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  • Provigil – What are the Risks and Benefits Of Using It

    Provigil is a federally controlled substance. This is because people can abuse it. Eventually, it can lead to dependence and addiction.

    Provigil Addiction

    Provigil (Modafinil) is an FDA-approved prescription medicine. Currently, people use it to treat sleep disorders such as

    • Narcolepsy (a brain disorder that can cause a person to fall asleep at unfortunate times suddenly)
    • Obstructive sleep apnea (one of the most common types of apnea which causes breathing to stop and start while sleeping repeatedly)
    • Shift work disorder (a sleep disorder that affects people who frequently work at night or rotate shifts).

    This drug improves wakefulness by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain. Then, the increased dopamine levels raises mental alertness and decreases fatigue. They call Modafinil the world’s first safe, smart drug. A smart drug is a substance believed to improve mental functions. For instance, it can enhance your alertness and memory.

    Provigil Side Effects

    Provigil can have severe side effects, which includes the following:

    • Skin rash
    • Hives
    • Sores in the mouth
    • Skin blister
    • Skin peels
    • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
    • Swelling
    • Fever
    • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
    • Shortness of breath
    • Yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes
    • Dark urine
    • Anaphylaxis (a possible fatal allergic reaction)

    Common side effects of Provigil, as found in the Prescription Info Sheet, include:

    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Anxiety
    • Agitation
    • Insomnia
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Dry mouth
    • Infection of the upper respiratory tract

    Who Should Not Be Using Provigil?


    In pediatric patients, they have not recognized the safety and effectiveness. Therefore, nobody has approved Provigil for children. Is the drug is effective or safe in children 17 or under? Are there any medical use for this drug? The FDA report states that it hasn’t determined anything yet.

    In the studies of Provigil in children with narcolepsy, the side effects included:

    • Hostile behavior
    • Low white blood count
    • Painful menstrual period cramps in teens
    • Depression and thoughts of suicide
    • Hallucinations when falling asleep
    • Sudden loss of muscle tone
    • Severe muscle weakness

    Anyone who have ever had an allergic reaction to Modafinil

    Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction or skin rash? Did this happen while using Modafinil or Armodafinil? Then, you should not be using it. In fact, it can cause skin reactions severe enough to need hospital treatment.

    When to be Careful of Using Provigil?

    • If you are pregnant or planning to have a baby

    We do not know if Provigil will harm an unborn baby. Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? You should be sure to tell your doctor before initiating a treatment.

    Notably, there is a Pregnancy Registry for women who got pregnant during the treatment. Its main aim is to collect information about the safety of the drug during pregnancy.

    On one hand, there are no good and well-controlled studies of Provigil in pregnant women. However, people have reported intrauterine growth restriction, as well as spontaneous abortion. This is in association with Modafinil and Armodafinil. In some cases, they share the same pharmacologic properties with Provigil.

    • If you are breastfeeding

    Currently, scientists do not yet know if Provigil passes into breast milk. Therefore, be sure to speak to your doctor about feeding your baby while taking Provigil.

    Things to Tell Your Doctor before Initiating Provigil Treatment

    Before buying the drug, talk to a doctor on Provigil’s benefits and risks. Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if you have any of the following:

    • Liver problems such as Cirrhosis
    • High blood pressure
    • Angina
    • Heart disease or a history of a heart attack
    • Kidney disease
    • A history of mental illness or psychosis
    • A history of drug addiction or alcoholism

    You should also tell your doctor about the other medicines you take. It doesn’t matter if they’re prescription medicine, vitamins or supplements, or over-the-counter medicines. The reason for this is that Provigil may have a bad interaction with these medicines. Therefore, affecting how the drug works or causing side effects. The drug might also affect how your other medicine works. A simple dosage change can make all the difference.

    Be sure to mention if you use birth control pills or other methods. They may include hormonal implants shots, vaginal rings, patches or intrauterine devices.

    Is Provigil Addictive?

    Provigil pillsProvigil is being promoted as a smart drug that can make you smart and skinny, without getting you hooked. However, you might weigh up Provigil benefits and risks. Then, it seems that it may very well be an addictive substance.

    Sure, it may be FDA approved, but research shows that any drug that alters chemicals in the brain. As a result, it can lead to dependence. Usually, addictive substances will trigger dopamine release in the brain. They will tell the brain to repeat use. It works by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain, which puts a user at risk of becoming addicted.

    How Addictive is Provigil?

    Harvard stated, a substance dependence diagnosis requires at least three of the following:

    • Suffering withdrawal symptoms which you can only relieve by the substance;
    • Tolerance – when it takes a higher dose to get the same effect;
    • Trying to cut down or stop the use of the substance without success;
    • Using more of the substance than intended, or for a longer period than intended;
    • Continuing to use the substance despite the psychological or physical harm it causes;
    • Giving up other activities that used to be important in order to use the substance;
    • Spending a great amount of time and money to get and use the substance, or to recover from it.

    Research have shown that students are using this drug more for different reasons. They include enhancing memory, ability to focus, as well as motivation. Even though it is a serious problem when you use a substance for a different reason. They include weight loss. This is a side effect of this drug. As a result, people have been using it as a weight loss aid. You might consider the questions above. Then, it is likely that Provigil might be less addictive than other substances.

    Is Provigil Safe?

    The common side effects of Provigil are very much like those of many other drugs. However, the more severe side effects can be brutally damaging. It’s difficult to weigh up the benefits and risks in general. It’s because every individual will react differently to this drug. Some people might not experience any of the side effects whatsoever. As a result, this makes it a safe drug to use for them. Meanwhile, others can react negatively towards Provigil. Therefore, they will experience a whole range of negative results.

    The best way to find out if it is safe for you is to consult a healthcare practitioner before starting to use it.
    It’s also a prescription medicine. Therefore, you will have to consult your doctor anyway before using this drug.

    Currently, there are no lawsuits against it or its generic versions. This is regarding the safety or effectiveness of this drug.

    Is Provigil Effective?

    There was a full review of Provigil a while back. Consequently, the researchers at Harvard and Oxford Universities made a conclusion. First, it can improve problem-solving and decision-making skills. Second, it is entirely possible that it can make a person think more creatively. You can consider its benefits and risks. As a result, the benefits seem to weigh quite heavily. Therefore, this makes it an effective drug when used for the right purposes.

    How to Take Provigil Properly

    The proper way to take Provigil is to ask your doctor about the dosage and indications. However, people tend to lose things. Therefore, in case you have lost the instructions on how to take your drug, here are some reminders:

    • The recommended for narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea, dosage is 200mg. You should take it as a single dose in the morning, orally.
    • For shift work disorder, you should take Provigil 200mg as a single dose, once a day. Do this approximately one hour before the start of your work shift.
    • For any other reason, such as weight loss, consult your healthcare practitioner.

    Provigil Settlement Lawsuit

    There was a lawsuit about the price of Provigil and its generic forms in 48 states and the District of Columbia. They reached a proposed settlement. It asserts that the Defendants violated antitrust laws on the sale of the drug. The Defendants all denied any misconduct. The defendants were: Cephalon Inc; Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc; Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd; and Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    They reached a settlement between the Plaintiff States and the Defendants. If a person bought Provigil or some of its generic versions in the six years between June 24, 2006, and March 31, 2012, they may be entitled to a payment from the settlement fund of $35 million. This is payable to the individual consumers within the Plaintiff States. Check this site to determine if you are eligible for such a payment.

    The Bottom Line

    Proper research is key when it comes to taking any substance, for whatever reason. Weigh up the benefits and risks before taking the drug, as with any other medication. It is always advisable to consult with a doctor. They will help you to know the benefits and risks before initiating use. When it comes to prescription medicine, you have to consult your doctors anyway.

    If you want to use Provigil for any other reason than what the design was, speak to your doctor about the safe dosage. Remember to list all other medications that you might be using when speaking to your doctor.