Decyry Jhoy Serrano, RPh

Decyry’s Education and Licenses

  • Passer, Philippine Board of Pharmacy Licensure Examination, Manila, Philippines, June 2016
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Major in Hospital Pharmacy, Angeles University Foundation, Philippines, April 2016

About Decyry 

Decyry Jhoy Serrano is a Licensed and Board Certified Pharmacist. In April 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, major in Hospital Pharmacy degree in one of the prestigious and top-notch universities in the Philippines. In June of the same year, she passed the Philippine Board of Pharmacy Licensure Examination. This board exam is a requirement to legally practice the Pharmacy Profession in her country.

After the board exam, she worked as a junior pharmacist in a private tertiary hospital in her hometown. Today, she is the chief pharmacist in one of the well-known EENT hospitals in the Philippines. Aside from this, she is knowledgeable of Drug Delivery Systems and Manufacturing.

In 2017, Decyry completed the postgraduate course Drug Menace at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Manila, Philippines. In 2019, she volunteered in the local government’s Narcotics Anonymous and Anti-Drug Abuse programs. She is a speaker and an advocate of anti-drug addiction campaigns. As a remembrance for her late father, Decyry dedicates her time writing the proper use of medications as well as the dangers of drug addiction to educate the people, especially the youth.

Decyry attended and completed several training sessions about drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, and medication counseling. As a pharmacist, providing quality healthcare is what she aims for. She has a love for researching, and as a medical writer at Addiction Resource, she assures that her contents are of great quality and science-based but understandable for everyone.

Organizations and Affiliations

  • Philippine Pharmacists Association
  • Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists

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