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Overview of CURA, Inc.

Founded since 1969, one would know that CURA, Inc. is not only a facility that provides experienced service but one that takes its clients seriously enough to give it’s recovering patients and Aftercare support. It was established in the East Bay Area of California, in the Main Latino Decoto area of Union City. The founding fathers of this facility were recovering addicts of heroine who wanted to make a positive mark in their communities.
CURA stands for “Canales Unidos Reformando Adictos” which translates to Brothers United to Reform Addicts from the Spanish language which now makes the acronym ”CURA” easier for identification. Since it’s program changed from treating only Men to treating both male and females, the word “Brothers” has been replaced with the word “Partners” but the facility will keep operating under the name of CURA, Inc. CURA, Inc facility located in Fremont, California provides inpatient services, outpatient services, and sober living homes.

Accommodation and Food at CURA, Inc.

CURA, Inc. residential facility holds up to 51-bed capacity and this facility can accommodate about 39 men and 12 women. In the men’s area, the room is built dorm-like, and each dorm room is furnished with bunk beds which can hold up to 9 participants at any given time. Women are housed in a completely different way as they are housed in double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.
The residents in this facility cook their own meal. Special dietary needs can be met. During Mealtimes, men and women come together to dine in the dining hall. The CURA sober living home is a Victorian-style house located in Oakland. This sober living home has a 34-bed capacity and the management accepts only men 18 years and above.

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Treatment Options at CURA, Inc.

The treatment options which are drafted into individual plans for their patients are given to them upon admission, but patients need to undergo a few physical and psychological examinations to fully analyze and understand the level of treatment that they actually need. Patients who want to be admitted into this facility must have undergone medically assisted detox at another facility and also have at least three days of abstinence before contacting the facility.
The treatment plan usually lasts from six months to a year and patients are prohibited from making or receiving a call during the first 30 day due to the lockdown policy. But after the lockdown period, patients are only offered limited payphone privileges and devices such as mobile phones and computers are strictly forbidden at CURA, Inc. Also granted passes for supervised outings would be offered to patients after 90 days of the treatment plan and random drug tests would be conducted at any time. This facility also offers aftercare support which is a 2-hour weekly group meeting held at the facility’s Fremont Outpatient facility. The outpatient treatment plan usually lasts for 3 months and is mostly used as a step down for patients who have already undergone inpatient treatment.
The treatment options provided by CURA, Inc. To their patients include:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Sober Living Homes
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • 12-Step Treatment
  • Individualized treatment
  • Aftercare support

Therapy Choices at CURA, Inc.

The therapy choices at CURA, Inc. are designed to aid in the treatment of any form of substance abuse and mental health issues adequately. They are being administered to the patients by the facility’s specialists and are offered to therapists once the evaluation is complete and drafted into their personalized plans.
The therapy plan includes a daily individual session, two days group sessions and a compulsory 12-Step meeting which patients are required to attend. Although this facility offers 12-Step Meetings, local volunteers often visit the facility to offer patients AA/NA meetings several times in a month.
The therapy choices provided by CURA, Inc. to their patients include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Creative Art Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Life skills

Payment Options and Insurances

CURA, Inc. charges its patients about $2,400 for a 30-day residential treatment program and accepts the following payment options.

  • Self-Pay Options
  • Private Insurance


CURA, Inc. is not a licensed substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation facility.

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CURA, Inc. Advantages

Focused on the complete restructuring and recovery of any patient who has been drastically affected by chemical dependency with the aim of aiding the individual’s re-entry into the society as a changed individual, CURA, Inc. has been operating since 1969 and has been providing rehabilitation treatment care for over 50 years in the East Bay area of California. Although this facility is not accredited by any rehabilitation accreditation agency, CURA, Inc. has been very influential in the recovery of a lot of individual who suffered from substance abuse and mental health disorder in California.

CURA, Inc. offers its patients a spacious 51-bed capacity accommodation which is shared by 39 men and 12 women. The accommodation is split into two sections, the male section and the female section which was designed to help the staffs easily control the environment. Although patients are allowed to cook their own meal, both genders are to eat together at the general dining hall.

Staff at CURA, Inc.

The staffs working at CURA, Inc. which comprises of house managers, LADCs, rehab technicians, office staff and trophic design consultant who takes the patients on mask-making humanities seminar, are certified and highly trained professionals in their various fields. This team of staffs helps in the smooth running of the facility and ensure that the proper rehabilitation medication is given to each patient admitted into their facility. Also, they ensure that the patients admitted into CURA, Inc. are properly taken care of and are comfortable for the duration of their stay at their facility.

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Updated on: April 21st, 2022

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