Queen Of Peace Center, St. Louis, Missouri

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

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Queen of Peace Center Overview

Queen of Peace Center is a treatment facility that specializes in services that aim to address issues related to substance abuse and mental health problems among the patients who come to them for help with the situations they are finding themselves in. The center takes a family-centered approach to treatment, as the staff members understand that an entire family can be affected and even disrupted when a loved one in the family falls victim to drug or alcohol abuse problems.

Male and female patients are able to undergo treatment at the facility, with a series of programs that focuses on both residential treatment and recovery through outpatient solutions. Transitional living programs are also offered to women who have children, including those women with a low monthly income. A variety of treatment programs have been established by the Queen of Peace Center in order to ensure every patient has the best chance at recovery.

Queen of Peace Center Housing

Access to accommodation is provided to some patients who qualify for transitional living and residential programs that the Queen of Peace Center has established. The company operates multiple centers where housing can be offered to the patient. Each patient will be assessed to determine which programs they qualify for. Only patients who qualify for residential treatment will be given access to accommodation while they are being treated. A facility is also available for female patients who are mothers, where they can reside in a sober living environment with their children.

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Queen of Peace Center Treatment Options

The Queen of Peace Center has a number of different treatment options that patients can take advantage of when they are in a situation where they cannot seem to overcome an addiction that they have succumbed to. Three of the most important programs that are currently offered to patients at the company include:

  • Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Program, or the CSTAR program
  • Nurturing Networks Family and Children’s Program
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Women’s Residential Program

Queen of Peace Center Therapies Provided

Patients will need to go through a range of therapeutic solutions and sessions in order to undergo treatment at the Queen of Peace Center. Therapy plays an important part in successful recovery, which is why a psychiatrist is appointed to the patient when they are admitted. The patient will then frequently see the psychiatrist to help address the conditions that they are suffering from. There are also group therapy sessions held on a regular basis, and patients may be provided with access to art therapy options.

Queen of Peace Center Payment Options

The Queen of Peace Center understands that there are many patients who desire a chance to recover from their addictions but are unable to afford access to a quality treatment program. This is why a sliding-scale system is used to specify the amount that each patient need to pay for the program that is developed for them. The patient’s specific circumstances and situations will be considered when determining a price plan for them. Patients who are insured through a healthcare policy may also present their policy’s details to the facility, who can then verify if the insurance provider would cover the cost required for treatment at the company.

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Queen of Peace Center Accreditations

The Queen of Peace Centers values the services they are able to provide their patients with, which is why they have applied for the appropriate certifications, licensed, and accreditations to show patients that they truly care about their recovery. The center has been certified by the following departments to provide professional counseling services for addictions and mental disorders:

  • The Missouri Department of Mental Health
  • The Division of Behavioral Health
  • The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

The company has also been certified as a Women and Children’s Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation facility. They also hold accreditation from the National Council on Accreditation.

Queen of Peace Center Amenities

The transitional housing program offered to female patients would be the most important amenity to be noted in terms of what the Queen of Peace Center has to offer. It should be noted that other amenities are also provided to patients, such as clean linen, meals, and storage space for their personal belongings when admitted to a residential treatment program at the facility.

Queen of Peace Center Staff

The Queen of Peace Center provides limited information on a couple of staff members that form part of the leadership team at the company. The data is certainly not extensive, as only photos and titles are provided, along with the name of the staff members. The particular members that are mentioned on the website of this company are also not part of the treatment team, which means patients who utilize the staff page will not be able to gain an overview of the psychiatrists and other treatment staff members that they might meet when they opt to be treated for their addictions at the Queen of Peace Center.
Patients who find the information on this web page irrelevant and would like to know more about the actual team members that will be providing them with psychiatric and counseling services should contact the company in order to determine if the staff members are appropriately qualified, licensed, and experienced.

Sharon Spruell – Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Spruell has been serving as the CEO at Queen of Peace Center since the earlier stage of 2018. She previously served as a Chief Program Officer and as a Clinical Director at the Queen of Peace Center.
Other staff:

  • Rosie Seiler – Director of Housing and Community Services
  • Rachel Hobson – Associate Director of Revenue Management
  • David Chernof – Associate Clinical Director

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