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    Finding the Best Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center for You

    For many people struggling with addiction, they hit a brick wall when it comes to finding the right rehab center that meets all of their specific needs. Sometimes, this fact alone can be the reason that prevents rehabilitation altogether. But the fact is there are many successful and tailored programs all across the country, and if you find yourself or a loved one needing help, you’ve come to the right place.

    Rehab Centers Across the Country

    It may seem like the only common denominator of addiction is the substance that is the cause but this is not the case. Many factors come into play such as location, background, sexual orientation, budget, etc. These are all things that need to be considered to choose the perfect rehab center. Please take a look at our interactive map to see the distribution of some of the top rated rehabilitation centers across the country. You can also use our drug rehab centers locator to the top-rated addiction treatment facilities nearby.

    Best Inpatient Rehab Centers in the U.S.

    Below you’ll find our list and reviews of the top inpatient addiction treatment centers in the US

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    How do I find a drug treatment center in my area?

    People can use our interactive map to find a drug treatment center in their area that’s right for them. Our map contains information about some of the best treatment centers in the nation in states like Washington, California, Montana, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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    Washington: The US capital is no stranger to people in need of rehabilitation centers. In fact, it was reported in 2011, that drug and alcohol abuse is more rampant there than anywhere else in the country. A big factor for this was the difficulty of addicted people to check into rehab for drug and alcohol treatment. If you or a loved one needs help, this does not have to be your story. Contact us today.

    Illinois: In 2007, well over 200,000 people were in need of drug addiction treatment without receiving it. More than three times this number of people faced a similar situation with alcohol dependence. Many of these people probably didn’t get treatment because they didn’t know how to find it. We can help.

    California: Being an entertainment hub, there is a pervading belief that substance abuse is fun and even advantageous to creativity. Getting the right help is crucial if one gets caught in the maze of drug and alcohol addiction. California has a host of competent and reputable rehab centers, and we can help you find the right one for you.

    Texas: According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, almost half the residents of Texas consume alcohol every month and a quarter of the population drink excessively and possibly require alcohol addiction therapy. People who abuse alcohol also tend to abuse drugs. If you need to find a rehab center in Texas, you’ve come to the right place.

    North Carolina: Over 0.54% of the population here have already checked into rehab as of 2012. This percentage represents over 50,000 people out of the far greater number that are not getting the help they need. If you or a loved one is part of these people, contact us and we can help you get the much-needed help.

    Pennsylvania: More than 750,000 people in Pennsylvania have experimented with controlled substances and over 5 million consume alcohol.  This implies that there is a sizable population that may be suffering from addiction. Pennsylvania is not short of quality rehabilitation centers, and we can locate the perfect one for you.

    New York: According to SAMHSA, more than half of New Yorkers consume alcohol and about a quarter of them binge drink. It is estimated that over 8% of the population are either drug or alcohol dependent. The need for adequate rehabilitation centers is high, and if you are part of this 8%, we can help you find the right one.

    Montana: 6% and 5% of adolescents who needed treatment for alcohol and illicit drug abuse in Montana did not receive it. Both percentages are above the nationwide average of 4%. Adults are not all receiving the help they need either, and a big reason for this is not being able to find the correct rehabilitation center.

    What factors should you consider when choosing a drug rehab center?

    Factors to consider when choosing a drug rehab center:

    • Budget
    • Insurance coverage
    • Payment options offered
    • Amenities/ luxuries
    • Religious beliefs
    • Length of program
    • Location
    • Age
    • Gender, sexual orientation
    • Health complications/ special needs

    Choosing the Right Rehab or Addiction Treatment Center for You

    We understand that finding the right alcohol, and drug rehabilitation centers are not a matter of just getting in the car and going to the nearest one possible. If rehabilitation does not match the personality of the person in need of it, it may have no effect or even make things worse. This is why we are here to help you find just the perfect place for your drug and alcohol treatment. Take a look at some of the most common requirements people are faced with when they try to settle for a rehab center. Perhaps one or more can help you make up your mind.

    • Budget: This is a major concern for many people especially when they don’t have insurance or if their drug treatment options are limited for the insurance they do have. While it’s great to get a good deal and good value for money when choosing a rehab center, one must not compromise on the most important and basic facilities required to achieve the needed alcohol and drug rehabilitation. You can see the list of state funded drug rehab facilities here.
    • Payment Options: For some people, they want the best money can offer or a certain level of standard that may not be instantly affordable. Some of the best drug rehabilitation centers offer numerous payment options that make it easier for people to pay for their services over time. Some payments may be spread over years into small manageable monthly payments so that the full brunt of the fees are not felt.
    • Insurance: You may have insurance that partners with some of the top rated drug rehabilitation centers and it will be a good idea to know about all of them and to what level your costs are covered in order to make the best decision. Some of these rehab centers accept government insurance policies but locating them and figuring out to what extent you’re covered might not be as easy as it sounds.
    • Luxurious Centers: Some clients live a very luxurious lifestyle and will prefer not to compromise on that while getting the best holistic drug treatments money can buy. This is especially true if you opt for inpatient drug rehabilitation because you would essentially be living on the premises. The same level of comfort that the client is used to may be required for the drug and alcohol treatment to be effective.
    • Location: Suitable locations for drug treatment centers may mean different things to different people. Some people prefer locations that are as far away as possible from where they live. This may be because they feel being away from their previous environment will be beneficial for some reasons like guilt or to avoid an unhealthy atmosphere or even so they can be closer to the family. Other people want somewhere closer to the home where they can enjoy the support of the people they love. Whatever your reasons, there is a perfect rehabilitation center for you.
    • Religious beliefs: It is preferable for some religious people to be in an environment that espouses their religious beliefs. Some people might be more comfortable if they found Christian drug treatment centers where their recovery process will be supplemented by spiritual healing. There are many such drug treatment centers where a religious person can feel at home. Learn more about the Jewish rehabs here.
    • Health complications: There are people who have suffered from drug and alcohol abuse to the point that it has damaged their health. Other people just have other terminal illnesses. Such people need special facilities that can monitor and cater for their well-being extensively during their detoxification process. This can be a very risky endeavor if the drug abuse rehabilitation is not managed properly by trained personnel which includes doctors.
    • Age group: A great percentage of the people suffering from drug abuse are young adults and teenagers. They tend not to recognize the problem as much as older people do because of their maturity level. This makes their recovery process quite difficult without the proper experience. Sometimes, they are suffering from some psychological turmoil that might have led them to drug abuse. Many rehabilitation centers focus on these troubled age groups and are specialized in their care. They will be a better option. The same goes for seniors although they are a much rarer phenomenon.
    • Sexual Orientation: Members of the LGBTQ community will certainly prefer a rehabilitation facility where they are among people like them. This is especially true if their reality is one of non-tolerance and psychological trauma. They cannot recover fully if they find themselves in the same toxic environment. A drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that operates with their specific needs and mentality in mind will make them feel at ease which can be advantageous to their recovery process. There is a number LGBT-friendly rehabs available, you can learn more about them here.
    • Court Ordered Rehab: A judge may order an offender to go through compulsory rehabilitation under government supervision. A situation like this will mean there might be some additional legal/paper work which would not normally be necessary for a voluntary decision to go to the rehab. This is why it is important to select a rehabilitation center that has experience in this type of situation in order not to run afoul of the law. Other times, there are specific centers that are recognized by the government. Learn more about the court ordered rehabs on this page.
    • Specific Rehabilitation Programs: In cases where it has been recommended to the client to undergo a specific rehabilitation program such as the 12-Step, Non-12-Step, 30 Day, 60 Day, 90 Day programs, it will be best to choose a rehabilitation center that offers such programs. There are many approaches to therapy and a facility that offers the greatest range and variety of therapies is generally the better choice.
    • Special Needs: It is possible for a person suffering from a mental condition to get addicted to an illicit substance. People such as this will need an even higher level of supervision and care if their recovery is going to be a success. Other physical conditions such as being crippled may require special attention.
    • Gender: The treatment procedures for addicts is not the same across genders. What works for men does not necessarily work for women. This fact needs to be put into consideration when trying to select the best drug rehabilitation center. Women, in particular, need gender-specific treatment more than men.
    • Value Added Services: There are a lot of perks that can make the difference between choosing one rehab center over another. Some rehab centers can offer services like transportation to the center or some form of formal training or recreational activities. Some may offer other additional benefits like helping the client lose weight or become more active. Some offer follow-up services like aftercare where they keep in touch with the clients even after they are discharged.