tapering too fast. Ask for some 100 mg tablets and discuss with doctor about going from 300 to 200 to 100 rather than going from 300 to zero. You’d have to come up with a plan for how long to stay at each new lower dose. Perhaps 1 or 2 weeks at each new lower dose. However every person responds differently so there’s no magic guideline. In any case I would be wary about going from 300 to zero.
  • angie price
    i am totally screwed and would stay away from gabapentn at all cost its wonderful and terrible at the same time. i have been on it for 15 years and im talking 5000mg daily yes 5000. i have donehtis for so long i fear there is no hope for me. tapering never works because i never have enough to do so because of the hgh dose. ive had seizures nuropathy, fibromyalgia, compression fractures, and depression….anything its like they hand this out for everything but ive totally screwed my brain up. so FYI DO NOT EVEN TRY IT!!
    • kat
      Ive been taking these for 8 years ive started to abuse them. I take 3000 mg 2 to 3 times a day for the last few months and I have stopped seeing my doctor because I moved away and I really don’t know what to do. I have 3 children and want to be off of them.
  • Dave Babcock
    Go natural iam still taking the med but hate I was 3200 and went down to 900 I want off scared of my nerve pain will get worse i had a double fusion back surgery. Avoid taking this if you can I feel like it’s killing me trying to get off.
  • Ann Gedney
    I’ve been on gabapentin for almost 10 years, and I’m trying to get pregnant so my doctors told me I need to get off of it due to possible birth defects. I take one 300mg at night, but they never told me to wean off. Two days ago I stopped cold turkey, and since yesterday I’ve been having horrible withdrawal symptoms, and don’t know what to do. I’m so pissed that they didn’t warn me to slowly get off of it..any advice?
  • Pattij553
    I thank the commenter in this thread who suggested the magnesium citrate. I had always taken the cheap kind nature made that worked fine for my other magnesium deficiency issues. But I only made it into 11 days just reducing my gabapentin from 1200 to 900 before I could not bear the constant and increasingly painful migraine from the withdrawal (and I don’t get headaches). So I went all the way back up to 1200 until I felt ok again. Then had the doctor prescribe 100 mg capsules. Along with a double dose of magnesium citrate, I reduced my gabapentin by only 100 mg per week. The withdrawal doing it that way was very tolerable, yet still felt. The first two days every week I felt great, third day funny, 4th day restless and sleep difficult but next couple felt pretty good and last day good, then down another 100. It took me 3 months. Totally off of it for 2-3 weeks now but I am beginning to feel tempted to take some again. Why? I am tired and have anxiety. I am hoping this will get better. Anyone else with lingering fatigue after quitting?
  • Blm
    I just took my first 100mg today. After reading this I will not take another pill. For all of you that are on this med. and are hooked on it, it’s time you find out if you can start a law suit!!! I use a great lawyer in Penna. Brandon. A. Swartz and Chris Culleton. Give them a call…can’t hurt.
    • Sandi Breckenridge
      I WISH I’d seen this thread before I started the gabapentin in 2016! Dr started me at 3 100 mg every night. Too dizzy, so cut back to 2 each night. Sound so small with all the stories; however, now I’m suffering with SEVERE foot cramps all night and now daytime as well. Not one dr has recommended not taking gabapentin . . Seems to be new go-to drug. Can’t hand out pain pills, so let’s cover the pain with Gab. So smart to not take !!! Great choice.
  • Andrea
    I took 100mg for about 1 week. Took 200mg for 2 weeks or so then tapered down to 100mg for 3 days, then skipped a day, took it a day and skipped a day then stopped. I am suffering from nausea and diarrhea. No appetite. Is this from the gabapentin. I want on it long. Less than 1 month.
    • Tinak
      I know that it’s been a month since you wrote this but you did so well coming off it. Next time could be harder. Hope you are doing ok
  • Christine
    These doctors should be forced to take benzos and get off them. Then be put on Gabapatein and get off that after a while. They wouldn’t be so Willy nilly about prescribing. They ALL belong in jail.
  • Lauren
    I am worried. I take from 3000mg – 3600mg a day, for the past 6 years, I am in the process of coming off codeine also and I’m nearly done with that. I now need to weine off the gabapentin but I don’t know what’s the safest way of doing that. What dosage should I take a day to start off with and how many ml should I drop each week?, any ideas people. I really want to extend my family very soon and I want to be clean before trying so the quicker the better. Thanks x
  • Stephanie
    I stopped taking Gabapentin over a week ago and still having stomach pain. I took only 300mg at bed for over a year. Does anyone know how long this lasts or why it happens?
    • Benaya
      hi Stephanie, you got it easy…could be worse…and don’t worry soon it will be over
  • Curious
    I have been taking gabapentin to help with cold turkey heroin withdrawal as I’ve been told it helps with the muscle spasms and restlessness. Now I’m wondering if I’ve just extended the suffering?! I’ve only taken it for 3 or 4 days. Is that long enough to create withdrawal from this as well?
  • Tim
    I too am wondering if I’ll have withdrawal. I was prescribed it because it reduces the cravings for alcohol. I took 300mg day 1, 900mg day 2, 300mg today. They side effects suck. If I just don’t take it on day four will I be ok?
  • Steve Haywood
    Hi My wife as all these side effects,is there a alternative.
  • Andrew
    I used Gabapentin to ease withdrawal from opiates. It worked really well. I was able to stop the opiates cold, and never looked back. The Gabapentin helped to control the nerve pain I have, and stabilized my mood by easing anxiety from PTSD. One thing led to another, doses went up and up, and eventually out of control in an effort to contain anxiety, stress and pain. From 300mg/day at the beginning, to an out-of-control 3000mg 3x/day five years later- i made the decision enough was enough. I stopped them cold 6 days ago. I have never experienced such a difficult, painful and stressful time in my life. Bone crushing depression and hopelessness, insomnia that allows for 2 hours of sleep per night–15 minutes at a time, pain everywhere, fatigue and complete loss of appetite for even water, the list goes on. Time passes so slowly, that what I think must be an hour, is only around 3 minutes. Intrusive thoughts and irrational fear (constantly riding the edge of panic) are a BATTLE, especially at night. This doesn’t help the existing PTSD. I don’t sleep long enough to dream, if there’s a silver lining in not having nightmares. 6 days in. I am sure this is going to be a long haul, definitely miserable. Good luck to everyone quitting. I hope you can find the will to muscle through. I just wish I had a timeline, or at least a light at the end of the tunnel.
    • Craig
      Andrew, any update on you? I’m suffering similar withdrawal symptoms. Craif
    • Philip
      I was on 1500 mg daily for 6 years and decided that having read all the positive spin about this I’d stop because among other issues, it lowered my libido. My friend told me of the horror some experience with the withdrawal from this and suggested I take one tablespoon of Kratom, daily as a tea. Bingo, all symptoms eminently manageable from day three and then I weaned down the Kratom.Interestingly, this drug will be classed as a controlled substance in UK from April 1 2019, so there’s a lot that we don’t know about this substance.
  • S Martin
    Wow. I had no idea that Gabapentine could cause such havoc. I had shingles and then neuropathy and she prescribed Gabapentine and never told me to come off it. Then I had fusion on my spine and surgery two days later because a screw was irritating the nerve. Dosage went up to 600mg three times a day. This was last July. When i’d Forget a dose I would have spark like pains in my leg. So I’ve kept taking it. I no longer have the back pain, but legs are so weak, balance off, and felt so fatigued I decided to cut down. Last week I took 600mg twice a day and this week cut back to 600mg once a day. Haven’t been sleeping well for several months, brain fog, and terrible itching but I didn’t connect it to the drug or tapering off it. I turned 80 and blamed a lot on that. After reading all this I think it’s the Gabapentine. So I intend to continue to slowly taper off. Problem is I am to have a hip replacement in a few months and the Doctor is bound to prescribe it again. I don’t do opioids so I wonder what I will do. Thanks to all of you for sharing information.
  • Ned
    Hi. I’ve been on gabapentine for three months. Peripheral neuropathy. The side effects were unpleasant. I persuaded my GP to titrate me off,concluding the neuropathy was the lesser of two evils. I’m now one week in and suffering withdrawal. Knowing what I know now I would not have taken the drug. In my view it is very dangerous.
    • Raymond Young
      I have been on Gabapentin 1800 mg a day for 3 years after radical spinal surgery. I have had no complications as of this date. Evidently it effects everyone differently. I won’t do without it.
  • Joe A
    I was given a free sample of 400mg tablets of Gabapentin by a new Doctor to help with nerve/feet pain. Not sure if the pain is due to neuropathy. The pain is mostly at the top of my feet with bulging veins. I was uneasy taking the medicine as an off label since it is mainly prescribed for seizures. I started on the Gabapentin on February 1, 2019 at 800 mg a day and increased to 1600 mg a day. I have started tapering off the drug towards the end of February. I am taking 100 mg less each week. I am now on 400 mg a day. 100 mg in the morning and 300 mg in the evening. Here is my plan: April 4, 2019 – 300 mg April 11, 2019 – 200 mg April 18, 2019 – 100 mg (evenings) After two weeks on 100 mg quit May 2, 2019 – Quit Is the above a safe tapering period or should I stay on 100 mg for a few more weeks perhaps a month?
  • Bex
    I am taking 300mg a day for back pain…can I just stop taking it or should i taper down the dose over a week?? I don’t know if it’s doing anything and i am itching a lot .. i don’t think I need to be on it and maybe should just stick to ibuprofen and paracetamol??
    • Jpe. A
      How long have you been taking the Gabapentin/Neurontin. If you want to stop please consult your Doctor to devise a taper down plan. I hope you have read the horror stories of quitting cold turkey.
  • Scott Hunter
    I started taking gabapentin for a severe back injury. 3 herniated discs and after 1.5years if taking well over 160mg of oxycodone per day. I thought from the way the doc told me that there would be no withdrawals this was a solution.” No high, no pain, no withdrawals” 1.5 years I started noticing I was forgetting even the most simple things, moved out of my home with a view of lake Washington and moved into a truck where I lived for a year. The whole time thinking it was normal. My friends and family walked away and I barely even noticed thinking they are crazy.. I had an awaking one afternoon after missing a second dose of 300mg (regular daily dose of 600mg). I was on a job site when I entered into what I can only describe as a super manic schizophrenic , double vision stage..and rapid suicidal thoughs were pulsing non stop.. I ran back to my home terrified I would have a heart attack. (2 months after moving into a 550sqft shack) I realized I had been lied too. I immediately asked my new doctor to start a taper process and she all but refused saying “if I takes care of your pain stay on it” ..2 more doctors gave me the same speech just dismissing my request until I took the detox into my own hands. I have cataloged ever step of this journey through he’ll!! 9 months of slow tapering from 600mg 1. Here’s what I did that’s worked pretty good: 300mg every 12 hrs slowly slowly adding 1 HR (so every 13hrs, then 14,15,16,17 until I made it to 300mg every 24 hrs) this took 6 months and it was horrible. I stabilized after every drop for at least a week. It was horrible!! And still s**ks. I finally hit 150mg breaking my 300mg capsules into 2-150mg capsules and then pushing my”dosing further apart. After I hit 150mg every 30hrs I felt confident I could cope..ive been off for 7 days. It’s terrible!!! I dropped 30lbs in the last 2 week’s. Suicidal thoughts, horribly itchy skin, a dry achy joint feeling, tremors, anxiety from hell, and my memory went from a steel trap to I can barely remember how to put gas in my car. I keep reminding myself and made a sign for my wall that says”it’s that f****d up drug not you” to remind me not to give up” >the facts are this drug is a drug! The doctors don’t give a crap, this is worse than any withdrawal I’ve been through..ever! (And I have been through heroin detox 37 times.) I had 6 years clean and sober before I injured myself. Now I’m back in The fight! I am planning a major suit against the pharmaceutical companies and will win!! I know 2 people that went cold turkey and died from it at 600mg so I’m glad I tapered A.M.A. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS DRUG, IT MAY BE A DEATH SENTENCE THAT STEALS YOUR LIFE FIRST. I have hope that the symptoms with stop.. And remind myself it’s going to take time for my former IQ of 146 to come back if ever. For now I’m just happy to want to keep fighting and use that anger to fuel the strength needed to recover from this DRUG!
  • Tristan Fenn
    I’ve been taking gaba to get off marijuana… a joke right? Not really. I’ve been doing a 600mg dose once at night before bed time because that’s when I’m having the hardest time staying off the pot. I’ve read these comments and am now scared of the drug… confident enough to stop taking it with out relapsing. I have taken it maybe 6-7 times. Oa it safe to cold Turkey this junk at that dosage/time?Appreciate the fact that this is hear. Hope to hear back from someone.
  • Mmj
    I too take gaba 400 mg. Three times daily. I had a hysterectomy in my early 30’s… I am now 67. I was on estrogen until I was 65. My new endocrinologist took me off estrogen and it threw me into menopause at such a late age!. I suffered the same hot flashes, panic, loss of sleep, etc…as Robin. The Gabapentin has relived said horrific hot spells etc. I have been taking for about 10 months now. I don’t know what I would do without it. I tried venlafaxine which did nothing for me. Gabapentin 400 mg. Three times a day has helped me.
  • Rosemary Robertson
    I have recently stopped taking Gabapentin cold turkey. I was on 900mg a day for about a month or more. Since stopping this drug I now have a phantom smell that no one else smells it. It can either last all day, or it can come and go in short bursts. It is not a pleasant smell and is like a stale perfume. Sometimes I can also get a chemical taste in my mouth when the smell starts. I will need to consult with my GP to see if we can stop this phantom smell.Please please be very careful with coming off any drug and do it under the doctors instruction. I wish you all well.
    • anesthesiolOG_UNC73
      Please Google “What is an ‘aura’ seizure warning sign, smell, taste” Please meet your doctor ASAP and mention the taste and smell, and express you are concerned that it may be related to your quitting gabapentin, “an anticonvulsant,” cold turkey. Seriously, I am concerned for your health. Now, a rant: The GABAPENTIN CRISIS is the crisis reporters are too afraid to report on. Big Pharma + nonprofits + insurance companies formed major syndicate #GabapentinGang working together with MSM and profiting HUGE off opioid crisis FAKE NEWS. Doctors scared NOT to prescribe Gabapentin. Could be arrested, lose licenses if not prescribing gabapentin up to federal minimum standards. #GabapentinGang potentially issuing BLACK HAND death threats to ANY physicians not prescribing #Gabapentin more often than #Theraflu #Advil and #Adderall. Where’s the media on this? Please spread word my friends. We need to get people talking about this.
  • Anne Huntress
    I started taking Gabapentin last week for Trigeminal neuralgia. The neurologist is still diagnosing why it is occurring. The first day, after taking one pill the night before, I felt tired and had dry mouth, but the pain was happily gone. The second day, the pain was back, but the dry mouth and tiredness also decreased. I took one pill again on the third day with the same result. After reading comments I was hesitant to increase to 200mg (one pill twice a day), but I want the neuralgia to stop, so I am doing that. It seems to be working great….with no side effects. As long as it is doing its job, I won’t be increasing to the recommended 3-a-day.
  • Wendy
    has anyone finding that getting to sleep is an issue? I’m taking it for hot flashes and getting up to pee too often at night – I don’t really know if it’s helping – it helped at the start, but now I’m finding it’s hard to get to sleep and then I’m still getting up a couple times a night and then I have a hard time getting up “fresh” in the morning. I am only taking 300 mg and really – I’m loathe to get addicted – I am not a pill person and very wary of this.
  • deona coleman
    I wished my stupid Dr. Told me that this was something that was addictive I am on methadone and I cold turkey this medication I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep stomach cramps I thought something was wrong with my methadone because I was feeling like I was being detox. I’m having these drug dreams I’m smelling these drugs like they was right there omg I thought I was losing my mind any way why would my Dr give me this crap and he know I’m in recovery because they don’t listen they don’t care they ask you your name 10 times please don’t take this crap.
  • Debi
    A psychiatrist prescribed Gabapentin ( off label ) for anxiety along with celexa. 300 mg at night. 100 mg in the morning. I’ve only taken it 3 days but want to stop. Do I still need to wean off?
    • Linda Edgington
      Debi, You might be okay to stop it after only 3 days. My best to you and glad you’re getting off now!
  • Rober
    I agree the worst medication in the world. Withdrawal is terrible. I have no appetite, no sleep, termours, headache, I am not myself. Terrible thoughts… Sleepless nights
    • Linda Edgington
      Robert, I’ve been though the horror of gabapentin withdrawal. Please join our facebook group “Gabapentin (Neurontin) Sufferers Desiring Action.” I really want to see something done about this drug so that so many people don’t continue to suffer.
  • MM
    Do not take this drug..After 2 weeks it made me black out & caused my stomach to bleed. I was pissing blood out of my bu*t.
  • Larry
    I have been taking this prescription for over 1 yr. My doctor never once warned me of the side effects to watch for. He acted like “ what do you want me to do?”? Well, I have been suffering with a rare case of burning mouth syndrome -(describing my soreness) My mouth feels totally raw inside Pallet/Gums/ Throat/ lips & tongue! It is just Terrible! 3 Referrals to Dentist / Maxiofacial/ Rheumatologist (Calgary) – still no help, this is what he prescribed…. He did not want to persue any more referrals even though I explained to him that the referrals he arranged just went with his own opinion – ( he struck down any attempt to follow it up ) therefore leaving me to take this GABAPENTIN 300mg 3 X day upped dosage to 400mg 3 X day. and sent me on my way like don’t bother me anymore!! I started feeling very off the norm soon after and it has gotten unbearable ( Pain increased / Lips broke out sores inside and I can not get a wink of sleep ! I phoned Health Link and they advised me to get in to Emergency Pronto. Well, the Emerg. Staff raked me thru the coals insisting I must be Crazy unless I had a “ Life threatening symptom” – kept me sitting after taking my ECG test – I could here the doctor discussing my case in front of my cubicle and they all seemed to be joking about me not having a problem- “ What is he doing in here – he shouldn’t even be here ( ha ha ha)” Then the Emerg. Doctor came in and asked me “exactly what I what do you want me to do” in a stupid voice( I had repeated my desperate concerns to 3 of the staff prior to this) I couldn’t take any more of this nonsense and I CAME UNGLUED and it came to a sudden end with him calling the SECURITY to escort me OUT! I lost it with him and 3 SECURITY Officers. I left on my own exactly the way I had came in the hospital ! Now I am desperate because this had never happened before in my lifetime ! What a TERRIBLE night ! Next day I managed to see my GP (doctor)! and he seemed to be oblivious to my experience in the EMERG. the night before, so I asked him to please take me off of the GABAPENTIN immediately ( I did not want this horror story to continue any longer). I explained that I was having Side Effects worse than what my prescription warned me of. “ No you can’t just quit like that- here let me give the Pharmacy a Tapering off plan”.” Good bye”…. Well, now I am home for the 3rd day of decreasing to 200mg 3 X day and still no sleep – j**king violently when I try – my knees are painful / I feel Desperate / fog brain/ spasmatic shocks in my whole body ( mainly arms & legs) my chest hurts / stomachs aches / my feet are tingling / feel like I am falling over all the time / no appetite / hurting all over ! This is SCARY S**T ! Never – Never will I allow myself to touch GABAPENTIN after this – ever Hell must be better than this !! My family are all worried sick ! “ Dad ,you should do this – Dad you should find a real Doctor that Follows up with your Health needs ! You should not be suffering like this for so long !” GABAPENTIN should be BANNED !I sympathize with everyone encountering the terrible side effects from this terrible drug!!!
  • Larry
    This Prescription should be banned Immediately ! Very Dangerous Side Effects !
    • Juanita Mccall
      I woke up one morning and was burning like I was in heĺl. There wasn’t any part of me that wasn’t o fire. My daughter took me to ER. I was a crying. I had never felt like this before. He gave me a gabapenntin 300 mg to be taken 3 times a day. Day 2 I only took it 2 times a day. Been doing this since 2012 or 2013 can’t really tell the exact year but it has been a long time. It helped right away. I have had dry mouth syndrome going on 2 years been sent here and there. Not until I read a reply did I find the cause of it. I have been losing my eyesight forgetting things nervous all the time. I was blaming it on the fact my husband had passed away in 2008. I didn’t know the posion I had been given was killing me. Now I know next week I must go to my doctor and get off this stuff. Thanks to this site I may live past my 70’s. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever become an addict.
  • Katy
    This is a “demon” drug! Do not take!
  • Rondo Hunter
    Not to toot my own horn but my experience with gabapentin (1200mg/day) for over three years was nothing like what anyone else has related theirs. I began taking it as I was coming off opioids and found out I was diabetic (II). Also I take alprazolam (3mg/day). Later I also began taking duloxetine (Cymbalta; 120mg/day). Like many people I began taking opiates for legitimate purposes but when the DEA/FDA cracked down that was it for me. Cold turkey drove me and my GP to start looking at other methods of pain relief. Thus the off-brand use of several different medications claiming to ease pain. Not for me; nothing really worked for pain relief. Being retired means I can lay around the house and wean myself off prescription meds and rely on relief with what nature provides. When my wife passed last January I really needed all my meds. Though still grieving I began cutting back. A few weird feelings here and there but nothing all that bad. Learned a new word: brain zap. Had been having those but did not know it had a name. No biggie, I can take it. Duloxentine is now off the table, gabapentin is cut in half and on it’s way out as well. My Xanax? Let’s take it a step at a time. This is my life-saver, literally. Guess I’m just a lucky boy. Half-Irish; no pots o’ gold but I do get lucky on other things that help make my life easier.
  • Camilla Surber
    Broke my ankle/foot/leg… it was bad. Had 2 surgeries. I have 2 steel plates and over 14 screws. I’m 65 years old. The nerve damage is extreme. It is painful beyond description, unbearable at times. Ny surgeon prescribed GABAPENTIN. 300mg 3x’s a day. That is 900 mg a day. I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks and I started getting severe dizzy spells, eyes jerking, head aches. So, I realize this drug is not for me!! I found this web site to see how to taper off this drug. After having read the comments, I’ll call my surgeon tomorrow and make sure I taper off the right way cause going “cold turkey” seems too dangerous. I’d rather suffer with neuropathy pain and cry through it than suffer the side effects from this drug. I know beyond any doubt I will never take this drug again.
  • Bill
    Have been taking gabopentin for 2.5 years for anxiety which is now gone. Was taking 600mg. Per day now down to 100. Will go to 50 mg. Per day this weekend. Withdrawal has taken about 8 weeks and has been pretty bad even at the 100 mg. level. See no alternative to persistence and believe it will work. Was told initially it was not addictive –not true. My symptoms are agitation, fatigue, dizziness. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED to point of giving up.
  • Downtowntiger
    I have taken doses from 900mg to 200 mg of Gabapentin for nearly 4 yrs for back pain. I have developed severe GERD, so I am going down from 300 to 200 mg only at night. I have had a headache for over two weeks and feel like my insides are shaking. I am so sorry that many of you have horror stories to tell.
  • Z MAN
    If you take it, the side effects are horrible. If you stop it, the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. This drug is from HELL! Please, anyone reading this forum, take it very seriously. It is almost impossible to imagine that educated, trained medical professionals are prescribing this POISON!
  • kj
    I lasted 7 days on gabapentin. I could hardly walk my legs hurt so bad. Dizzy, swollen hands and feet, headache. This was not a good choice for me. 300mg a day seemed low enough of dosage compared to what I see others take but I’ve never felt worse. I’ll deal with the issues I have some other way. ( although I know not everyone can). take care everyone. Never again for this drug.
  • Sarah Watson
    I’m sorry everyone is having such a hard time coming off of neurontin and hate the drug. I have had a completely different experience. I am an alcoholic in recovery for 3 1/2 years and I had such anxiety coming off of alcohol because my ex husband and I drank 2 30 packs a day, each. Neurontin has given me the releif from anxiety to enjoy my life. I’m only on 8 400 mg pills a day. Some people it works for and some people it doesn’t.
  • TJ
    I was on 900mg a day for 7 months for neuropathy caused by a herniated disc. I tapered off like the doctor said I could and stopped completely just a few days ago. My daughter was the first one to add things up and get concerned because I felt like I had the worst stomach flu ever, I was crying for no reason, having anxiety attacks, my heart was racing, I was sweating and then freezing, and just in general thought I was losing my mind. I’m hoping that these symptoms start to subside soon. I’m going to start taking magnesium and am debating starting my amatriptyline again to try to lessen the depression and anxiety symptoms. I feel completely betrayed because I specifically asked the doctor if there were any issues with gabapentin and he said no. I warned him that I have trouble with medications and he said I could stop at any time without problems. I am so angry right now because this is affecting my life and my relationships.
  • Larry Z.
    I am down to my last 100mg (was on 300mg 3X a day). I am dividing the contents of a capsule in half (50mg). Folks, it is living hell! Constant dizziness, agitation and GI problems. The insomnia is also bad. Have been very tempted to go back to a higher dose but, I have been through too much hell. I do not know if I ever will get through this. I stay in my room 90% of the time. Can barely stare at the TV. PLEASE, if you are ever prescribed this poison, refuse it!
  • Becki
    Worst “discontinuation” from any drug illicit or prescribed ever and I’ve done them all.. never had a harder time than with this drug. It needs to be scheduled, it needs to be prescribed with great care and caution and folks don’t just take it to help get off something else— id go thru opiate withdrawal 1000 times over this drug. terrible horrible no good very bad gaba.
  • Larry Z.
    Have been on this drug from hell for 3 months. The side effects are HORRIBLE. Even on a dose of 100mg twice a day. Did not help my anxiety, only made it worse. Attempted to stop and the withdraw was a nightmare. This poison should be removed from all pharmacies. God Help Me!
    • Vonda
      Larry I am so feeling your pain! I underwent a double mastectomy 7 weeks ago and my PS put me on this medication. I was prescribed 100 mg 3 times a day but I only took it twice a day. I don’t feel great on the medicine and I’m having crying break downs everyday, so decided to taper off to 1 dose a day, then went cold turkey yesterday. Today I’m having horrible withdrawal symptoms, called my pharmacist to see if the Gaba was the problem and low and behold it was, and here I am reading all the horror stories in this forum. Again, I’m on this medication for 7 weeks and having this horrible anxiety, nausea, trembling, hot flashes. Pharmacist told me to taper to one a day, then one every other day. I’m on such a low dose I wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go cold turkey again and deal with it until it passes. Cannot believe my PS put me on such a horrible drug.
  • Diane
    Thank you all. This has been so helpful. I had no trouble on the drug, 300m, but coming off… yikes. Dizzy, nauseous, runs, insomnia, headache. It does get better towards evening as someone mentioned. And I also get that feeling that I can’t catch my breath. I thought there was something really wrong with me. Here’s my question to you have come off….. how long does this last?? Thanks
  • Jp
    I have been on 300mg gabepentin for about a month, I have a herniated S1 Disc pinching my Sciatica nerve.I’ve been doing physical therapy & epidural shots, plus taking Gabepentin, Tramadol(50mg) & flexuralI’m on my last week of physical therapy, get my 3rd epidural shot tomorrow… all in all, I’m still going to go see the neurosurgeon to possibly have surgeryWell, last Friday I ran out of my Gabepentin, went to pharmacy, told me they could not refill it until the 8th(it was the 2nd) ok, no problemThe reason why I ran out, was because my doctor started me at 2-300mg capsules 3x a day… after about 2 weeks, he upped me to 3-300mg 3x a day… so that’s why I ran out…Well, over this past weekend when I wasn’t taking Gabepentin, I had cold sweats Sunday & Monday morning…Went to my docs (I had a MMO scheduled) told him about the refill situation, then told him I was having cold sweats for some reason…And he said I must be withdrawing from the Gabepentin… I was surprised, had no idea you can withdraw from thoseWell, he called the pharmacy & told them it was ok to refill because he had upped my dose…I go get those & take only 2-300mg… a couple hours later the cold sweats were gone.Now I’m online doing research on Gabepentin withdraws & I’m coming across all these bad experiences that people had shared.I actually was experiencing “crying spells” when I found out you could withdrawal from GABANow after reading a ton of negative responses about gabapentin, I am frightened to say the least… I want off these, I just don’t know what to expectSo I schedule a walk-in appointment with my doctor today, I go in at 4pm, I’m going to tell him I want to start a taperAnybody have any advice or any words to calm me down? Like a couple people had stated, had I known you could suffer withdrawal from GABA, I would of never started this medicine.I don’t know, it’s like the only thing on my mind & im driving myself “crazy”…. I’m just scared, oh that was another thing we noticed on Sunday, before i found out you could withdrawal, I was really agitated & angry this past Sunday, as my GF put it, I was “moody”… I don’t want to be like that towards NOBODY!I’ve only been on this drug for a month, any tips or ideas how to get off?
  • Math
    I am on day 7 without gabapentin and its been dificult, but i am through the worst. It’s a lot of anxiety and im feeling pretty hopeless.. anyone with experience that can tell me when the anxiety leaves and i can go back to being .y self? I was on 900mg daily for 1 year.
  • Bob Varden
    My sleep Dr prescribed gabapentin for me about 8 yrs ago, and I had been taking 1200 mg per night for sleep apnea. It has always been a good sleep aid, and gave me a sense of well-being and energy the next day. He assured me it was “nonaddictive”. He’s no longer in practice and his replacement is a nurse practictioner, who likely knows less about the drug than he did; so I refrain from asking him questions. After I recently read that gabapentin actually INCREASES one’s apnea events and, much worse, a British study has linked the drug to a potentially fatal disease that destroys red blood cells; I decided to wean myself off it. I am now down to about 100 mg per night, and continuing to whittle down the tablet each night with a pair of scissors. I’ve replaced gabapentin with the natural supplement gaba and melatonin, and am hopeful to completely wean off the drug in the next few months. The withdrawal for me has been a certain amount of early insomnia, but I think its worth it considering the risks of this drug.
  • Teresa
    I’ve been on Gabapentin 300 ER 2x a day for anxiety. I’ve only been on it for approximately 2 months but it was not helping with my anxiety. In fact it made it worse and I was crying uncontrollably and even made me more depressed. I had missed a nighttime dose a couple of nights in a row so I talked to my doctor on the phone about coming off the gabapentin and he gave me a schedule to follow. I was to cut the ER tablet in half every 7 days. This has been the most horrible drug to come off of for me and I wasn’t on it that long. The first week I was so nauseous and crying uncontrollably most of the day and my insomnia got worse. I’m already on Trazadone for that and it wasn’t working. I finally found some Hydroxyzine 25 PAM I had that was given to me by another doctor for nausea and anxiety awhile back. I take it every 6 hours and it has helped me with the anxiety and nausea. I still have both but not as severe. This has been such a horrible experience getting off this med that I’m afraid I will experience the same when I try to later wean off the Celexa. I wish doctors were more knowledgeable about weaning a person off a drug and things that could help a person during this time as easy as them writing you a prescription and telling you this med will make you feel better.
  • Cheryl Ramsey
    I have been taking gabapentin for 5 years after a stroke. Worse drug ever. The withdrawal process is bad.
  • Karen
    I was taking 2400-3200mgs for 7+ years. My doctor is a saint and let me wean off slowly along with giving me Zofran to help with the sickness. 800mg 3x to 700mg 3x to 600mg 3x and I’m down to 100mg 3x and the anxiety is horrible but I wanted to get down to the lowest dose so when I get pregnant, I won’t be as miserable going cold turkey as I would be at my original dose. Currently trying to wean off Clonidine 0.1mg 3x and the Zofran only helps so much.NEVER EVER going back on this medication.
  • Monica
    I have been on 90g of gabapentin for about three and a half years. I started a slow taper. 100mg every two weeks by my doctor. How long will it take to quit being so tired ? Will I have any real withdrawal or is this it. I started Monday after noon. It is now Wednesday night
    • Monica
      Make that 900mg a day
  • Karen
    I wish there was an in patient detox center in North Carolina. I have searched for help an there is none. My neurologist said to quit cold turkey.
  • Toni Brunkey
    After working my way up to 600 mg bid. I actually forgot to take it for a few days. My symptoms of neuropathy are feeling like I’m walking on marbles & numbness on my right foot outer 2 toes. I’m now trying to work my way back up to my 600mg dose by breaking it in half & taking 300 mg q 4 hours. Have felt no side effects on this dise. I did try a full dose of 600 mg & felt a bit woozy so cut back th the aforementioned regime. Wondering how long before I can up my dose back to 600mg bid w/o ,woozy, feeling?