Parker Valley Hope Treatment Center, Parker, Colorado

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

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Parker Valley Hope Overview

Parker Valley Hope is part of the larger Valley Hope network, a group of facilities that offer addiction treatment services in various locations throughout the United States. Their Parker Valley Hope center treats hundreds of patients each year and is equipped with professional psychiatrists who can assist in providing them access to the services they need to recover from their addictions, as well as to target additional co-occurring issues that the patient may be experiencing.

Parker Valley Hope Housing

Parker Valley Hope is a medium-sized housing facility that provides all patients in residential care access to a safe and comfortable living environment. The facility is divided into two main sections. The first section provides gender-specific detoxification services, where up to 10 patients can be treated at a time. The second section offers residential care services and has a total of 40 beds to accommodate patients.

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Parker Valley Hope Treatment Options

Treatment at all facilities operated by the Valley Hope network largely depends on the symptoms that the patient exhibits during their initial consultation with the intake staff members.
There are various types of programs and services that may form part of the patient’s treatment plan, including:

  • Residential treatment services
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Counseling services
  • Psycho-educational programs
  • 12-step recovery programs
  • AA meetings

Parker Valley Hope Therapies Provided

All of the patients at Parker Valley Hope are provided access to a range of therapeutic solutions, including those in both inpatient and outpatient care programs. Individual therapy is important, but patients will also attend group therapy sessions.

Parker Valley Hope Payment Options

Parker Valley Hope wants to make their services as affordable as possible and provide patients who are in need with the services and support they need to promote sobriety and ensure they can recover from their addictions and mental health conditions. This is why patients are presented with a variety of payment options that they can take advantage of when they come to Parker Valley Hope for treatment.

Patients may apply for financial assistance, which would provide them access to a treatment program at Parker Valley Hope for a discounted rate. Patients may also discuss the possibility of a self-pay option that allows them to pay their fees off in monthly installments, ensuring that the treatment becomes more affordable for them.
The company is also in-network with a variety of insurance providers, which means patients with an active insurance policy might be able to undergo treatment under their insurance benefits and possibly have no out-of-pocket expenses to pay from their side.
Parker Valley Hope is also partnered with a company known as eFinancing Solutions, offering patients access to affordable financing services that allow them to take out a loan at interest rates that start at 4.9%.

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Parker Valley Hope Accreditations

Parker Valley Hope is a fully accredited provider of addiction recovery services. The facility’s treatment programs have been reviewed by the Joint Commission and after the quality of their services was verified by the experts at this international association, Parker Valley Hope, along with the other facilities that the networks operate, has received an official Joint Commission Accreditation.

While details of their accreditations are provided on the website that represents this company, the website does not share any details of licenses that they have been provided by the local state facilities. Details of the licenses that have been provided to the Parker Valley Hope facility can be obtained by contacting the facility directly and requesting more details on the matter.

Parker Valley Hope Amenities

Patients who need to be treated in a residential treatment program at Parker Valley Hope will be provided accommodation while they are undergoing their treatment – these patients will be provided access to various amenities to make their stay at the facility more pleasant. Comfortable couches and beds are fitted in the center. There is a dayroom that offers patients access to a pool table. Three meals are also provided to all patients each day.

Parker Valley Hope Staff

At Parker Valley Hope, the company specializes in providing their patients with top-quality care services. This includes hiring staff members that will be able to provide patients with services that can increase the chances of the patient’s successful recovery. The official website that represents this company does provide a basic overview of some staff members that form part of their treatment program, along with details of the leadership team. The information that has been provided on their website is very limited, but least offers the patient a basic overview of what they should expect when they come to the facility for treatment.

Pat George
President & Chief Executive Officer

Pat George has been a member of the company since 2003. He is a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, and have served on the Committee on Economic Development for a long period of time before becoming the Chief Executive Officer at the Valley Hope network.

Patrick Hall
Executive Vice President

Patrick Hall has been with Valley Hope since 2013. He is experienced in clinical services, and he is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Patrick has a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, which he obtained from Wheaton College.

Dr. Javier Ley
Chief of Clinical Services

Dr. Javier Ley started out as the Program Director at Valley Hope. E is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor and has a Doctorate Degree in Professional Counseling. He also holds a qualification in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

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