The Ranch Pennsylvania Treatment Center, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

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The Ranch Pennsylvania Overview

The Ranch Pennsylvania is a private facility that owns and operates a building that has been designed to ensure patients can feel right at home when they are being treated in a residential program at the facility. They have developed a series of treatment programs that focus on giving the patients the best chance possible to recover, and even provide the patients with access to long-term aftercare support that ensures the patient can stay sober once they have undergone a residential treatment protocol at the main facility.

The building where patients are treated has been equipped with appropriate amenities to ensure the patients are comfortable and can feel at ease while they are recovering.

The Ranch Pennsylvania Housing

Patients treated at The Ranch Pennsylvania will be provided access to accommodation during the residential treatment program offered at the facility. The building has been constructed with the patient’s comfortability in mind and has been equipped with amenities and other features that allow the patient to feel at home.

No specific details are provided in terms of how many patients the facility can accommodate at a single time, but patients will be able to gain access to such information, as well as details on the availability of spots at the facility for residential care, when they get in touch with the company or during an initial assessment with the intake counselor.

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The Ranch Pennsylvania Treatment Options

The Ranch Pennsylvania believes that patients have a better chance at recovery when they are removed from the areas where they are exposed to substances that have originally caused their addiction disorders to develop, which is they the facility is situated in nature and away from main cities. All patients at The Ranch Pennsylvania will undergo a range of therapeutic treatment protocols in order to help them throughout their recovery. The company provides the patient with trauma-informed treatment in order to allow for a more personalized approach to treat the patient’s addictions, as well as any underlying mental health conditions that the patient might be experiencing.
The specific treatment options that may form part of a patient’s program when they are treated in the residential unit at The Ranch Pennsylvania include:

  • Adventure-based therapeutic services
  • 12-Step recovery program
  • 12-Step alternative programs
  • Mental health treatment services

Families are encouraged to become involved with the patient’s road to sobriety and recovery, and patients are treated in gender-specific programs.

The Ranch Pennsylvania Therapies Provided

Therapy is important for all patients who are treated at The Ranch Pennsylvania. All of the patients who are admitted to the residential treatment program at this facility will undergo one-on-one sessions with a highly-qualified and experienced psychiatrist, who will help the patient through their recovery and to ensure mental health conditions can also be addressed. There are various group settings where a counselor will be able to guide patients through additional therapeutic solutions offered at the facility as well.

The Ranch Pennsylvania Payment Options

A large number of insurance providers are accepted at The Ranch Pennsylvania, including First Health, HealthSmart, UnitedHealthcare, Magellan, Humana, MultiPlan, Aetna, and more. Patients will first need to have their insurance benefits verified. If the patient does not have an active insurance policy that will cover the cost of treatment, they may speak to a financial counselor at The Ranch Pennsylvania to determine what alternative options they have to undergo treatment at the facility.

The Ranch Pennsylvania Accreditations

The Ranch Pennsylvania holds a Joint Commission accreditation. The mental health and addiction treatment services that the center has to offer their patients were reviewed by this association and approved for the quality of care that is provided to every patient who comes to the facility to help them overcome the disorders that they are suffering from. Additionally, The Ranch Pennsylvania also holds a Primary Mental Health Licenses, issued by the State of Pennsylvania. They are currently one of the very few facilities in the local area issued such a license.

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The Ranch Pennsylvania Amenities

While The Ranch Pennsylvania does state that they have installed a large range of amenities to ensure the patients who are treated at their facility can feel both safe and comfortable while they are staying in the residential care unit, no details are provided regarding the specific amenities that are made available to the patients. A patient interested in being treated at this facility may be able to obtain a tour of the building when they are assessed by an intake counselor, which will allow them the observe the particular amenities available to patients who are treated at the company.

The Ranch Pennsylvania Staff

The Ranch Pennsylvania is a quality care facility that only employs the best staff members to ensure the well-being of every patient, as well as to give patients a better chance at successful and lifelong recovery. The facility has a relatively impressive team of staff members, including a leadership team, a clinical team, and a medical team. The staff members work together closely in order to provide patients access to the services they need to assure their chances at recovery are high.

The facility shares a basic overview of the staff members that are involved in the construction and implementation of their treatment programs. Only photos, titles, and names are provided. Patients will need to gather more details from the facility’s intake staff members if they wish to know more about the clinical team that will be providing them with treatment.

  • Melissa Branham (CNA) – Residential Manager
  • Michael O’ Donovan – Residential Supervisor
  • Ryan Sachse – Adventure Program Coordinator
  • Meghan Sullivan (MS) – Primary Therapist
  • Daisy Lara (MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC) – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Published on: December 10th, 2018

Updated on: April 25th, 2022


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