Roger Weiss, MD

Dr. Weiss’ Education

  • MD degree in David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, LA, 2005
  • Master’s degree in Public Health, Belmont University, TN, 1998
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Belmont University, TN, 1995

About Dr. Roger Weiss

Dr. Roger Weiss is a practicing mental health specialist at the hospital. Dr. Weiss combines his clinical practice and medical writing career since 2009. Apart from these activities, Dr. Weiss also delivers lectures for youth, former addicts, and everyone interested in topics such as substance abuse and treatment.

Starting from the first year of university, Roger Weiss attended several lectures by the topnotch psychiatrists, experienced volunteers, and honored physicians. The topics ranged from addiction & mental health and substance abuse counseling to therapy of addictions. Due to the enormous interest in self-development as a specialist, Dr. Weiss is continuously searching for new therapeutic ways, approaches, and investigations in the niche.

A natural desire of Dr. Weiss to constant learning led him to his first job as a nursing assistant at the rehabilitation center. At the same time, he took part in clinical research with substance-dependent patients. After graduation, Dr. Weiss worked as an occupational therapist for four years. At that time, his duties included patient care, development of the therapy (discipline-specific), and discharge planning.

Being a part of an in-house writing team at Addiction Resource, Dr. Roger Weiss aims to spread information among involved in the topic groups to raise their awareness of the substance abuse as well as practical approaches and practices to battle the disease and how to support the addicts on a recovery road.

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