California Rehabs: Best Addiction Treatment Centers in CA

Last Updated: June 16, 2020

California is one of the most prestigious American states, home of Los Angeles which is the second most populous city in the US and Hollywood which is probably the most famous entertainment industry worldwide. It is also a place where a lot of excesses are made and that’s why there are numerous free inpatient drug rehab centers in California. The California rehabs offer multiple rehab options, accept insurance, and can help patients kick an addiction to various substances such as alcohol, heroin, crack, opioids, prescription drugs, and more. Some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Britney Spears have joined rehab centers in California to eliminate substance addiction.

When considering enrollment in an addiction help program, it is important to consider what you value most when rehabilitating. It is also important to ensure you know as much about each rehab as possible. California is a substantially sized state, so you may wish to consider the rehab’s location, as well as the insurances it accepts, the general cost or even the kind of therapy offered.

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Substance Abuse in California Has Risen to Alarming Rates

California has always had a significant drug presence within its borders. However, in recent times that drug presence has continued to increase. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • The amount of peopleCalifornia state flag and bear on the background made of marijuana leaves who die from a drug overdose in California, is now double the amount than those who are murdered.
  • More people are also dying from drug overdoses than suffer death in car crashes.
  • In the state alone, over 28,000 people died from an opioid overdose in the year of 2014. Opioids are the most deadly of California’s drugs. Both pain relievers and heroin cause a significant amount of deaths.

Since these alarming numbers are increasing each year, it is obvious why addicts should find a good rehabilitation center in California to kick their bad habit and have another chance of living a healthy life.

Drug Treatment Programs Saved Thousands of Californians

Although substance abuse is unfortunately still on the rise, residential treatment centers in California are working overtime to treat addicts and the healing programs are having great success. According to the OCHCA:

  • Around 50% of drug addicts that undergo outpatient programs stopped using drugs because of that program. They also continued their sobriety afterwards.
  • Post-program, 100% of recorded recovering addicts were employed and into a routine based lifestyle.
  • When enrolled in an outpatient treatment, there was a 75% less chance of receiving jail time for addiction.

Many California drug rehabs use 12-step programs, in order to help the patient with their addiction, eventually ridding them of it. The programs are often subsidized with additional help, such a therapy, coping mechanisms and mental health treatment. Since the initiation of drug clinics such as these, national institutions have experienced less drug related hospital visits. This highlights the success of these treatments.

5 Best Rehab Centers in California

Before enrolling in a rehab program to eliminate addiction to various substances, one should learn more about the best rehab centers in California first. It is important to know what types of insurance these California rehabs accept, what types of therapeutic activities they incorporate, how much the program costs for one month, etc. Learn about the five best addiction treatment opportunities in this state.

1. AToN Center

Close-up Of A Person Getting An Acupuncture TreatmentAs one of the more well known rehab centers in California, the AtoN Center, aims to focus on each person’s individual needs. Offering both detox processes and other drug treatments, the center is renowned for its ability to incorporate side projects into its rehab. These may include treatment for mental health issues, or simply yoga or acupuncture to help lessen stress.

This rehab center in California supports multiple insurance options and approximately 80% of the participants finished the program. Nearly 90% of the residents joined a partial hospitalization by themselves and this fact speaks about the success of the programs. Learn more about the success of AToN patients on the website.

2. Reflections Executive Rehab Facility

With the aim of offering multiple treatment options, the Reflections Executive Rehab goes the extra mile for its patients. The facilities treatments include sober living treatments, extended care time and outpatient programs which surpass the normal length of others. The rehab focuses on additional care for those suffering with mental health issues, offering cognitive behavioral therapy and relapse prevention therapy. This gives their patients the best chance of recovery.

At the Reflections center, patients can expect to get individualized treatment programs which can last 30, 60 or 90 days, 5 clinical therapies per week, and counseling from professionals with decades of experience. The rehab facility accepts most insurance companies as well as self-pay. You can verify your insurance on the website.

3. Sharp McDonald Center

The Sharp McDonald Center in Californiayoung married couple at the consultation with therapist offers multiple treatment programs for patients addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and cocaine. This rehab center specializes in inpatient and outpatient treatments, aftercare and detoxification programs which are medically assisted. The staff incorporate psychiatrists, experienced nurses and therapists as well as counselors who can make the recovering process much easier for enrolling patients. The highlight of this treatment facility in California consists of the family involvement which is highly promoted to speed up the recovery process and make discharged patients want to live a healthier life again.

The facility also offers patients other treatments such as inpatient treatment and treatment that focuses on substance abuse in the younger generations. This is split between prevention and detox treatment.

The rehab facility offers numerous insurance options and works with most major insurance providers in the US. Learn all the treatment options offered by this facility here.

4. The Hills Treatment Center

One option for those living in Los Angeles, is the Hills Treatment Center. This state renowned treatment center offers detox in a number of forms, from inpatient, to outpatient programs. It also includes regular aftercare for all its patients. One of the best features of the center is its remote location, which stretches over over acres of land, allowing patients freedom and a more peaceful state of mind, whilst they recover. This land is regularly used for outdoor activities during therapy and therefore helps massively in detox.

A unique feature of this rehab center is its pet-based therapy. Patients at the facility can bring their our furry friends along, to help them cope with treatment and withdrawal. Pets can considerably lower stress levels, which makes this in innovative and effective aid to withdrawal symptoms. Visit the official website of The Hills rehab for additional information on how to bring the pet to the facility.

5. Asana Recovery

woman looking at the window with light curtains on the sunny streetLocated on the famous Orange County coastline of California, The Asana Recovery center is a specialist detox center for addicts. The center offers both inpatient and outpatient programs for all, focusing on each person’s specific needs. The accredited center ensures that all programs are fully focused, distraction free and that patients get all the support they need during the tough stages of recovery.

The Asana Recovery center ensures a comfortable stay during the recovery process, featuring Internet access, nutritious meals, and even Netflix. It accepts most insurance providers, but patients can also pay with cash or credit card for services not covered by the insurance plan. Check all the possible payment procedures here.

Enrolling a Treatment Program in a California Rehab is the Right Thing to Do

The best rehabs in California are the ones which cater to individual needs and promote healthy habits which help addicts reclaim their lives once they leave the facility. Visiting any of these 5 rehab centers in California drastically improves one’s chances of recovery

Published on: August 30th, 2016

Updated on: June 16th, 2020


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