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Rehab Centers in Colorado: 7 Best Addiction Treatment Centers in CO

Last Updated: March 16, 2024

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Colorado is a beautiful state that offers plenty of opportunities to recover to those who seek special treatment to kick substance abuse. Whether one is addicted to alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, or marijuana, there are multiple rehab centers in Colorado to choose from and start a new life.

There are outpatient, inpatient, and detox centers in Colorado, and one should carefully choose the correct facility. Since there are approximately 300 days of sunshine per year in this state, it is normal for Colorado rehab facilities to use the great outdoors for therapeutic purposes, helping addicts try a more active lifestyle.

Top 7 Best Rehab Centers in Colorado

Finding a suitable rehab center in Colorado is easy as there are quite a number of facilities that offer a wide variety of treatment services. What rehab centers in Colorado offer? These facilities offer drug and alcohol rehabilitation at different levels of care. Those that require detox centers in CO for extreme cases can easily find a well-equipped facility. There are at least 14 outpatient facilities, 50 drug and alcohol centers, 47 inpatient rehabs, 3 luxury rehabs, 15 rehabs that offer free treatment programs, and others.

The key to effective healing from drug addiction is to understand what works best for the patient. Consulting a medical practitioner about the best rehab to sign up for would greatly assist the end result. An aftercare service is also imperative to progress.

Before choosing the right inpatient drug rehab Colorado, one should carefully assess his options and fully understand the treatment process, recreational activities included, and learn about the experience of the caregivers. For example, a certain inpatient rehab might put an emphasis on eliminating alcohol addiction and achieving complete sobriety; another rehab might be more suitable for crack addicts, etc. Here are some of the best rehab centers in Colorado.

AspenRidge Recovery Center, Lakewood, CO

AspenRidge is one of the most sought-after inpatient drug rehab Colorado recovery lists. It is ideal for people seeking help to kick the addiction to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and other substances. The Aspen Ridge rehab incorporates numerous therapeutic activities to help patients eliminate substance abuse.  Some of these activities include equine therapy, spiritual retreats, engaging in physical exercise outdoors, etc. The treatment program also includes hiking, team building, 12-step meetings, and multiple other recreational activities designed to give patients a new and healthier focus in life.

This rehabilitation facility also puts an emphasis on co-occurring issues, accepts almost all insurance providers in the US, and its staff has years of experience in treating patients. Unlike other rehab facilities, the AspenRidge center also offers a 90-day, women-only treatment program focusing on customized care for each attending.

Harmony Foundation, Estes Park, CO

The Harmony Foundation is another excellent alcohol rehab Colorado which incorporates a state-of-the-art detox program designed to discover nutritional imbalances in an addict’s body and help him safely eliminate substance addiction. The treatment program involves multiple proven therapies and programs that help discover the root cause of the addiction while involving the patient’s family to assist in the recovery process.

One of the best things about the Harmony Foundation alcohol rehab Colorado is that the treatment programs usually take place outdoors, in a mountainous environment. While out in nature, addicts find it easier to open up about their substance abuse problem and begin the healing process. This rehab center also works with most insurance carriers in the US.

Peaks Recovery Centers, Colorado Springs, CO

At Peaks Recovery Centers, drug addicts undertake a 6-month treatment program designed to help them overcome their addiction and to learn how to live a brand new and healthy life again. This rehab in Colorado also offers gender-specific treatment programs and can treat co-occurring mental illnesses associated with substance abuse. The facility accepts insurance and financing, helps people aged 18-30, and offers a follow-up, 3-months long outpatient treatment option, which further increases a patient’s chances of remaining sober and living a healthy life.

The highlights of this rehab consist of professional counselors and dietitians, multiple outdoor therapeutic activities, and group meetings designed to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Denver Recovery Center, Broomfield, CO

The Denver Recovery Center is ideal for people who struggle with addictions such as alcoholism, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, etc. This rehab facility in Colorado offers tailored life skills to recover patients, helping them develop healthy habits to build a brand new life once they leave the center. The Denver Recovery Center experts also emphasized nutrition, teaching addicts about the importance of a healthy meal and how to prepare delicious, nutritionally-dense foods to enjoy with their families.

When it comes to treatment options, patients can opt for outpatient treatment and dual-diagnosis treatments that attempt to eliminate the addiction to a substance and the mental illness usually associated with it.

Jaywalker Lodge, Carbondale, CO

The Jaywalker Lodge is more suitable for people who want to get rid of alcohol abuse, but the specialists at this center in CO can treat patients who are addicted to cocaine or marijuana as well. The treatment program consists of 12 steps, involves mountain expeditions, and puts an accent on healthy habit-building, which will help patients achieve long-term sobriety. The patients begin by enrolling in a short program designed to discover the needs of each individual addict. This program can last up to 3 weeks.

The treatment continues with outdoor recreational activities and other therapeutic activities designed to heal addicts, followed up by a 90-day outpatient treatment program.

Mountain Springs Recovery, Monument, CO

The Mountains Springs is one of the most popular luxury rehab centers in Colorado. A major perk is its scenic Rocky Mountains View that provides a sense of tranquility. Its serene environment allows patients to focus better on themselves and strive towards a full recovery. The facility employs evidence-based therapy with the help of the finest physicians and counselors stationed to help clients maintain sobriety. The therapies include Art therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 1-on-1 counseling, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

What kind of addiction is treated at Mountain Springs? The inpatient drug rehab Colorado offers treatment for drug addiction, benzodiazepines, alcohol, co-occurring disorders. They also offer outpatient treatment and sober living programs.

All Points North Lodge, Edwards, CO

All Point prides itself on superior clinical methodologies that provide the needed outcomes.  It is one of the inpatient mental health facilities Colorado possesses.  The facility caters to addiction, trauma, and substance-based dysfunctions. The one-on-one sessions include EMDR, CBT, DBT, and other clinical and experiential therapy.

What can one expect at this facility? Within trauma therapy, outpatient service, addiction treatment, and mental health programs, clients also have access to the indoor swimming pool, outdoor activities, lodge, and other amenities.

Colorado’s Rehab Centers Feature Multiple Gender-Specific Programs

According to the Executive Director of the Colorado Meth Project, approximately 19% of the treatment admissions in treatment centers in Colorado are for methamphetamines, while 8% of the statewide admissions are for marijuana. Substance abuse admissions into publicly funded institutions in 2001 are as follows: methamphetamine (2,037), cocaine (2,699), heroin (1,810), marijuana (5,299), other substances (1,194).

Some of The Causes Which Trigger Substance Abuse in This State Include:

  • A conducive environment (Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012)
  • Social anxiety
  • Emotional trauma
  • Peer pressure
  • Stress and depression

Colorado is also fairly known for having numerous addicts on cocaine and heroin enrolling in group therapy sessions in rehab centers.

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Substance Abuse Greatly Contributes to High Death Rate in CO

According to CDC data, substance abuse in CO has taken a turn for the worst. In 2015 approximately 900 people died as a result of drug intoxication, and nearly 850 people died as a result of alcohol intoxication. The situation seems to be very bad in Denver, which has alarming rates of fatalities caused by drug use.

The rehab facilities in Colorado are working overtime to treat patients, but according to recent statistics, state-funded rehabs can’t keep up with the demands. More rehab centers in Colorado would have to be launched to tackle the increasing problem. The progression in drug-related deaths has been immense in CO from 2010 to 2017. At least 564 opioid-related deaths were reported in 2018. Medical prescription providers in CO report about 45.1 prescriptions for opioids in every 100 patients.

NAS Cases

Due to pregnancy drug use, the rate of occurrence of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) was at 7 cases per 1000 births.


In a 2017 survey, 4 out of 5 students in CO did not use marijuana in the previous month.

CO Residents

About 13.39% of the residents of Colorado admitted to illicit drug use in the previous month. The national average was about 8.82%

Colorado Drug Laws

As of March 1, 2020, drug possession is considered a class 1 drug misdemeanor. This implies that anyone caught with schedule 1 and 2 substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and the likes will face incarceration. Colorado state drug laws stress the unlawful possession of controlled substances. Drug possession may be considered a felony as a subsequent offense.

Is Weed Legal In Colorado?

The use of marijuana for both medical use and adult use is completely legal. Weed was legalized in CO on the 6th of Nov, 2012. However, certain conditions apply.

Drug Offense Penalty Possible incarceration Maximum fine
2 oz or less NA None $0
Transfer without pay, 2 oz or less NA None $0
Over 2 oz Petty offense None $100
2 to 6 oz Misdemeanor 0-12 months $700
More than 12 oz Felony 1-2 year $100,000

Joining a Rehab Center in Colorado Can Actually Save a Life

There are multiple reasons why one would engage in a drug overdose and develop an addiction. However, there is still hope for these people, as long as they want a second chance at living a normal life. These rehab centers in Colorado can work wonders for substance abusers, and the sooner one enrolls, the better.

If you or your loved one is currently struggling with substance abuse, don’t engage in this fight alone. Call (888)-459-5511 today and let skilled and friendly people help you see the light again!

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