Practical Tips on How to Overcome Masturbation Addiction

Do you feel like you masturbate too much? Do you want to know how to stop masturbation? Over 50% of men look at porn regularly and this almost inevitably leads to masturbation. Over 60% of men and 40% of women reported having masturbated in the past month. Porn addiction and masturbation go hand in hand and they have become a serious issue that millions of people all around the world across all ages and both sexes suffer from. A lot of people are addicted to masturbation and they are constantly wondering how they can stop this habit as they often hate themselves after the deed is done.

The urge to masturbate is a natural one especially in adolescence as it signifies interest in sex before embarking on adult sexual relationships. Masturbation is a shortcut to get the natural gratification that comes with reproduction. But when it becomes an obsession or a reason for constant self-loathing, then perhaps it is time to cut down on this self-service. There are so many negative effects of masturbation and amongst them are:

  • Long-term depression.
  • Difficulty in real life sex.
  • Self-loathing.
  • Tiredness and Fatigue.

How to stop a masturbation addiction?

You can stop a masturbation addiction in a few ways:

  • Stop punishing yourself and don’t be despondent
  • Remove triggers that tempt you to masturbate
  • Find other outlets for your time and energy
  • Be persistent and patient
  • Seek professional help
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Can you get professional help for masturbation addiction?

Yes, there are professional counseling programs for masturbation addiction. The most effective counseling programs for overcoming masturbation addiction are the ones that incorporate holistic, emotional, and mental approaches.

Perhaps the most common issue with masturbation addiction, especially in married couples, is how it affects your relationship with your partner. They soon start to feel neglected, inadequate and frustrated. The following addresses how to stop masturbation and it does not focus on issues such as why people want to stop masturbating or whether or not it is healthy. There are so many ways to confront the masturbation problem but they are all very likely to fall under one of these categories.

  1. Stop punishing yourself: Remember that masturbation is actually a natural urge and as human beings, we are always having these sexual urges and neither of these things makes you less of a person or any less worthy compared to anyone. Don’t allow yourself enter into despondency as this is mostly a waste of time; time that could have been spent relinquishing yourself of the addiction. So take it a step at a time and realize that there is actually help and you’re not helpless against the situation.
  1. Remove the things that bring you temptation to masturbate: Top of the list of things that brings temptation to masturbate is pornography so you have to rid yourself and your immediate environment of any and all pornographic content. Also, you should control your access to this content. If you are observant enough to know the specific times and instances you mostly get the urge to masturbate, try to get busy with other things at those times. Some people recommend exercising as this gives you a release of its own and leaves you exhausted to do much else. If you masturbate frequently as a result of your loneliness, find ways to limit your solitude. Do things you usually do alone in the company of others and in public places. Don’t lock yourself up indoors all day.
  1. Find another outlet for your time and energy: Fill your life with engaging activities. The excitement of doing something different and meeting set goals and objectives can help replace the urge to masturbate and you’ll have a lot more distractions that can keep your mind off it. The process of turning your sexual urges into creative output is something that monks and sages have mastered and it is called sublimation. This is something you can utilize on a scale that you are capable of. There are a lot of things that you can invest your time and energy to such as writing, learning to play an instrument, drawing etc. This takes discipline and persistence and no one ever said it was going to be easy. Research has also shown that the way you live can either increase or decrease your self-control when it comes to dealing with addictions.
  1. Be persistent and patient: Stopping masturbation is not something that can be done instantly. It is a process that requires commitment and you might fall to temptation and relapse on occasion. Don’t beat yourself up when this happens. The real struggle is in persevering so commit now that you won’t let mistakes stand in your way. You can also set up a reward system to reward yourself for good behavior and achievement in terms of how long you go without masturbating. When you keep a record of how long you’ve gone without masturbating, the longer the record stays the harder it is for you to engage in activity that will ruin that record. Doing this introduces a new motivation which can help you over the finish line. Your desire to keep your record and your pride in how long you’ve abstained will eventually overwhelm your desire to masturbate and at this point, your battle over addiction is almost won.
  1. When all else fails, seek professional help: Help can be found in community and counseling. The community can take the form of support groups, online forums, and accountability partners.

A quote from the book, Will Power by Kelly McGonigal says:

Go public with your willpower challenges, if you believe others are rooting for your success and keeping an eye on your behavior, you’ll be more motivated to do the right thingKelly McGonigal

There are plenty of benefits in being part of a community. With community, you realize that you are not alone and you can draw strength from others that are either facing the same issues as you or are actively trying to help you overcome your addiction. This can be very empowering.

There are a lot of research into curbing masturbation addiction and some new studies are proving to be promising. Counseling is another great way to overcome the addiction. There are different approaches to counseling but the most effective ones are those which incorporate a holistic approach to helping you, not only mentally and emotionally, but also incorporate the physical, spiritual and social aspects that affect your willpower. Getting help from others can be especially difficult with masturbation addiction as there is a lot of shame that comes with it but you have to overcome that shame if you are serious about getting help. There are so many people with the same problem and seeking help is a brave step that you should be proud of. Although some people are comfortable enough to ask for help from their spiritual leaders, this is generally not common because sometimes there is a level of judgment that might hinder the recovery process. Professional help is generally preferable as these counselors don’t judge and have extensive experience in dealing with people who are suffering from the same problem.

Is it hard to stop a masturbation addiction?

Yes, it can be hard to stop a masturbation addiction. Quitting masturbation is a process that requires commitment and is prone to relapse. Keeping a record and rewarding yourself for your good behavior can also be a means of motivation for you overcome your addiction.

Practical Tips on How to Overcome Masturbation Addiction

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  • I’ve been into this from my early stage i need help when never things get bad i feel like sexing anything

  • it is actually a very bad thing I’ll say, to masturbate regularly. it doesn’t feel good after the act and I want to stop it by all means

  • Am woman been experiencing the same i really need help because i cnt even date …..

  • I feel so misplaced… I’m a female who has been sort of afraid of sexual interaction my whole life. Recently, I have become addicted to masturbating. I need help, I hate myself.

  • Masturbation is a bad habit

  • My addiction is so sever that is borders on binge masturbation, where in I lose hours, sometimes nearly an entire day to masturbation. My self confidence has always been at an all time low and sometimes I feel like I masturbate because I feel I’ll never be good enough for anyone else long term. Sometimes when porn isn’t enough I sext with women I pick up on dating apps. This is a problem and has been from day one. It’s ruining my relationships because regular sex stops being enough and I start to seek sexual stimulation elsewhere. I recently started dating an ex that I’ve been deeply in love with for so long and I don’t want to screw this up again. I want to get better so I can be happy in my own skin, and so that I can build a life with this woman that I love so dearly. I need help. Please.

  • I have been struggling with this for a long time every time I do it I feel good but after I hate myself so much I make myself sick I feel like no one will love me if I don’t stop I want to but I keep going back

  • I have been struggling with this bad habit, I’ve gotten to a horrible stage till I lost days not sleeping just to watch porn and masturbate, but trying to seek help has gotten me down from days to hardly once for the week. It is Hard but I pray and talk to a particular friend that has told me to go to a set number of days and each week increase the number of days by two and treat yourself when I get to my goal. I’m still struggling at times.
    The feeling after doing it makes it so much the worse

  • I know you can do it. It’s never too late.

  • I need help masturbation is ruining my life

  • pray to God to give you the power to overcome it

  • For me it’s not just about masturbation… I am a married guy.. but I am hungry for the sexual attention from girls. I am a good looking guy, I guess, as I get a plenty of attention.. but it makes me hungry for more. For me sex/masturbation is secondary, I guess I love the feeling for being wanted/desired. Even via social media, I am connected with girls abroad and get my sexual stimulation via cam/pics/videos. I lie, cheat, spend hours and money to get this fix. It is affecting my life and work. I am always afraid and ashamed of it. But Can’t help it. Please help.

  • I also need help. Been addicted to this habit almost 10 years now. I have tried to stop severally but i keep going back. I feel like it has taken away my belief in self and has also ruined my relationships.
    I need help now.

  • i did masturbation whrn i went to bed for sleep.i stop for 3 days,in the past i had decided to stop it for many times but i could not do it.God please help just this once.i can stop it once and for all

  • Hello there,thanks for your advice. I do really need help overcoming this issue and I will love more contributions. Thanks

  • I usually do it once a week. I try to keep myself from doing it but I am always defeated by the power of addiction.

  • Jezz I have Ben wishing, trying, and doing everything possible to quit this act but it just won’t get off my cerebellum. I need a professional help so badly. My health conditions is so bad now because of this act. Help! Help! Desperately in need of help and a way out.

  • Addiction can be stopped by Getting a Good Partner to whom we can Say our Reason and This Addiction . There is a possiblity that together can stop this Forever .

  • Messagei’ve been battling with this stubborn demon of masturbation for years now may Almighty God save us all, cos i’ve relapsed several times now

  • i have also been dealing with this for years now and I’ve only just clocked 18. I wanna try to stop before I cross over to the new year. I ‘ve not masturbates in two days now and it’s been really hard. I just hope I’ll be able to see it through this time

  • This is not your problem is the devil deceive you to maturbate.

  • I have been where all of you guys are, i was addicted, i did it almost every day, multiple times a day, but i got into this program called reformers unanimous (RU) it has really helped me. Now this program is for people with addictions mainly drug and alcohol addictions, but this is also an addiction, God got me out of this addiction and i know He can get you out too, its a terrible addiction and i failed quiting it so many times, but God forgives and forgets, i pray someone will read this and try to get into an ru progam, the truth can set you free!! Please email me if you want help or have questions ([email protected])

  • It’s really a strong addiction,i ve been into this for more than 10years and the feelings are always the same afterwards,its one of the strongest addictions known to man,i ve made resolve several times to stop but I ve never gone more than 3weeks or even less without it,recently I had a weak erection while I was playing on the bed with a woman I loved though a virgin but it really scared her and made her have doubts about settling down with me,i really need help and I will go to any extent to get it,i ve gone 5days now since I fapped last,i pray it continues as I need to break this addiction and be fully restored and rebooted before marriage.

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