Practical Tips on How to Overcome Masturbation Addiction

Do you feel like you masturbate too much? Do you want to know how to stop masturbation? Over 50% of men look at porn regularly and this almost inevitably leads to masturbation. Over 60% of men and 40% of women reported having masturbated in the past month. Porn addiction and masturbation go hand in hand and they have become a serious issue that millions of people all around the world across all ages and both sexes suffer from. A lot of people are addicted to masturbation and they are constantly wondering how they can stop this habit as they often hate themselves after the deed is done.

The urge to masturbate is a natural one especially in adolescence as it signifies interest in sex before embarking on adult sexual relationships. Masturbation is a shortcut to get the natural gratification that comes with reproduction. But when it becomes an obsession or a reason for constant self-loathing, then perhaps it is time to cut down on this self-service. There are so many negative effects of masturbation and amongst them are:

  • Long-term depression.
  • Difficulty in real life sex.
  • Self-loathing.
  • Tiredness and Fatigue.

How to stop a masturbation addiction?

You can stop a masturbation addiction in a few ways:

  • Stop punishing yourself and don’t be despondent
  • Remove triggers that tempt you to masturbate
  • Find other outlets for your time and energy
  • Be persistent and patient
  • Seek professional help
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Can you get professional help for masturbation addiction?

Yes, there are professional counseling programs for masturbation addiction. The most effective counseling programs for overcoming masturbation addiction are the ones that incorporate holistic, emotional, and mental approaches.

Perhaps the most common issue with masturbation addiction, especially in married couples, is how it affects your relationship with your partner. They soon start to feel neglected, inadequate and frustrated. The following addresses how to stop masturbation and it does not focus on issues such as why people want to stop masturbating or whether or not it is healthy. There are so many ways to confront the masturbation problem but they are all very likely to fall under one of these categories.

  1. Stop punishing yourself: Remember that masturbation is actually a natural urge and as human beings, we are always having these sexual urges and neither of these things makes you less of a person or any less worthy compared to anyone. Don’t allow yourself enter into despondency as this is mostly a waste of time; time that could have been spent relinquishing yourself of the addiction. So take it a step at a time and realize that there is actually help and you’re not helpless against the situation.
  1. Remove the things that bring you temptation to masturbate: Top of the list of things that brings temptation to masturbate is pornography so you have to rid yourself and your immediate environment of any and all pornographic content. Also, you should control your access to this content. If you are observant enough to know the specific times and instances you mostly get the urge to masturbate, try to get busy with other things at those times. Some people recommend exercising as this gives you a release of its own and leaves you exhausted to do much else. If you masturbate frequently as a result of your loneliness, find ways to limit your solitude. Do things you usually do alone in the company of others and in public places. Don’t lock yourself up indoors all day.
  1. Find another outlet for your time and energy: Fill your life with engaging activities. The excitement of doing something different and meeting set goals and objectives can help replace the urge to masturbate and you’ll have a lot more distractions that can keep your mind off it. The process of turning your sexual urges into creative output is something that monks and sages have mastered and it is called sublimation. This is something you can utilize on a scale that you are capable of. There are a lot of things that you can invest your time and energy to such as writing, learning to play an instrument, drawing etc. This takes discipline and persistence and no one ever said it was going to be easy. Research has also shown that the way you live can either increase or decrease your self-control when it comes to dealing with addictions.
  1. Be persistent and patient: Stopping masturbation is not something that can be done instantly. It is a process that requires commitment and you might fall to temptation and relapse on occasion. Don’t beat yourself up when this happens. The real struggle is in persevering so commit now that you won’t let mistakes stand in your way. You can also set up a reward system to reward yourself for good behavior and achievement in terms of how long you go without masturbating. When you keep a record of how long you’ve gone without masturbating, the longer the record stays the harder it is for you to engage in activity that will ruin that record. Doing this introduces a new motivation which can help you over the finish line. Your desire to keep your record and your pride in how long you’ve abstained will eventually overwhelm your desire to masturbate and at this point, your battle over addiction is almost won.
  1. When all else fails, seek professional help: Help can be found in community and counseling. The community can take the form of support groups, online forums, and accountability partners.

A quote from the book, Will Power by Kelly McGonigal says:

Go public with your willpower challenges, if you believe others are rooting for your success and keeping an eye on your behavior, you’ll be more motivated to do the right thingKelly McGonigal

There are plenty of benefits in being part of a community. With community, you realize that you are not alone and you can draw strength from others that are either facing the same issues as you or are actively trying to help you overcome your addiction. This can be very empowering.

There are a lot of research into curbing masturbation addiction and some new studies are proving to be promising. Counseling is another great way to overcome the addiction. There are different approaches to counseling but the most effective ones are those which incorporate a holistic approach to helping you, not only mentally and emotionally, but also incorporate the physical, spiritual and social aspects that affect your willpower. Getting help from others can be especially difficult with masturbation addiction as there is a lot of shame that comes with it but you have to overcome that shame if you are serious about getting help. There are so many people with the same problem and seeking help is a brave step that you should be proud of. Although some people are comfortable enough to ask for help from their spiritual leaders, this is generally not common because sometimes there is a level of judgment that might hinder the recovery process. Professional help is generally preferable as these counselors don’t judge and have extensive experience in dealing with people who are suffering from the same problem.

Is it hard to stop a masturbation addiction?

Yes, it can be hard to stop a masturbation addiction. Quitting masturbation is a process that requires commitment and is prone to relapse. Keeping a record and rewarding yourself for your good behavior can also be a means of motivation for you overcome your addiction.

Practical Tips on How to Overcome Masturbation Addiction

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  • I’ve been into this from my early stage i need help when never things get bad i feel like sexing anything

  • it is actually a very bad thing I’ll say, to masturbate regularly. it doesn’t feel good after the act and I want to stop it by all means

  • Am woman been experiencing the same i really need help because i cnt even date …..

    • I have a severe masturbation addiction since 13 I’m 24 now and it’s been a daily thing at times I was going 7-8 times a day on the lonely nights was using it as a aid to fall asleep and to feel good i would stop but get bad urges, longest I’ve been without masturbating a month, and reading this had is giving me the strength to ask for help

  • I feel so misplaced… I’m a female who has been sort of afraid of sexual interaction my whole life. Recently, I have become addicted to masturbating. I need help, I hate myself.

  • Masturbation is a bad habit

  • My addiction is so sever that is borders on binge masturbation, where in I lose hours, sometimes nearly an entire day to masturbation. My self confidence has always been at an all time low and sometimes I feel like I masturbate because I feel I’ll never be good enough for anyone else long term. Sometimes when porn isn’t enough I sext with women I pick up on dating apps. This is a problem and has been from day one. It’s ruining my relationships because regular sex stops being enough and I start to seek sexual stimulation elsewhere. I recently started dating an ex that I’ve been deeply in love with for so long and I don’t want to screw this up again. I want to get better so I can be happy in my own skin, and so that I can build a life with this woman that I love so dearly. I need help. Please.

  • I have been struggling with this for a long time every time I do it I feel good but after I hate myself so much I make myself sick I feel like no one will love me if I don’t stop I want to but I keep going back

  • I have been struggling with this bad habit, I’ve gotten to a horrible stage till I lost days not sleeping just to watch porn and masturbate, but trying to seek help has gotten me down from days to hardly once for the week. It is Hard but I pray and talk to a particular friend that has told me to go to a set number of days and each week increase the number of days by two and treat yourself when I get to my goal. I’m still struggling at times.
    The feeling after doing it makes it so much the worse

  • I know you can do it. It’s never too late.

  • I need help masturbation is ruining my life

  • pray to God to give you the power to overcome it

  • For me it’s not just about masturbation… I am a married guy.. but I am hungry for the sexual attention from girls. I am a good looking guy, I guess, as I get a plenty of attention.. but it makes me hungry for more. For me sex/masturbation is secondary, I guess I love the feeling for being wanted/desired. Even via social media, I am connected with girls abroad and get my sexual stimulation via cam/pics/videos. I lie, cheat, spend hours and money to get this fix. It is affecting my life and work. I am always afraid and ashamed of it. But Can’t help it. Please help.

  • I also need help. Been addicted to this habit almost 10 years now. I have tried to stop severally but i keep going back. I feel like it has taken away my belief in self and has also ruined my relationships.
    I need help now.

  • i did masturbation whrn i went to bed for sleep.i stop for 3 days,in the past i had decided to stop it for many times but i could not do it.God please help just this once.i can stop it once and for all

  • Hello there,thanks for your advice. I do really need help overcoming this issue and I will love more contributions. Thanks

  • I usually do it once a week. I try to keep myself from doing it but I am always defeated by the power of addiction.

  • Jezz I have Ben wishing, trying, and doing everything possible to quit this act but it just won’t get off my cerebellum. I need a professional help so badly. My health conditions is so bad now because of this act. Help! Help! Desperately in need of help and a way out.

  • Addiction can be stopped by Getting a Good Partner to whom we can Say our Reason and This Addiction . There is a possiblity that together can stop this Forever .

  • Messagei’ve been battling with this stubborn demon of masturbation for years now may Almighty God save us all, cos i’ve relapsed several times now

  • i have also been dealing with this for years now and I’ve only just clocked 18. I wanna try to stop before I cross over to the new year. I ‘ve not masturbates in two days now and it’s been really hard. I just hope I’ll be able to see it through this time

  • This is not your problem is the devil deceive you to maturbate.

  • I have been where all of you guys are, i was addicted, i did it almost every day, multiple times a day, but i got into this program called reformers unanimous (RU) it has really helped me. Now this program is for people with addictions mainly drug and alcohol addictions, but this is also an addiction, God got me out of this addiction and i know He can get you out too, its a terrible addiction and i failed quiting it so many times, but God forgives and forgets, i pray someone will read this and try to get into an ru progam, the truth can set you free!! Please email me if you want help or have questions ([email protected])

  • It’s really a strong addiction,i ve been into this for more than 10years and the feelings are always the same afterwards,its one of the strongest addictions known to man,i ve made resolve several times to stop but I ve never gone more than 3weeks or even less without it,recently I had a weak erection while I was playing on the bed with a woman I loved though a virgin but it really scared her and made her have doubts about settling down with me,i really need help and I will go to any extent to get it,i ve gone 5days now since I fapped last,i pray it continues as I need to break this addiction and be fully restored and rebooted before marriage.

  • I have been married for 5 years now and its been 5 months since I had masterbated. Yesterday I relapsed and I did not look at anything sexual or was I thinking of anything pornographic. My wife asked me if I would tell her the truth about the issue and I did and now she is very hurt and upset. She thinks I thought of someone else, But I told her the truth that I had not thought of anything or anyone. She does not know if she wants to stay in this relationship because of this. At one time I had a problem with pornography and I have not had that issue for 2.5 years now and she thinks I am up to that again.

  • I’m doing it 2-3 times a day now! I’m surprised I haven’t already gone blind, since I’ve been addicted since junior high. I need help now!

  • I feel disgust of my self at this very moment 🙁 I have been doing this for 20 years I need help I don’t want this in my life anymore

  • Wow! Didn’t know masturbation addiction was this hell of a deal until I checked this site, especially the comment section. To be fair, I’ve been masturbating since secondary school days up till about a week ago. Between those times, I had tried several times to stop but I just find myself deep in it without feeling remorseful. I’m in a relationship where we have sex maybe twice or thrice a year so I just thought it was one way to complement my sex life and to not make me appear to my girlfriend like a sex slave as well. Just recently, I realized that masturbating was cheating and I wouldn’t tolerate it from my girlfriend after she pranked me with it. Well, I didn’t fight masturbation by fighting masturbation directly. I simply deleted all the porn videos on my phone, got rid of all provocative pictures, ignore sex news and gists online (for this, I gave up Facebook entirely), I also stopped watching secular music videos and even stopped listening to secular songs amongst other things I thought fuel the urge to masturbate. Oh! Lemme not forget, I usually masturbated at night right before I sleep so whenever I want to sleep, I keep my phone sooooooo far away coupled with the zeal that “I want to be a better person”. With all these, I’ve been fighting masturbation so well and easily. I’ve never gone this far. In fact, it has been flawless and looked like a bite of pizza until tonight. I just hope I don’t go back to it.

  • By God’s grace with all these comment, i know i can stop masturbation because i usually hate myself same time feeling remorse after the demonic act “masturbation. I am physically challenge i.e having my left leg bad. so i always feel so shy to approach woman of my choice and this make’s me indulge in masturbation. I pray for God deliverance by giving me a woman that will love me for whom i am. I will start self discipline over this from now on.

  • After watching a porn movie on the 1st of January 2008, I couldn’t help it but masturbate. That is how my long disgraceful journey started. It’s 10 years now and I’ve been trying to quit but every time I find myself back to it again. Now I can do it more than 10 times a day and I hate myself so much. After all these wasted 10 years, My 2019 resolution is to get rid of this addiction. I regret

  • I have been in this act for over eleven to twelve years. This addiction is really ruling my life. I have tried my best to over it but I can’t pls I need destroying me gradually…

  • am addicted to it please help me

  • Please help me. I am addicted to narcotics, smoking pot, pornography and I masturbate constantly. I can’t hold down a job. I have smoked marijuana since I was 14 and Im 65 now. Please help me.

    • Andy, at 65 and having been addicted for a very long time, you obviously have coped in some ways…i get that employment issues seem to have been a much bigger problem…but you probably should just relax and enjoy the rest of your life doing what you are doing even though it has some negative consequences…focus more on the positive and practice harm-reduction on the negatives…it just depends on you…but of course, get professional help if you can afford it.

  • Got a real problem here

  • My daughter is 31, has had issues with drug addiction and mental illness since she was 12. She masterbates while watching tv, puts a blanket over her and goes to town on herself when everybody is right here. I finally told her tonight she needs to stop doing that in front of people that it’s not bad to do, but not acceptable in front of people. Now after reading these comments and looking at this site I am convinced she’s got masturbation addiction . I told her she needs to talk to her psychiatrist about it at her next visit because it’s definitely not normal. When I see her doing that again, should I mention it and tell her to stop ?

  • I’m so happy i know i’m not alone in this. I’m addicted too, and i have never told anyone. I’m so ashamed because of it. Guys, i feel your pain. I tried to fight my demons but they always win, no matter how hard i try. But, i found out that loneliness is the worst thing if you are addicted to masturbation. If anyone want to talk about it, I’m here.

    • Been struggling with masturbation since I was like 13, I’ve tried to quit many times too but I just relapse. I thought I was alone till I found this site while looking for a way out of my addiction

    • Hi Vanessa? We r all addicted n we know it. We started it and have the power to stop it. yes we can.

    • you might not believe.. i have tried to fight it .. i know what i am not suppose to do … but still i land up doing it 3 times a day i am a trader and have to shit 10 hrs everyday in front of computer to wait for right time to trade .. so i land up watching porn i hate it but what to do no one in my office .. i am all alone for 10 hrs everyday.. just need someone to talk … please help me with counseling

    • Hi vanesa, finally someone to talk with. Did you already trying to overcome it? I always try but i mostly failed. The guilt and self disgust is emense and i hate my self even more knowing i will start over and over again.

  • I have been wanking since I was about 13-14,and I’m still doing it 37 years later.If I could quit forever it would be great.Like all addictions it is hard to give up,i think I need too seek some kind of help with this.Good luck to everyone trying to give up.

  • masturbation is not good

  • I started masturbating before I even knew what it was or that it was wrong. Now I’m a young adult and I understand it isn’t right. I’m always overwhelmed with remorse afterwards, it’s just so hard to stop. I’m going to college in a few months and I need to break this addiction before then. Plus, I met the most amazing guy. He’s saved himself for marriage completely. I don’t feel like I’m good enough for him.

  • I started wanking since I was 17. I am 34 though not married but have a partner who lives 400km away and we have sex just once in a month. I don’t like the idea of cheating and use that as an excuse to masturbate. I hate myself when am done. I have tried every known ways to stop this act but without any positive result (1month tops and I am back to it). At least 10 times a day even while on my job not bothering if I might be seen in act. I need help because it brings me negative energy each time I do it causing me to be stagnant, backward and have ill lucks. God really me cos I dying morally.

  • I have been doing it for 10 year,but now I want to stop it

  • have gone a week without masturbation for the first time in 9years am more determined than ever

  • I have done this for 12 years , wanna stop.

  • Well I believe there is a way we could help one another ,I’m also suffering from this addiction I have been in the act for years and am afraid I might never stop. What triggers my urge is when am bored or alone and I think we could help one another since we all suffer from the same problem,I propose if we could have like a group or something the we could talk abt our issue i.e like a Whatsapp group so when one of us gets the urge we could talk abt it in the group and distract one another till the urge passes

  • I have been in masturbation a long time that is affecting my health, I have weight los, low sperm, watering sperm, memory los, poor vision, unable to have natural sex intercourse, sperm leakage. please you guys should help me please please

  • I have been experiencing the same addiction and I know there’s no way I can help myself but God. I believe the thing that triggers us most to do it is our thinking. And we all should start to track our thinking and ask God for help to Put Off evil thoughts and replace or put on Godly thoughts. I haven’t done it yet, but reading some comments here are a blessing. For me too it comes to mind when I’m bored, or dream something about sex, hear a word related to sexing, etc. Am I in a worst condition? Bringing this struggle before God as He has promised that His children are never losers.

    • This was the most helpful comment for me. Thank you. I agree that it is really a problem most with the mind. I don’t need anything external to trigger me. I can trigger myself with my own thoughts. It’s tough.

  • I’m a 34-year old woman. I started doing this in 2004, and it got pretty bad. I felt guilty about it even after the first time, but I couldn’t stop. Some night, I couldn’t go to sleep without it. I’ve been trying to stop ever since the first time. I know God doesn’t want me to do this. It’s not how He designed sex to be. I’m thankful for a husband who understands that I’m trying to quit. Unfortunately, he’s not super interested in sex himself. It’s like God wants me to fight this and get self-control instead of relying on him. The worst part is that I do even though my head screams at me that God hates it, but I do it anyway. Knowingly sinning is the worst of the worst. It isn’t even about the masturbating at that point. It damages my relationship with my God who loves me. There are days when I feel like I can’t even pray because I feel so guilty. I had made a little progress in the last few years. I was able to go 4-6 weeks sometimes without doing it. But now that I’m pregnant and there’s more blood flow down there and my hormones are crazy, it’s gotten worse again. It’s not like I help myself though- I think about terrible things that trigger myself. I don’t need porn or movies or anything. It’s all in my own nasty head. I give in to my thoughts and let them win. After each time, I tell myself that next time, I need to pray instead or get up or go to a public spot or tell my husband. But so far, I never listen to my own advice. If I don’t do it, it’s been just because I made an effort of will not to. That is…pretty difficult to say the least, but I do feel better about myself when I’m able to do that.

    • sorry,I Know how you really feel.if it’s in your nasty thoughts then you have to change the way of thinking
      consult a health therapist for further assistance

  • i have masturbated for long,I am dying pains every where please help

  • Hi my name Torviho Frank from Africa Ghana and I do like masturbation but look at my Christianity standing it seems to be a biggest sin in my life but to be honest with you I don’t know how to stop and I think it have a role to play with none having girlfriend but how can I be? If I have not self freedom, I’m really obsessed to myself and I need a serious help because it seems to me that it’s impossible to stop.

  • Reading all this comment give me some hope that I can stop masturbating, i have been doing this demonic acts since three years ago, but now am determined to stop and I pray God will help me to stop this stupid act.

  • I am a 21yr old female who has recently started masturbating (19). I can do it every day for hours at a time sometimes up to 4 hours continuously, or once a week for twice as long. I didn’t realize I had an addiction until recently. When I begin to masturbate I can’t stop. I lose sleep because of it and I never really feel relieved. Does anyone have any advice

  • Wow !
    There’s a demon behind the act of masturbation.
    You need believe in God to start, that Jesus is Lord,
    His Blood was shed on the cross of Calvary for the forgiveness and redemption of our sin.
    You now pray against the demon of masturbation to get out of your life both spiritual and physical.
    Make sure you read the Bible to build your faith so as to get results.
    May God help you all.

  • Wow
    I’d to say demons are behind the masturbation addiction or act .
    The only solution here is to seek the deliverance from God so one can be free the strong hold.
    First is to believe in God.
    Proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior.
    Check John 3:16-17.
    John 16: 33
    Jesus already overcone the world , that we all should be of good cheer !
    Pray fervently with faith .
    Pray against the the demon of masturbation to get out of your life both physical and spiritual.
    With faith it’s done.
    Precaution please read the Bible daily and keep Christian friend, it will help.
    Praise God!

  • I have been doing it for 10 year,but now I want to stop it

  • hey there! I am an athlete, i am just 14 yrs. i have been into masturbation for 2 yrs now. due to this, I am not able to focus in my game, my stamina becomes low and i am having acne all over my face . I haven’t talked about this to anyone just because I am scared if they might judge me. at the beginning , I tried many things to get rid of this mess but every time I tried I failed. i just wish u guys have some advise to give me


  • I’ve been addicted to this Act since God knows how long, and its getting me scared…. I’m a guy that has everything most women would want in a man, but I really don’t pay minds to women, and i hardly keep relationships for long… Cus I have this belief I can satisfy (sexualy) whenever I want. Its getting out of hand, and I’m scared for the future…

  • I’m a 50yr bi male I have been addicted to masturbation for 40 years now. I masturbate 3 times a day and can’t stop! It’s not just porn I masturbate to fantasies in my mind. I grew up masturbate to porn with other friends. I think about masturbating every second of the day. I don’t know what to do. I am married and I even masturbate after having sex with my wife.

  • I belivr that one day I will get rid of all this activities and I would be a good person to my family and society.Dont worry a day is waiting for everyone ,so its a ki.d of dream which will succed onve in everyone life.If the dream is succeded sa y thanks to almighty god.amen.

  • Alright, so I’ve been doing the nasty since I was 12, multiple times a day, I’m almost 20 now, I still do it even today. I’m trying to quit, but I do it every couple of hours. I can’t control it. The longest I’ve went is like 2-3 weeks ever since I started. I’m literally looking for a way to curb this s**t. What’s even worse, I’m in the Army, coming back from a deployment, and now the urges are stronger than ever. I need help.

  • i am sufferin of this same addict,but i believe that as long as i have confess this ,this very moment, my God have take me off it.

  • Anytime I watch porn I do masturbate. Watching porn is an addiction and it always leads to masturbation. Please I need help. How do I stop watching porn?

  • I Am addicted to masturbation for almost 28 years.have try to stop but it has become had up to when am dating it has not been addicted to pornography have try to stop after three days i do again. when am not watching porno am just fine but the problem comes when i spent much time on phone watching the me guys how i come overcome the addiction of porno.

  • I think the shyness I have in approaching girl’s has made me to be addicted to since my high school up to now am in CampuS i do it 4_5 times a day even it has affected my right leg

  • I am young and have been exposed to a lot of sexual content when I was a child. I am in my late teens now and I realize that my sexual tendencies are hazardous to my relationships, both friendly and romantically. I have even gone to the point of secretly taking pictures of my classmates in college because it stimulates me a lot more than pornography because it is someone that I know and find attractive, and it disgusts me that I do that. I think that if I were to get the masturbation aspect under control, I could help the second part more as well. I want to know if there is anyway to get rid of the urge to do things that I simply shouldn’t do.

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