The Retreat, Wayzata, Minnesota

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

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Overview of The Retreat

The Retreat as the name implies is a retreat-turned-rehab nestled amongst the big red oaks in the Big Woods Reserve in Wayzata, Minnesota. This behavioral health center is situated in the suburban Greater Minneapolis region. It provides a non-clinical treatment model to its clients suffering from substance abuse and alcohol dependency.

Founded in 1991, the center is housed in a Tudor style English mansion that exhibits an old-school vibe and relaxed air. This catholic center was formerly run by nuns and its spiritual bent is still evident in the rural and serene settings. The sprawling campus is surrounded by looming trees and offers scenic views and plenty of open spaces for clients to loiter around and have the peace of mind to recover.

The facility offers an inpatient program for both male and female clients. Their mutual help model to countering addiction allows incoming patients to recurve help from their more experienced peers at the program. This only enables their recovery process but also allows them to be self-sufficient and a part of each other’s recovery.

Their treatment programs are designed by a team of dedicated and qualified staff members committed to providing a continuum of accessibility and affordability. Their programs are highly specialized and effective for any client seeking peace and quiet at an affordable price to undergo the difficult process of recovery.

Accommodation and Food at the Retreat

The Retreat is housed a brick building with old-school architecture surrounded by picturesque trails and vast open spaces. Situated in a natural reserve, the quiet ambiance allows patients with a calm atmosphere to recover on their own time without external worries hampering the process. The residential program at the facility encourages community living.

The facility can house up to 62 patients at a time and has separate residential quarters for men and women. They have private rooms to be assigned to male residents. Female residents, on the other hand, are housed in a shared quad or in private dormitories. The center accepts 41 male and 21 female residents.

The kitchen offers American main courses at lunch and dinner comprised of pasta, chicken, pizza, salmon, etc. Breakfast usually offers continental food options, which is made available throughout the day. There are provisions available for the staff to accompany clients to the local grocery store to allow them to buy perishable food items.

Residents are assigned tasks that include cleaning up their own space and other chores. The schedule for assigned tasks rotates on a weekly basis. A peer leader is selected who is assigned the task of taking roll call and making important announcements. Weekly community meetings are conducted where residents can voice concerns and complaints.

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Treatment Options at the Retreat

The Retreat offers a lot of programs to provide an affordable treatment to drug and alcohol dependent individuals.
The different programs put forth by The Retreat are as follows:

  • Relapse Program
  • Family Program
  • Women’s Residential
  • Men’s Residential
  • 55 Plus Program
  • Non-Residential Program

Therapy Choices at the Retreat

The treatment options available at the Retreat are solely based on the 12-Step theory.
However, other recreational activities that help to heal in the best possible way include:

  • 12-step theory based on “Alcoholics Anonymous”
  • Book Reading
  • Yoga classes
  • Peer support
  • Recovery lectures

Payment Options and Insurances

You can make payments at The Retreat through PayPal. It is not necessarily to create an account on PayPal for making payments. For this, you have to mention your residential details and go to the payment window.
The charges for various programs at the Retreat are given below:

  • Women’s Summit Sober House – $575/month
  • Men’s Summit Sober House – $575/month
  • Men’s Grand Sober House – $575/month
  • Men’s Holly Sober House – $575/month
  • Men’s Summit Hill (265) Sober House – $625/month
  • Men’s Summit (505) Sober House – $850/month
  • Day Program for Older Adults – $1,500
  • Non-Residential Program – $2,900
  • Residential Program each incremental 30-day stay – $4,100
  • Residential Program 30-day stay – $4,900

Licenses of the Retreat

  • Member of National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • Accredited by the Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH)
  • Certified by Minnesota Association of Sober Homes (MASH)

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The Retreat’s Advantages

The Retreat is the best option for those who want to recover from their addictions by following spiritual principles based on the 12-step theory. It provides an affordable yet effective treatment for drug and alcohol addicts.

This institution offers a safe, supportive, and dignified environment that helps people to recover effectively. Its various programs are designed after factors like age and gender. The Retreat does not provide any holistic treatment but a spiritual one.

Staff at The Retreat

The Retreat has various assistants, coordinators, and supervisors to conduct day-to-day activities. All staff members are committed to making lives of alcohol and drug dependents better day by day. Some of the important staff members at The Retreat include:

John H. Curtis

John Curtiss is the CEO of The Retreat from past twenty years. He is also the president of the Community of Recovering People board of directors. He is one of the founding members of The Retreat. Earlier, he was the vice-president at Hazelden’s National Continuum. Mr. Curtis has completed his masters in Healthcare Administration from Saint Mary’s University.

Diane Poole
Program Director

Diane Poole is the Program Director at The Retreat. She joined this institution in 1998 and before that she was the director of Marty Mann Halfway House. She has even worked for inpatient and outpatient programs at Miller Dawn Hospital.

Mike Jamison
Director of Non-Residential Services

Mike Jamison is The Retreat’s director of Non-Residential Services. He is a LACD specialist and worked in this field from past 37 years. He is even graduated with the Hazelden counselor training program.

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