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  • Methadone Rehab – How do You Choose the Right Treatment Center?

    The search for the right Methadone Rehab center is an important step of the long journey to a drug-free life. In fact, it’s the beginning. There are a number of centers claiming a complete treatment. As a result, you may find yourself lost in the crowd.

    Choosing Methadone Rehab Center

    Are you or anyone in your family is seeking treatment for Methadone addiction? Read this article to get the right insight.

    A Quick Overview of Methadone Addiction

    Methadone is an opioid medication. They use it as a part of a complete addiction treatment program for people who have heroin or other opioid addictions. Incidentally, your doctor may also prescribe it for pain management.

    Methadone addiction refers to the compulsive use of the drug to get a constant high. An addiction develops when your brain gets used to the relaxing effects of a drug. As a result, it fails to function normally without the drug.

    It is very important to take note of the fact that Methadone itself can cause addiction. This is due to the addictive nature of Methadone.

    What are the Warning Signs of Methadone Addiction

    Methadone addiction is not something that the patient can hide for long. Health effects and behavioral changes due to the addiction become noticeable. This can happen soon after the patient stops taking the medication.

    Watch for the following if you suspect anyone in your family is having Methadone addiction.

    • Behavioral changes such as withdrawal, hostility, mood swings, and isolation.
    • Lower than normal academic or work performance.
    • Not being able to hold up responsibilities.
    • Attempts at getting access to Methadone illegally.
    • Taking excessive amounts at a time or taking more doses than normal.

    What is Methadone Rehab

    methadone rehabMethadone Rehab for addiction is a complete addiction treatment program. Therefore, their goal is to treat people who have Methadone addiction. Apart from the medications, it also involves counseling and psychosocial support.

    A Methadone Rehab Center is an addiction treatment facility. It includes a team of qualified healthcare staff, specific addiction treatment programs, and experience in treating addiction to Methadone.

    What Services You Can Find in Methadone Rehab Center

    Methadone rehab treatment centers provide a wide range of services. They design them specially to meet the person’s needs. In addition, they can also provide specific services on demand whenever possible. For example, an elite center will provide upscale services providing extra comfort. However, this will come at a higher cost to the payer.

    Nonetheless, there are certain basic services that each rehab center should perform.

    Some of them include:

    • Inpatient Services: Patients with a severe addiction to Methadone may need to stay in the rehab center for months. This is the job for inpatient addiction treatment centers. They will take care of every aspect of the patient from meals to a drug-free living environment. During their stay in the Methadone rehab center, a patient learns to live a disciplined life away from the drug. After, the patients may gain substantial control over addiction. Therefore, they are stable enough to get back to the society. As a result, the doctor will switch them to outpatient care or give a release.
    • Outpatient Services: They provide these services on an outpatient basis. Furthermore, the patients can leave the Methadone rehab center after their treatment sessions. Outpatient services offer a more flexible approach in treating Methadone addiction. However, the risk of relapse is higher in an outpatient setting.
    • Counseling and provision of psychiatric or mental consultation: An addiction is a complex mental disorder with multiple causative factors. Unfortunately, treatments with only medications are not enough to provide the relief. A full Methadone treatment always incorporates counseling and mental consultation. This is to ensure the patient gets optimum emotional and mental support.

    What Programs Do Methadone Rehab Centers Offer

    Methadone rehab treatment centers offer a wide range of programs to meet the needs of each patient. However, each such center has a baseline of programs that include:

    • Patient evaluation and assessment: The addiction treatment starts with an assessment of patient characteristics. They include overall health, the degree of addiction, socioeconomic background and other factors. Further assessment of these factors paves the way for designing a treatment program. This way, it can fulfill patient requirements.
    • Detox: Detox is a short-term program which aims to clear off the drug from the body. Most detox programs use certain medications that prevent or reduce drug withdrawal symptoms. It is like a preparatory phase for the long term addiction treatment.
    • Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT): This is the main part of the total treatment program. It involves the use of medications over an extended period of time. MAT also includes non-drug approaches such as counseling, support group, patient education and alternative therapies to address associated health conditions. For example, meditation can help some patients stick to the treatment. This phase has the longest duration. During this portion, the patient also learns life skills, coping skills and measures to avoid relapse.
    • Follow-up Care: This is again a continuous process which begins once the patient leaves the rehab center. A team of doctors and psychiatrists suggest ways to stay away from drugs and live a sober life. Periodic follow-up visits may also be necessary to stop the patients from getting back to drugs.

    How Long Do You Have to Stay at a Methadone Rehab Center?

    The duration of stay in Methadone rehab depends on many factors. They include the degree of Methadone addiction, co-occurring mental conditions, and your response to the treatment. If you respond well and improve faster, you will get an earlier discharge. However, there might be patients who exhibit very little response to the treatment. Furthermore, their condition does not improve or sometimes, gets worse. These patients may need to stay there a longer time. Most Methadone treatment centers have programs that last from a month to 3 months.