Nebraska Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in NE

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

Nebraska is known as the breadbasket of the Great Plains. It has rich farmland, which is one of America’s leading producers of pork, corn, beef, and soybeans. However, Nebraska has a wide grassland with areas like Lincoln and Omaha as the state’s cultural centers. Despite the type of resources that come out of this place, many of its residents struggle to overcome alcohol and drug abuse.

Major Concerns of Substance Abuse in Nebraska

beer head shaped as Nebraska state mapAlcohol and marijuana are the most commonly abused drugs in Nebraska especially among youths (14-18), just like in many American states. Fortunately, the modern rehabilitation science offers great hope for recovery. This will make Nebraska residents including veterans have access to drug and alcohol treatment centers. They will have access to short-term rehab centers and inpatient drug rehab. There is also an outpatient treatment program which allows patients to take part in the treatment program as well as communicating with their community.

Approximately 7.01 percent of Nebraska residents use illicit drugs from which the country average was 8.82 percent between 2009 and 2010 (National Survey on Drug Use and Health NSDUH).

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Nebraska

Data from TEDS (the Treatment Episode Data Set) shows that 27 percent of primary drug treatment admissions in Nebraska were marijuana and another 35 percent were for stimulants. Methamphetamine, among other stimulants, is the most commonly cited drugs among primary addiction drug treatment centers. However, the deaths in Nebraska caused by drug misuse are lower than the national average. This is why most of the rehabs include a twelve-step program within their treatments. About 2.98 percent of Nebraska residents are reported to be using illicit drug other than marijuana (of which the national average was 3.6 percent).

Top 5 Best Rehab Centers in Nebraska

The best addiction rehab centers in Nebraska offers classes on prevention, intervention and family support to help all those who are already addicted to drugs. However, factors like food and nutrition, overall experience, staff, and effectiveness should be considered when looking for the best drug rehab. Below are some of the best addiction rehabs in Nebraska:

1. Bryan Independence Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

The Bryan Independence Center is a substance addictionbutterfly sitting on the woman's shoulder as the sign of spirituality and inner balance residential treatment center in Nebraska. Since Bryan Independence Center professionals know that addiction can affect any person regardless of any personal or social features, they have a facility that cares for all these set of people suffering from addiction.

People differ in their drug dependences (based on culture), but the chemical dependence is the same for all. The impact of the drug addiction is devastating, but the good news is that it is treatable. Bryan Independence Center makes an emphasis on the holistic approach, believing that spiritual values are heavily affected by drugs. Thus, treatment must include the focus on the spiritual level as well as physical.

You can visit Bryan Independence Center now to learn about their drug rehab in Nebraska ans also also take their free online assessment here.

2. First Step Recovery

The First Step Recovery in Nebraska is a detox and treatment center. They are licensed medically to provide treatment for drug and alcohol addiction for people in Nebraska. Their sole mission is to provide effective and high-quality substance dependence treatment services in North-eastern Ohio. They provide evidence-based and medically accredited treatments to their clients. They have medical and counseling professionals that provide support to their clients in a warm, comfortable and upscale environment.

They also provide drugs to their clients to alleviate their discomfort and stabilize their condition. Here you can learn more about this drug rehab in Nebraska.

3. Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center

people holding sitting around the Holy Bible and praying togetherThe Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center is a Christian-based Nebraska drug rehab. They provide different drug and alcohol rehab programs. This is done in different forms that will meet the physical, spiritual, and psychological needs of each of their clients because they understand that no treatment fits all. At Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center, they have two different 12-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs including Christian and Traditional.

While the Christian-based rehab programs present a biblical and Christ-centered approach to recovery, the traditional approach is meant for those that have a different journey of faith. Click here for more information about the Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center.

4. Touchstone Rehab Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

At Touchstone Rehab Center, they have a very simple mission which is to provide a structured, comprehensive program that improves recovery, wellness and productive lifestyle changes for people with substance use and addictive related problems. Touchstone Rehab Center is one of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Lincoln that helps people live productive lives. The group was formed in 1998 to provide short-term residential treatment, and they have always worked in collaboration with Houses of Hope and CenterPointe.

They offer residential substance use treatment services at affordable fee because they are funded in part through Region V funds, the State and Medicaid. Click here for more information about this rehabilitation facility in NE.

5. Santa Monica House – Where Women Recover

Santa Monica House is a treatmentwomen standing together supporting each other facility that helps women recovering from addiction. Their major goal is to provide freedom from addiction, heal from trauma and inspire hope for their clients’ future. This substance abuse center provides not only treatment solutions but also serves as a refuge for women who are ready to recover from various addiction problems.

They have a home for those seeking help. If you have the courage to start again with the will to stay the course and the strength to overcome, then Santa Monica House will provide the help and hope throughout your healing from the addiction. Just imagine your future without addiction, and Santa Monica will help you get there. Follow the link for more information about this rehab center in Nebraska.

Achieving Sobriety in Nebraska

In conclusion, there are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Nebraska where you can always visit for addiction treatment. Most of them offer different treatment methods including holistic treatments for the believers and dual diagnosis approach which includes structured and comprehensive treatment. Depending on the type of treatment you are interested in, you will always find a rehab center of your choice.

In Nebraska, you will always find a drug and alcohol treatment center that suits your taste. No matter where you are, you will always find one. This is because there are as many residential treatment centers as you want in Nebraska. To get a better drug rehab in Nebraska, you need the help of a professional.

Published on: July 31st, 2017

Updated on: April 30th, 2021