Maryland Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in MD

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

Maryland is a small and beautiful state that is home to some of the most varied terrains in the USA. From mountains to beaches and sand dunes, the Old Line State offers delighting views and enjoys all the four seasons. But despite its natural beauty, the state suffers from one of the highest rates of opioid-related deaths in the country. Rehabilitation centers in Maryland cannot treat all those in need. The poor access to free drug rehab centers in Maryland, along with the state’s demographics and policies make it one of the leading states in opioid-related overdoses.

Maryland Substance Abuse Data

maryland state flag with cannabis backgroundAlcohol and drug rehab in Maryland could be better. At the moment, rehab facilities have a difficult time keeping up with the opioid use epidemic that has taken over the state. In 2016, opioids caused nearly 30 deaths per 100,000 people, more than double of the national average of 13.3. It’s estimated that the misuse of prescription drugs such as fentanyl caused 650 deaths of the 1,821 that took place in 2016.

Unfortunately, heroin use is also on the rise. Heroin use provoked 173 deaths in 2012 and about 650 deaths in 2016. And the worst part is the abuse of prescription drugs is also increasing. In 2012, only 52 deaths were related to prescription drugs, whereas 2016 witnessed 812 deaths related to the same cause.

Alcohol consumption is also increasing in the state. There are more people who seek an alcohol rehab in Maryland each year because there are more people who engage in heavy drinking and binge drinking behaviors. In 2007, alcohol poisoning caused 189 deaths. In 2016, no less than 582 people died as a result of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol And Drug Rehabs In Maryland

At the moment, there are not enough rehabs in Maryland to accommodate those who suffer from a form of substance abuse disability or addiction. However, there are some treatment centers that provided high-quality aid for those in need. The following rehabilitation centers in MD have shown exceptional results in helping their patients overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

1. Kolmac Baltimore

Located in 1 North Charles St, Suite 602, Baltimore, this is only one of the luxuryaddiction cycle diagram drug rehab centers Kolmac runs in Maryland. There are 4 other locations you can find in this state. The Baltimore rehab clinic offers both an outpatient and an inpatient treatment.

Kolmac’s approach is to treat addiction as a chronic disease. So, in order to treat it, their specialists use the latest therapeutic procedures to understand the patient’s addiction at a biological and psychological level.

After assessing the patient and establishing the addiction’s trigger, the rehab facility specialists begin the personalized treatment program focusing on removing the underlying cause of the addiction. This process helps Kolmac’s patients understand their addiction, which will ultimately help to prevent a relapse. Learn more about the facility’s success rates here.

2. The Jude House

The Jude House residential treatment facility is one of the clinics that offer inpatient rehab in Maryland, and it’s located at 9505 Crain Highway, Bel Alton. However, their outpatient programs center is based at 41650 Courthouse Drive, Suite 200, Leonardtown, Maryland.

This rehabilitation facility started its activity back in 1972. The program started as the initiative of one individual trying to help another get over his alcohol addiction. Over the years, the program grew and volunteers started to see to the needs of those who wanted to give up drinking. Nowadays, The Jude House is a residential substance use treatment facility that helps all who seek addiction treatment.

This treatment facility’s professionals help their patients overcome their mental and physical limitations through a welcoming and supportive environment. The rehab offers basic medical care, healthy meals, a safe environment to reflect and meditate, and more. View all the opportunities provided by The Jude House on their website.

3. Worcester County Health Department, Snow Hill

teens support group sitiing in the circle in parkLocated in Snow Hill, Maryland, the WCHD offers help for those addicted to drugs and alcohol. The Maryland rehab center in Snow Hill can provide qualified treatment that starts with evaluation and assessment, group or individual therapy, withdrawal support, and more.

This treatment facility offers its services to anyone in need. There are certain adult services applicable only to those over 18, but the rehab also offers specific services for youths under 18. These services include but are not limited to adolescent counseling, referral for inpatient services, individual or group therapy. The information on the adult and adolescent treatment can be found on the website.

4. Ashley Addiction Treatment

The AAT center is situated in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Their campus spreads almost over 150 acres, and it’s a tranquil place that encourages quiet reflection and meditation.

The rehabilitation clinic’s specialists create personalized treatment approaches for all of their patients. The professionals create the list of measures to be taken in close collaboration with the patient, according to the patient’s medical needs, mental and physical necessities, and personal preferences.

This treatment center uses programs that follow gender-specific paths, medical and clinical care, psychological and psychiatric care, and holistic care. The full list of programs can be viewed here.

5. Serenity Acres

Located at 2008 St. Stephens Wood Drive, Crownsville, Maryland,young woman meditating in the lotus pose indoors this is a luxurious treatment center that’s just outside Annapolis. The addiction rehabilitation facility offers a wide range of treatment programs for those who suffer from substance addiction.

This facility strives to cure the patients’ body, mind and spirit to help them overcome their addictions. Even though all addictions have common characteristics, the clinic’s specialists assess each patient individually and create a personalized treatment plan.

Thanks to the warm and comfortable environment the rehab center provides, the patients are encouraged to meditate and reflect on their past behavior in order to understand and avoid it in the future. The treatment facility uses the latest therapy techniques to help the patients overcome addiction, including equine-assisted therapy, dual diagnosis, family therapy, and more.  Visit their website for additional information.

Addiction Recovery In Maryland

Even though the state of Maryland is caught up in the national opioid-use epidemic, the addiction treatment centers do their best to guide their patients toward recovery. If you or a loved one suffer from a form of substance addiction, contact one of the clinics we reviewed as one of the best rehabs centers in MD to speak to a counselor.

If you or a loved one suffer from alcohol or drug addiction and want to find out more about addiction recovery centers, call our 24/7 hotline at (888)-459-5511 to speak to our knowledgeable representatives.

Published on: June 21st, 2017

Updated on: April 30th, 2021