NA Online Meetings: How Can They Help During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

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Millions are now forced to remain home due to a worldwide pandemic. This includes individuals who might be in need of rehab services. People are looking for alternative options, including the possibility of attending online NA meetings. Some communities offer NA meetings online for free, a couple of paid options also exist. Individuals who expect to maintain sobriety with the help of online NA meetings need to understand what narcotics anonymous online meetings might offer them. This can help the person identify whether NA online might be a viable option during the pandemic.

Abstaining From Drugs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Thousands of cases related to COVID-19 have been identified in the United States. The number of deaths is constantly rising. With this in mind, many people are now unable to leave their homes. A lot of them are concerned about being infected and suffering the consequences.

The goal of online NA meetings is to give people access to the counseling services they need to recover. Addiction treatment with these programs may not be as effective as inpatient options. Still, an online NA meeting can be a helpful strategy in the recovery phase of substance abuse disorders.
Individuals are advised to consider an NA online meeting when their options to obtain treatment in-person is limited. This is where online narcotics anonymous meetings can be beneficial.
Online meeting of NA group.

Online NA Meetings: What Are They?

The patient does not need to visit a physical location if they become part of online NA groups. Moreover, NA meetings on the internet can be held on several platforms. This includes video calls, narcotics anonymous online chat rooms, where people can communicate with other recovering addicts. These meetings can be helpful for people with various addictions. People of all ages with substance abuse problems related to cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, or any other drugs are welcome to NA online.
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NA Meetings Online Resources

There are many online resources for people looking to attend online NA meetings. Below one can find various resources that people can use to connect with other patients in recovery from home.

General NA Online Meetings

Meeting Name Schedule Meeting Type
KAZM Group of Narcotics Anonymous

(Password to Zoom group: 892255)

Wednesday to Saturday;  06:00 – 07:00 (EST) Zoom (Video meeting)
5:30 Group – Serenity by the Sea Sunday to Friday: 17:30 – 18:30 (EST) Bluejeans (Video meeting)
A Better Way NJ Saturday 20:00 – 23:30 (EST) Discussion meeting
UKNA Online Meeting Saturday 06:00 – 07:30 (EST) Text meeting
Waterville Five & Dime Saturday 18:00 – 19:30 (EST) Literature Discussion (Zoom Video Meeting)
Way of Life Thursdays 19:00 – 20:15 (EST) Open video meeting (Zoom)

Crystal Meth Online Meetings

Meeting Name Schedule Meeting Type
Good Morning Higher Power

(Password to Zoom group: 231102)

Tuesday 07:45 – 08:45 am (EST) Reading and discussion video meeting
Lunch Break

(Password to Zoom group: LunchBreak)

Daily 12:30pm – 01:30pm (EST) Open Meeting
New York #1 Beginners
(Password to Zoom group: 439002)
Phone: +1 929 205 6099
Daily 07:30pm – 09:00pm (EST) Open meeting with the speaker; for beginners

Crack And Cocaine Anonymous Online Meetings

Meeting Name Schedule Meeting Type
Reaching Out 121
Phone: +1 571 317 3116
Daily 6 pm (EDT) Group meeting on Skye
C.A. In Times of Illness Monday to Saturday 3 pm (EDT) Closed group meeting (CA Members)
Both Sides of the Pond Mondays & Thursdays 3 pm (EDT) Closed group meeting (CA Members)
Primary Purpose Mondays 2 pm (EDT) Group meeting on Zoom (Video)

LGBTQ NA Online Meetings

Meeting Name Schedule Meeting Type
Never Alone – Sunday Morning Rainbows Meeting Sundays 23:00 – 00:30 (EST) Voice chat
LGBTQ NA Zoom Meeting Saturdays 20:30 – 21:30 (EST) Online meeting with optional video
Another Gay Meeting Monday 23:00 – 00:15 (EST) Online video meeting
LGBTQ+A Sunday 12:00 – 13:00 (EST) Focused on “It Works – Why And How It Works” online video meeting

NA Online Meetings For Women

Meeting Name Schedule Meeting Type
Angels in Recovery Women’s Meeting Friday 18:30 – 20:00 (EST) Discussion meeting
Trust US – Serenity by the Sea – Broward Saturday 18:45 – 20:00 (EST) Hybrid meeting for beginners
Never Alone – Women in Recovery Saturday 00:30 – 02:00 (EST) Discussion meeting
Weekend Women Warriors Monday 18:30 – 19:30 (EST) Basic text meeting

Online Meetings For Men

Meeting Name Schedule Meeting Type
Brothers in Recovery Tuesday 23:00 – 00:30 (EST) Discussion meeting with the rotating format
Never Alone – Men’s Meeting Tuesday & Saturday 05:30 – 07:00 (EST) Voice chat meeting

How NA Meetings Online Look

It is also essential to understand what to expect from online NA meetings, what the meeting looks like depends on a few factors. First of all, the communication method should be considered. Video is often used for communication. Voice and text meetings are also sometimes offered.

Man talking video call with NA peers.

Different types of online NA meetings are available. The primary types include:

  • Open meetings, which allow any person with an addiction problem to attend the meeting.
  • Closed virtual meetings, which are reserved for specific people who are invited by the moderator.
  • Specific NA Online Meetings are also available, which are similar to closed meetings, but with more restrictions, often based on demographics and other factors.
  • NA Speaker meetings involve a speaker who will talk about a topic related to addiction and overcome a substance abuse disorder. These meetings can be open or closed.
  • Topic meetings involve the discussion of specific subjects that are related to addiction. Attendees are usually invited to participate in the discussion. These meetings may be open or closed.
  • Big Book Study meetings are available at both NA and AA online meetings. Each attendee should have their own copy of the book. A text from the book is read and then discussed among the attendees. These meetings may also be either open or closed.
  • A 12-step study focuses on the 12-step recovery system. The meetings will usually be divided into each individual step. The recovering addict will join a meeting that refers to the step they are currently's hands using a laptop at home.

NA Online Meeting Platforms

Different platforms offer NA support groups online and related services. For this reason, there isn’t a single appearance for these meetings to be considered. Instead, when looking at NA meetings online, a person should realize how each particular type of platform will look and operate.

  • A narcotics anonymous forum will allow people to start threads on topics related to drug addiction and recovery. A person can then add a response to the thread and read responses made by other users. An NA forum is useful for sharing a person’s story and getting some inspiration from others who went through a similar experience.
  • Narcotics anonymous chat platforms are available too. These will often offer online NA meetings 24 hours a day. This means a person is able to sign in and start chatting with other people who are recovering from addiction at any time – and from anywhere. To chat online, a person only needs an internet connection, as well as a computer or a smartphone.
  • A few platforms also offer NA classes online. These classes introduce the patient to different recovery methods that are available. The individual can then undergo the classes and follow the instructions that are given to them. The instructions provided by the classes depend on the type of recovery technique the person wants to use.
  • There are a few NA support groups online that also allow a person to join in on talks with other people who are part of the platform. Stories can be shared, and people are able to motivate each other to continue on the road to recovery.
  • It is possible to obtain an NA sponsor online. In such a case, the patient is provided access to someone who is further into the program and already well on their way to recovery.

man using laptop to connect with NA online.

NA Online Meetings Duration

There are some cases where a meeting will have a specific duration. This can apply to searches for NA meetings online now. The person will have to take a closer look at the terms related to the chat or meeting. This will usually provide details on how long the meeting will last.

The duration of an NA chat on the internet really depends on the chatroom rules and the type of service that is provided to the addict. There are a few NA chat rooms that work 24/7. In such a case, a person can log on and start talking with other people at any time. In these narcotics anonymous chat rooms, people are able to remain active in the room as long as they want.
Sometimes meetings may not last for a long period. This is when drug rehab hotlines can also be accessed. The person will usually be able to talk to an experienced consultant who can provide them with supportive advice. Many rehab hotlines are toll-free. In these scenarios, the person will be able to continue talking to a counselor without the need to worry about voice minutes.

African american get access to NA online by computer.

Online NA Benefits

After completing drug detox procedures, there are several benefits that a person gets when they consider narcotics anonymous online programs. There are a couple of free online NA meetings that a person can consider. This reduces the need to worry about the expenses they will undergo.
By opting for an NA meeting online, it also reduces the patient’s risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. People who go out are at risk of being infected. NA meetings online system means there is no need to leave home. This is one of the most effective ways of reducing the transmission risk of COVID-19.
An NA chatroom on the internet can also give a person access to a group-like setting. Some platforms offer online video NA meetings. This allows the patient to see other group members in person – even when they are not in the same room.

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