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Glenbeigh Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, Rock Creek, Ohio

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

Authored by Dr. Ahmed Zayed

Reviewed by Michael Espelin APRN

Glenbeigh Overview

Glenbeigh, located in the village of Rock Creek, Ohio is a treatment center for adults who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and has been around since the year 1981. The facility offers medically necessary treatment services for patients and boasts of a highly trained, experienced set of staff members some of which include chemical dependency counselors, physicians, nurses, social workers, and physicians. The center reiterates the importance of 12-step principles and employs holistic methods of substance abuse treatment—treating of the mind, body, and soul of an individual in order to achieve long-lasting and full recovery. The center aims to help addicts by helping them become responsible, socially involved members of society and helping them develop a sense of worth as complete human beings. The facility aims to keep treatment accessible and affordable by receiving monetary support from the community. The facility offers a medical detoxification and partial hospitalization program. Glenbeigh believes that successful and long-term treatment involves specialized, individualized treatment plans and therefore includes pain education, gender-specific treatments, treatment for business executives and helping professionals, and dual diagnosis treatment. The facility also offers inpatient, extended residential treatment, and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) (which takes place in six of its locations). The center also offers a free Family Education program which seeks to help addicts cope effectively and address underlying familial issues.

Accommodation and Meals

The facility is located in the village of Rock Creeks in Northeast Ohio and occupies about 80 acres of land. This allows for the patient to recover in a serene environment as they can relax and meditate quietly. The inpatient program at Glenbeigh has a comfortable and spacious environment and allows for up to 172 individuals to be accommodated at the facility. Residents should expect at one roommate as sleeping spaces usually accommodate two people but each client has their own closet, nightstand, and dresser. Relaxation and common room areas are available for clients to socialize with one another, read, and relax. The facility also has a fitness center. Breakfast at the facility starts at 7:15 am and the day usually ends at about 9:30 pm. Meals at the facility are served by staff in a cafeteria style and food allergies or dietary restrictions are accommodated for. Electronic devices are prohibited in the facility but computers are made available for assignments pertaining to recovery. Additionally, sexually provocative and inappropriate clothing is also not allowed in the facility.

Treatment & Therapy

The facility offers various forms of care for its patients. These include:

Inpatient Treatment

The facility offers a comprehensive inpatient program at the Rock Creek Hospital and clients are tended to by an experienced group of specialists. 12-step concepts are used in tandem with medical practices. Holistic methods of treatment are also utilized in the program. Length of stay depends on the need of the individual.

Extended Residential Treatment

The extended residential treatment offered at the facility is crucial for individuals who need to be treated for a longer period of time to achieve long-lasting recovery. All aspects of the individuals being—mind, body, and soul are taken into account for this treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This program is designed for individuals who are stable and able to maintain their sobriety while attending an outpatient program. The programs available during treatment are created to help participants face the challenges of recovery and learn how to live life comfortably without the use of any substances.
The following are some of the issues treated at the hospital:

  • Substance Addiction (Alcohol, Opioids, Heroin, Prescription medications etc.)

Therapy Options

The hospital offers a list of therapy options for patients which include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • 12-Step Program
  • Family Education


Glenbeigh treatment center’s cost varies greatly depending on the kind of treatment a client is registered into. The facility offers good pay rates for individuals with no insurance coverage or doesn’t have enough benefits. It costs approximately $15,000 for a 30-day inpatient program and $33,000 for a 90-day inpatient program. The facility is in-network with over sixty managed care networks. The administrative staff of the facility is available to answer questions regarding insurance and managed care companies and benefits to be utilized. Clients are advised to call the admissions department for more information about payments and insurance coverage.


The facility is licensed and accredited by The Joint Commission National Quality Approval, a member of The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and is an Opium Platinum Recipient in Achievements of Clinical Excellence.

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Glenbeigh Advantages

The treatment program offers a transitional time as an extended care for the patients that have completed the inpatient program and are trying to move out of their own. Inpatient care clients have a better structural program than extended care patients but staffs can be accessed at any time and the environment is still a safe space. Discharge plans (prevention of relapse and aftercare) are offered to patients who have completed a program at the facility but have relapsed after abstaining for six months or more. Such clients can return to the facility and have their relapse evaluated. Electronic devices such as iPad, iPod, phones, and tablets are not allowed by patients on the premises so as to hasten recovery. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas at the facility. The facility as a whole is a good option for clients looking for a rehab facility around the area, the housing is very welcoming and the entire members of staff give supportive care to patients in different programs.

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Published on: October 17th, 2018

Updated on: April 25th, 2022

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