Warriors Heart Treatment Center, Bandera, Texas

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

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Warriors Heart Overview

Warriors Heart is quite a unique rehabilitation center, located in a peaceful setting within the state of Texas. While the majority of rehabilitation units in the area tend to focus on providing care services for any patient who is suffering from an addiction, Warriors Heart rather specializes in the treatment of conditions suffered by those who are serving in high-stress positions. The facility currently offers their services to firefighters, law enforcement personnel, veterans, active duty military members, EMT members, and to paramedics.

Only patients who are employed in one of these fields will be offered access to the residential services that are offered at the facility. Warriors Heart is a private rehabilitation center, and patients are provided access to comfortable amenities that will surely make their stay very pleasant.

Warriors Heart Housing

Warriors Heart has an excellent residential program available that patients can take advantage of. Those patients who do decide to undergo residential treatment will stay in a resort-like facility with luxurious décor and amenities, allowing the patient to recover and heal in a comfortable setting. No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the premises as the idea is to expose the patient’s to a sober living environment while they are recovering from their addictions. There are private rooms available at the facility, as well as semi-private rooms. All of the rooms are gender-specific.

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Warriors Heart Treatment Options

At Warriors Heart, the patient can come in an addict and leave sober. The facility focuses on taking the patient from the time when they give up drugs and alcohol, all the way toward the point where they have successfully recovered. While the facility has developed three main programs that patients may be provided access to, it should be noted that a licensed counselor will first assess a patient and develop a highly individualized treatment program that is perfectly suited to their specific needs.
The services that patients are currently offered when they come to Warriors Heart include:

  • A specialized detox center
  • A sober living resort-like rehabilitation facility
  • Outpatient treatment programs for substance abuse disorders and mental health problems

Warriors Heart Therapies Provided

Therapy is the main part of treatment at Warriors Heart, which is why a dedicated therapist is assigned to each patient to oversee the psychiatric part of their program while they are being treated. There are also a couple of group sessions held each week to provide continued support for the patient.

Warriors Heart Payment Options

Warriors Heart is currently not considered an in-network treatment facility with any existing insurance providers within the United States, but the facility is still able to verify the benefits of a patient’s treatment, and the facility is able to bill the patient’s insurance provider for the services rendered to the patient. It should be noted, however, that this does not guarantee payment from the insurance provider.

Patients can also pay for their treatment themselves. If the patient is unable to afford the full amount upfront, they are able to apply for financing through a partnered company. The patient is advised to contact Warriors Heart for more details and to initiate an application.

Warriors Heart Accreditations

One thing that sets Warriors Heart aside from many other facilities that offer addiction treatment services in the local region is the fact that they are fully licensed. The Texas State Department of Health Services has licensed the facility for the specialized addiction recovery and mental health treatment services that they provide patients who are admitted to them for treatment. Apart from being a fully licensed facility, Warriors Heart has also been accredited by the Joint Commission – a Gold Seal of Approval was awarded to the facility after the Joint Commission thoroughly investigated the services offered by the facility.

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Warriors Heart Amenities

A number of amenities are available at warriors Heart to ensure patients can focus on recovering and enjoying life without any addictive substances getting in their way. The facility offers patients access to a fitness center, large outdoor areas, and a game room, fitted with a foosball table and a pool table. There are also hiking trails, a swimming pool, a basketball court, and more.

Warriors Heart Staff

To ensure every patient who comes to Warriors Heart for treatment can feel safe, cared for, and comfortable during their stay, the facility decided to share details of all staff members, along with the founding members, on the company’s official website. Patients are able to gain extensive data on all of the staff members that they will likely meet if they decide to undergo residential treatment at this particular company to ensure they are able to recover from their addictions, or perhaps heal from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Josh Lannon
Founder & President

Josh is not only the founder of Warriors Heart, but he has established six different treatment centers that focus on helping patients with mental health disorders and addictions recovery.

Troy Konvicka
Director of Operations

Troy served in the United States Army until 1996. While he served in the Army, Troy frequently assisted in the recovery of individuals who were wounded. He dedicated his time to assist in the treatment of individuals who have undergone traumatic events while serving their country after he retired.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Holt
Medical Director

Dr. Jeffrey R. Holt has a B.A., which he received from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a graduate from the University of Texas at Houston Medical School. Jeffrey also completed his residency training in Family Medicine at the Waco Family Medicine Residency Program.

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Published on: December 18th, 2018

Updated on: April 25th, 2022


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