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Substance Abuse Resources: All The Help You Need To Beat Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you can rely on us to guide you to the best rehabilitation and treatment resources. Call now to take the first step to overcoming addiction.

Treated Substances

Find alcohol and drug addiction resources for the most commonly abused substances.

Obtain information on helping addicts detox and recover safely.




Alcoholism is a dangerous habit that is associated with a number of long- and short-term health effects. Alcohol abuse can also lead to many psychosocial, professional, and financial problems. Fortunately, rehab for alcoholism is available near you. Even the most long-term, severe alcoholics can get on the path to recovery and beat alcohol dependence.

Access the addiction recovery resources you need to get sober. Learn about the various alcohol abuse treatments available to addicts. Connect with rehab centers that specialize in recovery from alcoholism. Find the best alcohol treatment centers near you to recover safely from alcohol abuse.


  • Heroin


    Learn about heroin and how it is manufactured. Find out how to recognize street heroin and identify a heroin addict. Gain access to the substance abuse resources you need to overcome heroin addiction.

  • Cocaine


    Find out how cocaine is manufactured and the difference between crack and cocaine. Learn the effects of this drug on the human body and the dangerous additives used to cut cocaine. Access rehabilitation for drug addiction to overcome a cocaine habit.

  • Crystal Meth

    Crystal Meth

    Understand crystal meth and its withdrawal symptoms and treatment. Learn about meth come-down and the effects of methamphetamine on the body. Find out about meth overdose and access addiction resources to overcome dependence.

  • Ecstasy


    Understand ecstasy addiction and treatment. Learn about the withdrawal symptoms and how long they last. Gain access to addiction recovery resources to overcome ecstasy dependence.

  • Marijuana


    Find out about marijuana abuse and the dangers of using this drug. Learn what causes withdrawal and how to recognize the symptoms. Access drug abuse resources to beat marijuana addiction.

  • Mushrooms


    Learn about magic mushrooms and their effects on the human body. Find out the harmful chemicals in shrooms and how long a trip lasts. Obtain help from addiction recovery resources to kick the habit.

  • LSD


    Find out about LSD addiction and treatment and why this drug is so addictive. Learn where to get rehabilitation for drug addiction and drug abuse resources to overcome this habit.

  • Xanax


    Learn to recognize Xanax addiction and get help from drug abuse resources. Obtain information on Xanax high, withdrawal symptoms, and quitting this drug. Find out about different Xanax bars and the street value of this drug.

  • Klonopin


    Learn the truth about Klonopin abuse and the effects of this highly addictive drug on the human body. Find out about addiction treatment. Gain access to substance abuse resources to quit Klonopin.

Treatment Types

Every addict needs a customized treatment plan to overcome alcohol or drug abuse problems. There are a range of therapies available as part of substance abuse rehabilitation programs. These include detoxification, drug addiction medications, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, interventions, and support groups. Take the first step towards recovery and call an advisor today to get help with rehabilitation.

  • Seeking Help:

    A vital part of the rehabilitation from alcohol or drug addiction is understanding there is a problem and looking for support. A number of resources are available to help you or your loved one get sober and lead a drug-free life.

  • It is not uncommon for addicts to remain in denial about their drug or alcohol dependence. If your loved one is unaware of the damage they are causing to themselves and their family, an intervention can help in recognizing the problem.

  • Alcohol and drug detoxification is a critical stage in addiction recovery during which the addict is gradually weaned from the addictive substance and withdrawal symptoms are carefully monitored and treated.

  • Following the initial detox, addicts are treated in an inpatient residential facility or attend an outpatient rehab program for drug or alcohol abuse to aid both physical recovery and mental rehabilitation

  • Recovering addicts receive intensive treatment from specialists in a residential setting and have access to all the tools and resources necessary to defeat drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Drug and alcohol treatment sessions are scheduled at regular intervals in an outpatient setting to allow recovering addicts to continue living at home and lead normal lives while obtaining the help they need to remain sober and drug-free.

  • Individual and Group Addiction Therapy:

    This is a key component of both outpatient and inpatient drug addiction rehabilitation where addicts are taught coping skills and healthy ways to treat the root cause of drug abuse and alcohol dependence.

  • Extended Aftercare:

    Long-term outpatient therapy in a group setting is critical in helping an addict remain sober or drug-free. This type of substance abuse therapy helps addicts develop a support network to remain clean.

  • These communities allow patients to complete their rehab in a supportive environment with other recovering addicts to aid in adjusting to an alcohol- or drug-free life at home.

  • These holistic programs support and encourage addicts to commit to lifelong healthy living by paying attention to their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • These programs are designed to help recovering addicts face the challenges of alcohol or drug relapse. Addicts are taught skills to remain addiction-free including recognizing the early signs of relapse.

  • Support groups are a vital part of the addiction recovery process and offer recovering addicts an opportunity to discuss their experiences and develop coping strategies in the company of others who have had similar problems.

  • People accused of drug- or alcohol-related crimes may be ordered by a court of law to undergo rehab. This type of mandatory treatment ensures offenders get access to the substance abuse resources they need to remain sober and drug-free.

  • Individuals who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and have limited financial resources for treatment can gain access to state-funded rehab centers and a number of other free or low-cost rehab resources.

Addiction FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about drug and alcohol rehab:

The decision to seek help for alcohol or drug addiction is a vital first step towards overcoming dependence and living a clean, healthy life. Here are the answers to your questions about rehabilitation for drug addiction and an alcohol-free future.

Drugs Rehabs Locator

In communities all across America, drug and alcohol rehab centers are available to help addicts overcome their addiction. You can find the treatment you need based on your individual needs, location, and budget using our rehab locator tool.

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Other Addiction Resources

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Addiction does not discriminate and can affect people of any age, gender, race, or financial status. Recognizing the signs of addiction and seeking help are the first steps towards recovery. There are a number of resources available to help people understand addiction and overcome it. Every addict has a unique story and requires an individualized approach to substance abuse recovery. Addicts struggling with polydrug abuse require more intensive treatment. Some minority groups such as veterans with alcohol or drug addiction may need a specialized approach to substance abuse treatment.

We offer a number of addiction treatment resources to meet your needs.

In addition to alcohol and drug abuse, we offer resources for all kinds of addictions, including behavioral addictions such as sex and porn and impulse control addictions such as gambling and stealing. Our therapies and programs are tailored to address the needs of people addicted to different substances such as nicotine, alcohol, illicit drugs, painkillers, sedatives, and hypnotics. We provide customized services to address racial and ethnic disparities in substance abuse treatment. We can modify addiction treatment to address the special needs of teenagers and young adults, women, impoverished and homeless individuals, individuals with coexisting mental disorders, and people with a criminal record.