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AA Meetings in Orange, California

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AA meetings in Orange County consist of several different groups with additional entry requirements. There is a complete listing of all the available meetings in the area that people can reference online. The listed sessions are spread throughout the county and in several different locations, from community centers, religious institutions, and local schools.

  • 12 & 12 STEPS/TRAD. STUDY Alcoholics Anonymous

    Orange Friendship Club
    2191 North Orange Olive Road, Orange, California, 92865

  • Nooner Open Discussion Alcoholics Anonymous

    Orange Friendship Club
    2191 North Orange Olive Road, Orange, California, 92865

  • Thursday night men's Book Study Alcoholics Anonymous

    Orange C.A.
    2400 n Canal (cross st, Orange, California, 92865


Please note that AA meeting locations and schedules tend to change often and quickly. Please always check these times to be accurate. If you have new information about an AA meeting, please inform us at [email protected]

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Orange County: AA Meetings Overview

OC is one of the largest counties in the US and is home to over three million people. There are several different cities within the county, and there are also several other locations for people to attend AA meetings. There are also divisible sections of the county, including the North, South, and Western parts of the county home to different cities and AA groups.

Given its size and population, there are several different types of AA Orange County meetings to serve the various needs of the diverse population. For example, people can find sessions entirely in Spanish or only for women. In addition, there are online AA Zoom meetings and in-person meetings now that COVID restrictions have eased across the state.

There are two central websites servicing AA meetings in Orange County, CA, the official AA website and the local OC website, listing all the area groups. Visitors can refer to either to find a group near them. A dedicated page also lists all the available online meetings, which number over fifty separate gatherings.

How Do Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Orange County Look?

AA Orange County meetings have a familiar format to sessions in other parts of the country and state. People can find a complete listing on one of two websites or call the central office in the county to find out more about local chapters and group sessions. In addition, there are many different types of sessions available to newcomers, veteran members, and family members of alcoholics.

Some groups are specific to young people and their families, which addresses the 12-step process and other vital Alcoholics Anonymous teachings. Groups are held every day of the week and number over thirty a day, running from early in the morning to midnight. There are also various groups dedicated to members of the LBGTQ community that address their particular needs and concerns.

Some groups are closed to only people in recovery, while others accept newcomers and are open to everyone, including those affected by alcoholism via a family member. The gatherings are also divided between different approaches to sobriety offered by the Intergroup. These approaches include the study of the Big Book, recitation of Daily Reflections, and an examination of the 12 Steps.

Get The Most From an AA Meeting in Orange County

The central principle of the Alcoholics Anonymous organization is the 12 Steps, which give members the guidance and support they need to overcome their alcoholism. The 12 Steps require that people give up the illusion of control and submit to a Higher Power, which can have many different interpretations, not necessarily a religious one.

Members of AA Meetings Orange County are then encouraged to follow their way up the 12 Steps to achieve a deeper understanding of their alcoholism to reveal its causes and triggers. This task can take a long time for some and requires more commitment and discipline than many are willing to give in the beginning.

The fact that the organization is a mutual support group means that members support each other through sponsorships. These relationships are essential for members to share their goals, triumphs, and difficulties throughout the recovery process. In addition, studies have shown that the 12 Steps have a positive impact on people maintaining sobriety.

Need Help That AA Meetings Orange County Can’t Provide? Find Alcohol Rehab Centers in OC

The fact that Alcoholics Anonymous emphasizes spirituality is both a positive and a negative. Studies show that the group’s focus on spirituality leads to a more positive outcome regarding drinking abstinence. But the opposite is true for people without a religious background.

People who do not want to participate in a mutual support program like AA can find other substance abuse resources in their area on the Addiction Resources website. In addition, the website can help people struggling with addiction find treatment within their community. Visitors can locate rehabs through the rehab locator or call the toll-free number to speak with an outreach counselor directly.

For people struggling with illicit or prescription substances NA Meetings in Orange, California are available.

For people seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment options rehab centers in California are also available.

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