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Last Updated: May 9, 2024

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Beacon Point Recovery Center Overview

Beacon Point recovery center is an evidence-based rehabilitation and healthcare facility offering individualized substance use disorder treatment in a serene environment surrounded by highly trained medical professionals. The center is a privately held corporation that came into existence in 2018. The facility is located in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, and provides a wide variety of services, including medical detox and residential care for clients struggling with the effects of substance addiction.

This Philadelphia rehab center was founded by Jim O’Connor, Danny Govberg, and Joe Byrne, three illustrious businessmen who saw an opportunity to bring a high-quality medical treatment facility to Philadelphia to fight the scourge of substance addiction in the community and beyond. But, unfortunately, they have also been affected, one way or the other, by the plague of substance addiction.

The rehab center is open to working with other public or third-party medical healthcare facilities and contractors to create better access to substance addiction treatment for as many individuals as possible.

Those that require adaptive detoxification can find a personalized treatment that is functional and dynamic. BP is a safe haven incorporating the most effective and the latest therapies into the program. The approach to healing is using a substance use history and experience to develop a drug and alcohol rehabilitation plan that is unique to the case and is proven to yield results. Another aspect is the Continuum of care after detoxification and multiple treatment programs, including the 12-step practice. Aftercare plans are crucial to recovery and success. The facility ensures that no one is left behind with its inclusive aftercare service that is practical and helps prevent relapse.

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Housing and Food at Beacon Point Recovery Center

Beacon Point Detox Philadelphia is one of a kind, standing tall with complete 6 stories with adequate space and beautiful architecture. Upon admission into a residential program, clients are offered a designated bedroom space, a bed, and a locker to store personal effects. There are about 30 beds for the medical detox program and 90 plus beds available for a regular 28-day residential program. There are also basic amenities with great additions, such as a fitness center, gaming room, and a large well-furnished recreation area. In addition, there is an in-house chef that tends to the nutritional needs of clients. The meals are structured with a timetable and are prepared to contain all the nutritional requirements of a person in recovery.

Beacon Point Treatment Options

Beacon Point rehab in Philadelphia has a variety of services and treatment options, depending on the peculiarity of the case. There are requirements that must be met before a client can be referred to certain programs. Experts initially run diagnostic testing to better understand the condition of the client. They also take a look at the medical history, and physical and mental state, in order to complete a full assessment. After conducting the proper assessment, a client can be placed in the most effective treatment programs. The duration of these programs is dependent on the choice of the client. However, there will be recommendations by experts at the facility on the duration that is necessary to obtain maximum results. This, of course, depends on the recovery pace and progress made by the client.

Some of the programs offered are:

Therapies at Beacon Point Recovery Center

Like many other rehab facilities, therapy is an essential treatment part that is considered effective. After detox, the next stage is usually therapy.

Therapies offered at the facility include:

Beacon Point Recovery Center Payment Options

Clients can pay through various means. Cash and self-payment are very commonly used, while those with insurance can also sign up to check if their insurance plan is accepted. The BP supports private health insurance and state-financed health insurance.

License and Accreditation

Beacon Point Recovery is licensed by the state Substance Abuse Agency and The Joint Commission.

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Beacon Point Recovery Center Amenities

There are many reasons to consider Beacon recovery center. It is one of the newest Philadelphia detox centers with a well-organized and highly equipped facility. With hundreds of positive reviews from alumni, it is safe to say that thousands of people have achieved recovery through the effectiveness of the treatment methods at the facility.

The resort setting of the hospital gives it a conducive feel and greatly encourages recovery. There are amenities such as sports facilities, social rooms, and places for relaxation after the regular treatment programs. Both genders are accepted, and there is no judgment or discrimination of any sort. The ages treated are mostly 18 to 25 for the young adult group and 26 to 64 for the regular adult group.

Administrative staff and medical personnel are very professional and work around the clock to ensure the comfort of clients.

Treatment at BP rehab is tailored to each individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to substance use disorder. Beacon Point makes it a priority to assess every client and engage them on every level to understand the conditions surrounding their health issues and addiction.

Staff at the Facility

Beacon Point has a number of well-trained staff spread throughout different departments and teams. The staff holds clients in the highest esteem, and their sole aim is to proffer solutions to those in need.

Sal Raichbach, PsyD, CFSW, LP

Sal Raichbach is the medical director at Beacon Point recovery, with more than 25 years of experience as a professional psychologist. He keeps abreast of all modern and emerging research on therapy and techniques applied in healthcare for the treatment of mental issues.

Teresa Alfonso

Teresa is the Director of Compliance, UR, and Vendor Relations person at Beacon Point. She has a B.S in paralegal studies and is pursuing a master’s Degree in health care administration.

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