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Last Updated: May 2, 2023

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Aurora Center for Treatment Overview 

The Aurora Center for Treatment (AC) is a professional counseling provider for anyone with substance abuse, mental health issues, or co-occurring disorders. This Colorado alcohol rehab is not a traditional drug rehabilitation center since it only offers outpatient or intensive outpatient services and has no inpatient residential program. The center provides an array of experienced, well-trained counselors to help anyone with personal, professional, or substance-abuse-related crises. 

The Aurora Center for Treatment is located in Aurora, Colorado, and provides services to people from surrounding cities, towns, and counties. The center also helps people meet court-mandated drug counseling requirements and works closely with law enforcement to help divert people into an appropriate Aurora rehab. 

Aside from drug and alcohol abuse treatment, the center also offers individual and couples therapy for general therapy unrelated to substance abuse or any other severe mental illness like schizophrenia, PTSD, or bipolar disorder. There are also specific group therapy sessions centered around various subjects like grief, families of alcoholics, and addicts or conflict management.

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Treatment Options 

The Aurora Center for Treatment offers only the following:

It is not equipped to house or accommodate patients because of its office setting. The facility offers various services, so anyone seeking professional counseling for any reason – personal, professional, or even court-ordered – can find help at the AC. Other Colorado alcohol rehabs do not offer the same continuum of care as the Aurora Center for Treatment since other rehabs serve people only with substance use or co-occurring disorder. The center is open to everyone and provides various counseling services. 

Another component of the treatment options at Aurora is aftercare, which refers to ensuring people have the support and knowledge to stay sober after leaving outpatient care. The center achieves this by directing former patients to their local AA or NA network so they can attend meetings regularly. Aftercare can also include regular drug testing to ensure you are complying with a court-ordered mandate. 

Therapies at Aurora Center for Treatment 

The types of treatments the AC employs to treat drug and alcohol abuse range from:

The range of therapies the Aurora Center for Treatment offers sets it apart from other traditional rehabs, as it comes in a more intimate, intensive setting. Many of the patients at this Colorado alcohol rehab are ordered to undergo drug rehabilitation by a court, meaning the treatment goals and strategies differ from conventional, inpatient rehabs.

Along with helping patients overcome and manage their addictions, the center also helps people who have been through the legal system avoid destructive, anti-social behavior or repeat offend. It helps them develop moral reasoning, so they can think before acting and include the consequences to themselves and others in their decision-making process. 

Household animals like dogs and cats play an important role in helping patients develop empathy; this is another unique aspect of the therapies at this Colorado alcohol rehab. Patients are paired with an animal and must take care of it and receive affirmation from taking care of someone other than themselves. Patients also take field trips to surrounding farms to interact with horses, which has similar effects to working with animals like dogs and cats. This multidimensional care is unique and aimed at people who have been criminalized for their addictions. This Aurora rehab aims to help patients overcome their dependencies while also learning the life skills necessary to avoid the justice system. 

Aurora Center Payment Options 

The Aurora Center for Treatment has various payment options suitable for any budget, while its drug and alcohol abuse counseling is often ordered and covered by the state via Medicaid. If you want to enter this Colorado alcohol rehab voluntarily, the center offers a sliding scale payment scheme so you can pay based on your economic circumstances. 

Patients with the available resources can also self-pay. The center charges $50 for an appointment with an intake coordinator, which helps you determine what level of care you need. You then meet with your specialized program coordinator, who will review your treatment plan to help determine the next steps and whether you need more focused care. 

Licenses and Accreditations

The center and its staff are all certified by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, which manages and oversees drug and rehabilitation centers in the state. All third-party service providers (counselors, drug testing facilities, legal aid) are also approved by the state and comply with legal standards to offer mental health and drug counseling. 

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Advantages of the Aurora Center for Treatment 

The Aurora Center for Treatment is unique because it helps anyone overcome mental health or substance abuse issues instead of being an exclusive, private, for-profit enterprise that only offers treatment to people who can afford it. The center acknowledges that substance abuse counseling can be expensive, which is why their sliding scale payment formula is so helpful. People who need treatment can get it and afford it since the price is adjusted to their income. 

Staff at Aurora Center for Treatment 

This Colorado alcohol rehab has over forty years of combined experience among its staff. They are experts in providing counseling services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, individual or group therapy, and couples counseling, among many other benefits. The center employs third-party service providers in different therapeutic areas, like cognitive behavioral and animal or equine therapy specialists. 

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Published on: May 2nd, 2023

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