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Odyssey House Overview

Odyssey House is a recovery facility that treats adolescents and adults who are addicted to drugs and alcohol or experience mental health problems. The treatment center was founded in 1971 as a nonprofit organization that soon became the leading and most respected substance use provider in Utah. Odyssey House operates the largest continuum of care for patients to access at any level of need.

At the very beginning Odyssey House was just a residential treatment for men, but due to the growing need for addiction recovery facilities with effective programs they expanded their services to women and adolescents. Services provided by this recovery center address each aspect of the individual in order to produce whole person change. Both residential and outpatient services are available at Odyssey House.

Odyssey House Housing

The treatment center provides residential treatment for adolescents and adults. As far as adult inpatient services are concerned, they are held in the same facility, but men and women are still separated — the facility houses between 25 and 30 men and women. Clients spend time in dual-occupancy rooms where they have beds, dressers, and comfortable furniture. All rooms are neat, tidy, and comfortable. Each client also has a desk in the room. Bathrooms are communal just like living rooms with TV and recreation rooms that includes games and computers. Outside the facility, there’s plenty of space for basketball and other activities. Adolescents also share rooms and have their own desk, dressers as well as communal areas such as rooms with laptops where they can also learn while getting much-needed help.

Sober housing is also comfortable, stylish, and comes with a fully equipped kitchen where residents can cook and do chores. Mother and children residential facility has a playground for children along with kids’ rooms, comfortable living rooms, and other amenities.

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Odyssey House Treatment Options

Odyssey House provides both inpatient and outpatient services for adults and teenagers who need help with drug and alcohol addiction. Adult residential services, lasting minimum 30 days, combine different services to address substance abuse, mental health, negative beliefs and behaviors, poor job skills, and other problems.
Before joining the treatment, patients are evaluated and interviewed to determine groups and therapies from which they will benefit the most. While 30 days is the shortest treatment period, the length of stay is usually six to nine months. Treatment is highly individualized using TC (Therapeutic Community) model with a dual diagnosis option. Patients attend one individual group session a week and two group sessions a day.

Adolescent residential treatment features all of the above, but teenagers also get to attend an academy where they can continue their high school education while in recovery. Teens work with specialized teachers, and each classroom has up to 12 students.

Mother with children residential program provides various services including recreation, bring kids to treatment, parenting skills development, education, healthy relationship development, and more.
As far as outpatient services are concerned they include:

  • Intensive outpatient program (9-16 hours)
  • General outpatient program (2-5 hours)
  • Therapy
  • Family support group
  • DUI classes
  • Drug and alcohol assessments

Odyssey House Therapies Provided

The core strength of treatment services provided by Odyssey House is a wide spectrum of therapies. Evidence-based therapies help patients successfully recover for a substance-free life.
Therapies provided by this treatment facility include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • Relapse prevention therapy

Odyssey House Payment Options

Costs of substance abuse treatment at Odyssey House vary depending on the level of care needed, access to health insurance, a client’s location, and whether children are involved. That being said, the treatment center makes sure all interested clients have access to their services. They have worked hard to directly contract with commercial insurance companies in order to provide the best rates to patients.

The Admissions Team helps potential clients find out whether the costs of the treatment are covered by insurance. In-network plans involve insurance providers such as BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Select Health, Health Plans University of Utah, Cigna, Medicare, Molina Healthcare, MultiPlan, MHN, BHN, and others.

For clients who don’t have insurance, cash payments may be a better option. In addition, the treatment center maintains multiple government contracts to help people pay for much-needed care.

Odyssey House Licenses

The treatment center is accredited by the Joint Commission, the most important certification some facility can obtain. Golden Joint Commission badge on the website indicates a high quality of service and proves that programs developed by Odyssey House are strong, reliable, and well-structured. Obtaining Joint Commission isn’t easy; it comes after a facility makes an effort and works hard to meet all standards and requirements to prove they have what it takes to be in the company of the best treatment centers around.

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Odyssey House Amenities

A number of amenities are available to clients at Odyssey House during their treatment.
For example:

  • Education
  • Financial literacy
  • Employment preparation
  • Medical and dental care
  • Life skills
  • Leadership
  • Recreation

Odyssey House Staff

Odyssey House has a great team of professionals who are, above all, supportive and kind but also highly educated and skilled. The official website of the treatment center lists names, photos, and contact information of each team member. Some staff members include:

  • Dr. Richard Arbogast – medical director
  • Lydia Khai – admissions therapist
  • Cheral Chivers-Hughes – adult residential director
  • Heather Haller – program manager
  • Karen Kelly – therapist
  • Jason Smith – therapist
  • Ashley Andrews – therapist
  • Justin Hughes – counselor
  • Crystal Yazzie – case manager
  • Kate Coy – adult outpatient director

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Updated on: April 25th, 2022

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