Dr. Chinwe Okudo

About Dr. Okudo

Dr. Chinwe Okudo is a graduate of Loyola University New-Orleans, where she was trained as a Family Nurse Practitioner- primary care with emphasis on behavioral Health, (Bachelors-doctorate program track. Eventually Post-Doctoral certification from Brandman University focus on Psychiatric mental health. and is now currently Dual Board certified as a family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric Mental health Nurse practitioner.

10 years of nursing experience in wide variety of medical settings, and specialty. Background includes Telemetry, Cardiac, med/surg, pediatric, psychiatric, geriatric, sub-acute, long term care, hospice, home care and mental retardation.

Advanced practice experience includes addiction medicine, correctional medicine, currently on-call provider with Five-star physicians and CEO of Balm of Gilead Health and Wellness center (An Aesthetics, medically supervised weight loss and mental Health Practice).


  • Member American Nurses Association
  • Worldwide association of female professionals
  • International Nurses Association
  • Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce
  • Chesapeake Gateway chamber of Commerce
  • Maryland Chamber of Commerce

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