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Drug Rehabs In Maine: 7 Best Drug Rehabs In ME

Last Updated: March 17, 2024

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Indeed small, but terrible! Maine, the 12th smallest state, also known as the Pine Tree State, is a premiere Blueberry and lobster producer. But that’s not all. It is also among the many leading states having an increase in the number of opioid overdoses.

In fact, drug rehab centers in Maine report that cases of opioid addiction increase each year, while the rate of opioid-related deaths of 25.2 per 100,000 people doubles with the national average of 13.3. With these, drug rehabilitation becomes more challenging nowadays compared to before and even heightened by the availability of synthetic opioids.

Top 7 Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Maine

Even though alcohol and drug rehab centers in Maine struggle to admit all of those who seek help, the following addiction recovery clinics excel at guiding their patients toward recovery.

Crossroads, Scarborough, ME

One of the alcohol-dependence treatment hubs in 71 US Route One, Suite E Scarborough, Maine that offers gender-sensitive addiction and health treatment services is Crossroads. They have programs that put emphasis and respect on every individual of different gender since addiction poses unique effects on every gender.

Crossroads is one of those rehabs in Maine that puts an eye on the subtle effects of alcohol addiction on men and women. They provide treatment and rehabilitation choices for all ages based on careful assessment with patients. They believe that every patient struggles differently. Hence, Crossroads offers individual counseling or with family and friends to their patients. They carefully address the best substance abuse treatment and other services, such as outpatient treatment, for their patients.

MaineGeneral, Augusta, ME

Based at 35 Medical Center Parkway, Augusta, Maine General offers a wide variety of services that can help those who suffer from substance abuse disorders or addiction. The rehabilitation clinic offers varied medical-assisted treatments. Their services include modern addiction recovery therapies such as dual diagnosis treatment and individualized or group therapies.

The rehab facility also provides a lot of personalized support groups. Some groups are addressed to all present or former addicts, but some of them are specially designed for alcoholics, drug users, or veterans. The support groups help tremendously with relapse prevention. This clinic is one of the rehabs in Maine that strongly encourages healthy living through physical movement, cooking and eating, and healthy mind and body courses.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center, Portland, ME

Liberty Bay Recovery Center is located in Portland, ME. This treatment facility views addiction as a medical problem and provides the necessary medical help to overcome it. All of their treatment programs follow a holistic approach.

The clinic offers rehabilitation treatments for those who are addicted or abuse marijuana, alcohol, heroin, crystal meth, synthetic drugs, and more. The facility’s heroin rehab program is very effective. The same could be said about the cocaine rehab program developed by the rehabilitation center. The rehab is one of the methadone clinics in Maine that uses advanced therapies to treat these addictions, including methadone therapy, group therapy, 12-step programs, and aftercare programs.

The drug recovery clinic’s treatments are medication-assisted when necessary. Their inpatient treatments are efficient, and they guide the patients toward recovery.

Catholic Charities Maine, Lewiston, ME

Catholic Charities is one of those rehabs in Maine that has been helping those who struggle with addiction since 1966. The organization has nearly 650 employees, more than 560 volunteers, and more than 1300 donors who work together to change the lives of those in need.

This Maine rehab outpatient center offers a large variety of services that help addicts overcome their physical and mental limitations through drug detox. Through a commitment to health and wellness, the organization’s rehabilitation specialists lead patients toward drug and alcohol rehab. The facility’s website provides some additional information on the types and methods of detoxification.

Discovery House of South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Center, Portland, ME

If you are looking for the best alcohol rehab Maine center specializing in opioid addiction in South Portland, Maine, you can always rely on The Discovery House of South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Center. They provide various treatment approaches utilized in their therapeutic and medication recovery programs.

Included in The Discovery House of South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Center of Maine programs are individually modified treatment plans such as methadone treatment and Suboxone treatment, which are all based on the patients’ needs. Additionally, the center also offers a crystal meth rehab program. These therapeutic interventions are provided both individually or in groups available for patients aged 18 years old and above.

Their highly trained professionals benefit from a personalized treatment and aftercare plan. Most of the drug treatment facilities programs last 90 days.

Mclean Borden Cottage, Camden, ME

Borden Cottage is one of McLean Hospital’s signature addiction recovery programs that provides exceptional care and high-quality services to men and women struggling with various forms of addiction. The treatment center adopts evidence-based methods and treatment modalities through which clients are taught how to reclaim a sense of self-worth and learn to manage the stresses of daily life.

The treatment approaches at this alcohol rehab Maine center include therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples therapy, creative arts therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, and other types of approaches.

Addiction Resource Center, Brunswick, ME

The Addiction Resource Center at Brunswick is one of the rehabs in Maine that is a nationally recognized rehabilitation center that offers high-quality, confidential treatment to its clients. They have extensive experience in helping individuals overcome the challenges of alcohol and drug abuse. The dedicated and compassionate staff at the center help clients throughout their journey in overcoming the challenges of alcohol and drug abuse.

This alcohol rehab Maine center offers a wide range of services to provide prevention and treatment services, co-occurring mental health disorders treatment, and driver education and evaluation. Through the evidence-based therapies and treatment modalities that are offered in a conducive environment, the clients are able to continue on the road to recovery and achieve permanent sobriety.

Decrease in Those Seeking Professional Help in ME

Even though approximately 20% of the grown-ups in the state are occupied with gorge or substantial drinking, the quantity of individuals who looked for a proficient guide in alcohol rehabilitation facilities has diminished since 2009. Regardless of the way that liquor abusers keep away from alcohol rehab in Maine, most of them still ended up getting hospitalized, with a reported 2,144 patients admitted caused by alcohol overdose in 2013 alone.

Almost 20% of high school students in the state concede they have taken physician-recommended drugs that were not endorsed to them. Around 14% of the grown-up populace in the state takes painkillers for non-restorative purposes.

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Maine Drug And Alcohol Consumption Statistics

Drug use shows a steady increase in ME. 12 people died of a heroin overdose in 2012, while 55 died in 2016. Even though those numbers don’t seem too high, the figures show a fourfold increase.

Sadly, that’s not all. Synthetic opioid drug use has increased more drastically. In 2012, only 19 people in the state died as a result of an overdose using synthetic opioids. In 2016, nearly 200 people died from the same cause.

About one in five adults in ME admit that they engaged in binge drinking or heavy drinking behaviors in the last month. Male adults are twice as likely to binge drink as women. Nearly 40% of the adults aged 18 – 25 binge drank at this time.

Prescription drugs and opioid overdose have risen sharply in the last few years in all states, including Maine. According to MaineHealth, between 2014-2015 and 2016-2017, the age-adjusted rate of overdose deaths increased by 32%. In 2017, drug overdose deaths in Maine totaled 443 as compared to 378 for the past year.

Some more drug abuse statistics in ME include the following:

drug OD deaths

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse report for 2018, a percentage of 23.4% of the drug overdose deaths in ME involved the use of opioids.

high school students

According to the Substance Abuse Trends in ME State Epidemiological Profile 2013, 32% of high school students reported alcohol use in the past month.

high school students

Based on the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) 2013, one in five high school students reported using marijuana within the past month.

Drug Laws In Maine

The State of Maine divides controlled dangerous substances into four schedules, namely W, X, Y, and Z. Depending on these schedules and the Maine drug laws, the type of crime and charges are decided.

The following table represents some of the drug classifications in the state and the corresponding Maine drug laws and penalties which also include Maine opioid laws.

Classification Substances Included Criminal Charges Sentencing
Schedule W Heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, methamphetamine Class C Felony Upto 5 years in jail and upto $5,000 fine
Schedule X Mushrooms and hashish Class C Felony Upto 5 years in jail and upto $5,000 fine
Schedule Y Codeine, diazepam, and phenobarbitals Class E Misdemeanor Upto 6 months in jail and upto $5,00 fine
Schedule Z All other drugs not categorized above Class E Misdemeanor Upto 6 months in jail and upto $5,00 fine

Is Weed Legal In Maine?

It is illegal to grow or distribute marijuana in the state of Maine. If anyone is found in possession of marijuana, they can face legal charges. The table below shows some of the Maine marijuana laws and possible sentencing that one might face in the state with regard to marijuana possession.

Classification Substances Included Criminal Charges Sentencing
Marijuana possession 2.5 ounce or less none none
Marijuana possession Between 2.5oz and 8 oz Misdemeanor Upto 6 months in jail and $1,000 fine
Marijuana possession Between 8 oz and 1 lbs Misdemeanor Upto 1 year in jail and upto $2,000 fine
Marijuana possession Between 1 lbs and 20 lbs Felony Upto 5 years in jail and upto $5,000 fine
Marijuana possession More than 20 lbs Felony Upto 10 years in jail and upto $20,000 fine

Substance Abuse Recovery Is Possible In ME

There are more other drug rehabs in Maine that provide guidance and help in the recovery of patients from alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one suffer from any form of substance abuse or addiction, contact one of the rehab clinics and schedule a meeting with a counselor.

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Updated on: March 17th, 2024

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