Meet Addiction Resource Medical Experts Team

Addiction Resource is always trying to provide the most accurate, scientifically proven, and up-to-date medical information for the safety of our users. Our content is written by medical professionals and reviewed by independent specialists, but our editorial decided it’s not enough.

To give our readers more medical experts’ viewpoints and help people understand the problem they are facing, Addiction Resource is proud to announce our experts’ team, who will provide their personal points of view on various medical topics based on their knowledge and experience.

The Medical Experts Team of Addiction Resource

The Experts team is dedicated to making our content full of unique, valuable information and providing additional details on the highest standards in the field of addiction recovery. We invite recognized clinicians and medical professionals to collaborate with our project to help more people battle addiction. Together we can serve our readers with the latest advances in the field of addiction treatment, personal experiences, and points of view that will help to make the right steps on the path of sobriety.

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Addiction Resource Experts

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