Louisiana Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in LA

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

For many people, addiction has become a fact of life. However, it is not one they need to get used to. Like every state, Louisiana has a number of drug rehab centers to help those suffering from addiction. Similarly to many other states, the most common addiction issues are caused by opioids or legal painkillers. In many cases, this addiction is developed during the stage of treatment of some kind.

In addition to opioids, Louisiana also struggles with crystal meth, marijuana, and cocaine. The dangers of these substances make the need for drug rehab centers in Louisiana all the more necessary.

Louisiana Addiction Facts and Figures

Despite having a lower than average overdose rate in the United States, drug addiction is on the rise in Louisiana. The most evident case of this is opioids. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 346 cases of opioid overdose in 2016 alone. The main blame for this seems to lie with prescription opioids, rather than illegal heroin, which is also a danger. For every 100 people in the state, 103.2 people were given a painkiller prescription. This highlights how dangerously easy it is to obtain opioids in the United States.

Of all opioids, the most dangerous are heroin and fentanyl. Fentanyl is medically prescribed on a regular basis which again suggests a high danger. Despite other drugs such as cocaine being a big concern, they are much more difficult to combat. This is made even harder by the states insufficient regulations. Outside of New Orleans, cocaine is more commonly abused than opioids. Louisiana rehabilitation services in New Orleans are heavily based around opioid care for this reason, whereas outside the city rehab facilities have a more varied specialty and are more ready to deal with those addicted to illegal substances.

Addiction Treatment Peculiarities In Louisiana

tablespoon of pills with Louisiana state flag printed on one of the capsulesAddiction treatment is vital for anyone who has become dependent on a drug or believes they are becoming dependent. Louisiana has a variety of treatment options for those who are struggling with addiction, from purely medical-based care to spiritually based treatment.

Drug rehab in Louisiana is available for all ages, with particular care for those in their teenage years. There is even the  adolescent-specific rehabilitation center in Louisiana, as well as male-specific ones. These centers offer psychological care, medical care and often offer a dual diagnosis.

Funding cuts in the state mean there is a general lack of quantity when it comes to care in the state. This means finding an open place to receive treatment can sometimes be a challenge. According to The White House Archives, over 79 million dollars was invested in to improve these programs in 2013 alone. However, this is considered far too little to keep programs efficiently running. Especially when taking into account the additional strain put on facilities due to the tourism industry.

The Top 5 Rehab Centers In The State Of Louisiana

Louisiana law is fairly open to helping free drug rehab centers in Louisiana, as well as private centers. However, lack in funding and, therefore, lack of manpower make it increasingly difficult. Many centers find themselves struggling to cope with demand and therefore rushing patients through the system, which is highly ineffective. Alternatively, they find themselves having to turn potential patients away due to not being able to facilitate them effectively. Here are the five best rehabilitation centers in LA state.

1. Townsend, New Orleans.

Townsend uses its own system known as the Townsend Way.doctor and patient having a consultation in a hospital room This system aims to treat underlying medical conditions alongside the issue of addiction. This is in the hope that the patient is less likely to rely on drugs again in the future. Due to the reasons that cause addiction also being treated, Townsend offers a great deal of flexibility in where patients can be treated. Treatment here can be both residential and outpatient.

Townsend also offers group therapy, cognition tests and is one of the few Louisiana rehabs to offer night therapy. You can find out more about Townsend LA rehab center here.

2. St Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center, Baton Rouge.

St Christopher’s offers services mainly for men, however, these services are in depth, and there is an extensive list of options. These options include both outpatient services and aftercare to avoid relapse. They are also one of the best inpatient drug rehab centers in Louisiana.

St Christopher’s places emphasis on the importance of making friends, within and outside their program. This is because they believe friendship helps former users to get the support they need to get and stay sober. They are one of the few rehabs in Louisiana to place such emphasis on friendship.  You can find out more about St Christopher’s here.

3. New Beginnings Adolescent Recovery Center, Opelousas.

New Beginnings is one of the free rehabs in Louisiana worth mentioning in the top five list. It is unique due to specializing in the treatment of adolescents. It takes a stance that if people cannot pay for treatment, then they should still be able to receive it, despite their income and youth.

The center has plenty of highly qualified psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists in their books, so adolescents can get the best treatment possible. For further information on New Beginnings visit the link.

4. Addiction Treatment Vermilion Behavioral Health, Lafayette.

military man in uniform talking to a female therapist who is making notes in clipboardVermilion is a detox center in Louisiana which cares for all age groups and genders. It also places a specific emphasis on helping former and current servicemen with their issues surrounding addiction. Vermilion aims to treat patients by focusing on the behavioral and habitual sides of drug consumption.

The treatment center offers mental health care alongside the medical treatment and treats every patient uniquely. Find out more about Vermilion on their website.

5. Edgefield Recovery Center, Cheneyville.

ERC treats both men and women older than 18 for all kinds of substance dependence. The center offers various services which include residential treatment, 12 step programs, and outpatient treatment. It also offers combinations of different kinds of treatment to meet the specific individual needs and requirements of the patients and ensure the treatment process is the most effective, so it has options to suit everyone. Furthermore, Edgefield places emphasis on mental health.

It, therefore, offers dual diagnostic treatment for coinciding depression, anxiety or more. For more info on Edgefield, one of the best LA addiction treatment facilities, click here.

Addiction is Not a Final Verdict in Louisiana

Addiction is difficult for anybody, especially trying to battle it alone. That is why it is necessary to seek out assistance at a rehab center for recovery. When choosing a rehab center, there are plenty of options. Deciding which one suits you best can be difficult. However, there is help out there to help you decide. Don’t put off such a life-changing decision.

Published on: July 19th, 2017

Updated on: April 30th, 2021