What Is Lisinopril And What Happens When The Drug Is Abused?

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Blood pressure medication is important for people with hypertension. Lisinopril is a popular prescription medicine that is used to treat high blood pressure. A person is provided with a Lisinopril dosage based on the severity of hypertension. In the J Epidemiol Community Health study, the prevalence of hypertension is estimated to be as high as 31.8%. The ACE inhibitor Lisinopril can effectively reduce blood pressure levels. There is, however, a concern regarding abuse related to the Prinivil medication, which is a common brand name for the drug. All Prinivil patients should be informed about Lisinopril side-effects and realize the dangers of abuse.

What Lisinopril Is

Lisinopril is a prescription drug. Recognition of what this drug does in the body is important. This gives the person a better view of what they should expect when using the medicine.
The high blood pressure medication Lisinopril is known as an ACE inhibitor. This is Lisinopril drug class that patients should take into account.

It was first improved in 1986 by the FDA. The drug was initially developed by a pharmaceutical company known as Merck. Since then, several companies have provided alternative brand name options for the medication.
It should be noted that medication Prinivil is not only used to treat hypertension. When looking at a question like what is Zestril, the drug is sometimes advised in the treatment of heart failure too.

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What Does Lisinopril Pill Look Like?

Prinivil medicine is available under different names and brands. The drug also comes in different strengths, but what does Lisinopril look like? It is important to understand that the appearance of these drugs may differ in some cases.
Thus, asking what Lisinopril 5 mg looks like, the result may be different compared to a 10 mg or another dose, for example.

Lisinopril blood pressure medicine is often found in a pink-colored pill. This is the case with 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg doses. These drugs will generally have an imprint on one side that reads “LUPIN.” On the other side, a number will be imprinted. The number on the Lisinopril tablet represents the strength of the pill. Lisinopril medicine with a five imprinted on the tablet would thus provide a 5mg dose of the chemical.

Zestril Health Benefits

People need to realize the Lisinopril benefits that may assist with the management of their hypertension. At the same time, asking a question whether Lisinopril is safe should also be considered. While there are some important side effects that patients should realize, the benefits are crucial for individuals with high blood pressure levels.
Lisinopril tablets primarily help to lower blood pressure levels. This is an important function provided by the blood pressure med Lisinopril. High blood pressure causes consistent stress on the walls of arteries, as well as blood vessels. Over time, the damage contributes to certain complications. This includes a significant increase in the risk of developing heart disease.
Additionally, Lisinopril IV is sometimes used after a patient had suffered a heart attack. There is a chance that Zestril medication can help to improve the chances of survival in such a person. The high blood pressure medicine Lisinopril may also be prescribed to the individual after they are released from the hospital in such a scenario.

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The benefits of the medicine are often compared to other drugs used to treat hypertension. This may bring up comparisons like Lisinopril vs. Losartan, for example.

Lisinopril Brand Names And Manufacturers

Lisinopril was the initial name used to describe the chemical that is included in this drug. This chemical is responsible for providing the specific benefits associated with medicine. The generic version, however, only became available as a prescription drug in 2002. The initial drug trade name was Prinivil. There is one more name for Prinivil. This brand name is Qbrelis.
Another popular brand name would be Zestril. Thus, when asking about the Zestril generic name, the result would be Lisinopril, as this is the active chemical used in the medicine.
Regardless of the name, the Lisinopril use remains the same. The blood pressure medicine Lisinopril helps with the management of hypertension and might be useful in cases of heart failure.

Who Makes Lisinopril?

When looking at the Lisinopril manufacturer, it is important to consider the initial development of the drug. The FDA first approved the medication in the 1980s. At this time, Merck, a pharmaceutical company, was behind the development of the chemical used in the Lisinopril blood pressure medication.
Apart from Merck, several other pharmaceutical companies now also produce the drug. One of the most recent manufacturers is Accord Healthcare. The company received approval for a generic version of the medicine in 2013. Apart from this company, other pharmaceutical brands that also produces generic versions of Prinivil include:

  • Apotex Inc.
  • Aurobindo
  • Hikma Intl Pharms
  • Casi Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Watson Labs
  • Wockhardt
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Inds, Ltd.
  • Prinston Inc.
  • Lupin Ltd.
  • Invagen Pharms

Lisinopril Cost

Lisinopril price differs based on a few factors that patients should keep in mind. A brand name product would likely increase the cost of Lisinopril. The Lisinopril half-life will remain the same regardless of the brand name, as long as the formula and dosage strength are similar. Prinivil cost is generally under $20 for a 2.5mg tablet – this would provide a one-month supply for the patient.

Lisinopril 10 mg price may be higher than $1 per tablet, depending on how many pills are bought at once. While a Lisinopril coupon is sometimes utilized, the drug still requires a prescription.

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Those who ask how much Lisinopril without insurance cost should also consider whether a generic is used or not. Lisinopril cost without insurance will generally be more than $100 for a 30-day supply when choosing a brand name like Prinivil.

Lisinopril Abuse

Some people have been found to abuse Zestril. This can cause serious adverse effects. Prinivil can cause hypotension when abused. This may lead to a significant decline in blood pressure levels. In turn, the patient may find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

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It does seem like those who take the drug for a short period of time tend to abuse it. The majority of abuse-related cases are found in people who have not been taking Zestril for more than a month. Still, about 3.45% of people who have taken the drug for more than a decade continue to abuse the drug. Male patients are also more likely to develop addictive behavior while using this medicine. The highest age group where abuse is found with this specific medicine would be among people aged between 50 and 59, although both younger and older age groups are also at risk.

One case report provides details of serious side-effects that have been linked to the use of Prinivil. The patient experienced jaundice when they switched to this medication to assist in their hypertensive treatment. No abuse of alcohol was noted in the patient. Even though not abused, this is still an important side-effect that people need to note when abusing the drug. The risk of serious side-effects would be significantly elevated in a person who decides to abuse the medication.

Prinivil Detox And Addiction Treatment

Stopping Lisinopril is crucial for any person who abuses the drug. It is important to know the risks when asking what Prinivil is. The Zestril manufacturer will also list possible adverse effects that may occur when taking too much of the drug.
Some people also combine Lisinopril and alcohol, which can cause a further increase in the risk of serious side effects. A detoxification period can help to remove the drug from the patient’s system. Addiction treatment can be used in severe cases. Enrollment in a rehab program can be helpful for a person to avoid abusing the drug in the future too.

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